Kevin Garcia | Hunter by Pharrell

I took another class from Kaba Modern at Focus Dance Center but this time Kevin Garcia taught the class! We learned a dance to Hunter by Pharrell. The choreography and the music itself had an old funk soul to it which made it more fun to dance in that style.

The class was pretty challenging because there were some intricate parts to that choreography! When everyone was dancing downwards, I was the one who was up. I was pretty much all over the place as the choreography became more difficult. In the midst of that though, I had a lot of fun and was inspired by the other dancers in that room! Check out what we learned and please don’t look for me but it might not be hard to find me, heh…

Kevin Garcia mentioned how dope Pharrell’s new album, Girl, is. Right after that class, I started listening to his album and I must say, it is dope! There’s a new taste to his style that I’m really digging!

K-Gar aka Kevin Garcia said that he’s more on the quiet side but when you see him dance, you definitely see his personality come out. Watch his group audition in the video below. He’s the one who starts on the right side.

I hope Kevin Garcia teaches more in the future! I’m looking forward to seeing him perform live and on YouTube!

Dancing In The Dark

There are some dances out there online that I can watch on repeat for hours and hours especially when the dancers can evoke such deep and raw emotions for the viewers to experience. I recently watched one that gave me the chills and brought me into a pensive mood. Watch Dancing In The Dark performed by Matt Luck and Emma Portner:

Did this dance just change your mood or what? Did it make you pause and think for a second? It sure made me reflect on the lyrics and the emotions that built up within me. Even though I’ve seen this so many times, I am constantly in awe by the artwork of this dance. You can feel the story they are telling us because Matt and Emma are so honest in every movement within this dance. They dance so effortlessly and flawlessly that their story is told naturally.

Thanks Chelsea for sharing this beautiful dance with me! Oh man, I’m definitely going to watch again now.

Back to Tap

I took a tap class at Jimmie DeFore Dance Center in Costa Mesa for the first time in 11 years! Eleven years, I tell you! Eleven! I had this planned out at least a week in advance and I was so excited that I dreamt about it the night before! I actually don’t remember my dream but I remember waking up and thinking how ridiculous it was to have dreamt it.

I decided to take a beginning level class because I was afraid that I forgot the terminologies in tap or that I just forgot everything. I got to class early and had the chance to just play around. Tapping for the first time was like tapping my foot in the pool just to see how cold the water was. I was shy and scared of what sound to make but once I started tapping here and there, it just all came to me and I was so ready to tap my life away!

Overall, the class was a lot easier than expected. Sometimes at Jimmie Defore, their beginning classes can actually be hard because there are experienced dancers in the class but not in this case. Luckily, there were a few first time tappers so it wasn’t so intimidating. We did a warm up, went across the floor, and did some improvisation.

After class, I stayed a few minutes longer to tap my heart out. Here’s a brief clip of me doing some random tapping:

Ever since that class, I’ve been wanting to tap dance everywhere I go! I just can’t wait for my next class to tap some more! Because I’m so in love with tapping right now, I started YouTubing tap dances. I found a cute tap routine on Cups sung by Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect. Check this dance out:

I loved how smooth yet crisp they were in their rhythm and movements. You can really hear them hit every beat that possibly exists in that song. I would love to learn this routine one day!

The next time I take another tap class, I’m hoping to learn a routine and record it for you to see! Wish me luck in my next class because I’m definitely going to step up my game!

Night Tubing in Big Bear

Can you believe that it’s finally raining here in Southern California? What a perfect time to just drink some hot chocolate and get all cozy! Well, last Friday I was able to do just that! My friends and I needed to get out of town and relax somewhere far, far away.

We got a cabin through a convenient site called Air BnB. This cabin was so cute and cozy. We easily felt right at home. It had Netflix, all the appliances for cooking, and it was located close enough to the market and the slopes.

When we got there, Linda started making dinner for us. She made us some awesome homemade kalguksu (kahl-gook-sooh) aka knife noodles in literal Korean translation. So she made the noodles herself and added some chicken broth with some chicken and onions.

After eating, we went night tubing which was the main highlight of the trip! We each paid $20 for unlimited night tubing at Alpine Slide. It was about 20 minutes away from our cabin which wasn’t too bad. I’m glad we went to this place because they had flat escalators to take you to the top of the slope. After many rounds of going down, you actually get pretty tired surprisingly. So thank you Alpine Slide for having that flat escalator!

Here’s a clip of our adventures down the slope:

Oh man, I can’t get enough of that video. It’s just so hilarious to watch and it makes me want to go back now! I hope we can go back soon!

Later that night, we went to the market to pick up some late night snacks and relaxed in the cabin. We had some pizza as we were watching some movie thanks to Netflix!

Also had some hot chocolate! Thanks Linda for making us the hot chocolate!

It was one long night with these lovely ladies and I enjoyed every moment of it with them! Special thanks to Linda for driving and making us some YUMMY food!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rather than posting a love song or dance video for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share something different but still in relations to love! Watch Jubilee Project’s Love Language that will just melt your heart as it raises support and brings awareness for the American Society for Deaf Children:

This video is an oldie but always a goodie! Jubilee Project’s videos tends to have tearjerker moments that makes me want give someone a hug and then go change the world. Their video encourages viewers to go out there and make a positive impact on their local and national organizations. It’s always inspiring to their videos support good causes.

“Doing good is contagious.” -Jubilee Project

Fun Friday!

Happy 2nd Friday of the year! Stuck at work or somewhere you don’t want to be? Well…Hold on, we’re going home! That’s right, I just sang one of Drake’s latest popular song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. That song has some good beats. Luckily, I found a good dance to these good beats choreographed by one of my favorite dancers, Anthony Lee!

Well, hopefully you’re going home now! Or at least soon!

All I can say about this video is swag! I wish it just didn’t end so quickly! I wanted more but luckily he has more videos of other dances!

Because I love his choreography, I have to show you one more! And it’s Friday so I’m feeling really generous!

Once again, swag. I liked how the visual effects perfectly aligned with the choreography. In general, what I love about his choreography is that all the little movements involved have so much weight and power. He is so in tuned to the music that his choreography interprets the lyrics and the music itself so fluently.

Anthony Lee is a member of The LXD, co-founder/director of The Kinjas and the artistic director Culture Shock LA. He’s basically well-known in the dance community. You will never be disappointed by his choreography because he is one talented dancer and artist!