Bon Mua Vietnamese Restaurant

On my last day in Sacramento, I wanted to eat a warm toasty sandwich on a cold day. I was trying to avoid any Asian food because I had Vietnamese food on my first night. On the second night, I had homemade Korean food at Briana’s place. We made a mixed bowl of vegetables, meat, and rice! In general, I’m honestly not a picky eater but for some odd reason, I just did not want Asian food again even though I eat Asian food everyday in life.

For convenience of location, we ended up going to Bon Mua Vietnamese Restaurant on Stockton Boulevard and met up with Phil there. Briana shared some positive Yelp reviews about this but I wasn’t excited too about it because I just did not want Asian food.

I ordered Briana’s usual, Sample Appetizer. I was reluctant to order an appetizer as my meal but I had to follow Briana because I trust her. I know that she only wants what’s best for me because she is my best frenemy,

This Sample Appetizer had a little bit of everything, hence the name. There were some spicy garlic chicken wings. I personally don’t like to touch food because of how messy it can get and because I’m a germaphobe. But! These wings were worth getting my hands greasy. There was a slight kick from the spiciness, crispy on the outside, tender in the inside, and best of all it was sweet! I was surprised how good these wings were!

I fell in love after my first bite from the spring rolls that had spam in them. I know spam isn’t the best thing for you but it sure does taste good! Luckily, the vegetables evened out the unhealthiness of the spam. I liked how the spam was warm and the vegetables were cold and fresh.

There was also a shrimp spring roll which was stuffed with lettuce and rice noodles.

The egg rolls were probably my least favorite because of how it tasted like any other egg rolls. It was still good but it wasn’t as exciting compared to the other ones.

Make sure to dip the wings and the rolls in the two sauces they provide! Both of the sauces add a subtle sweetness to the whole Sample Appetizer experience.

I would love to find a Vietnamese restaurant that has an appetizer like this in SoCal! I’m sure there are some but I must begin my research soon!

Thanks Briana for taking me here when I had no choice. I’m glad you know the ways of the good places to eat. Phil, thanks for coming out in the rain and eating with us especially on my last day!

Midtown, Sacramento

Alex, Justin, and I went over to Midtown for our first official exploration in Sacramento! In Midtown, there’s a museum and a park right next to each other. Unfortunately, by the time we got to California State Indian Musuem, it was closed! This relatively small museum has 4 out of 5 stars with 19 reviews on Yelp. I wouldn’t mind checking out this museum next time I’m here. It doesn’t hurt learn more about California history! Luckily, we were still able to hang around the area because of Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. This spacious park was scenic even at night! I’m sure it’s more beautiful in the daytime but it was nice to take a walk around the park and enjoy each other’s company! As we were walking to find a place to eat, we made a new friend in Midtown! I can’t remember his name but he complimented Alex on his shoes. For the next five minutes, they became best friends. Justin and I were walking right behind them, protecting Alex’s back just in case anything happened, literally. It was quite an entertaining walk. We decided to grab some food at The Red Rabbit that has a homey service with a hip vibe to it. They focus on providing seasonal and local products and services. In other words, their food and drinks are seasonal but also when it comes to their banking, accounting, and anything behind the scenes, it’s all done locally. Thoughtfully amazing, huh? I love how they use their community to build each other up. Read more about the restaurant here. When you read about their history, you’ll understand why they have a strong standing on Yelp with 4/5 stars and more than 500 reviews! We made dinner plans for later in the night to meet up with a few other friends so we had to save room for that. For the time being, we decided to share some appetizers. We first shared the School Boy Poutine. They were tater tots topped with some fresh hot poutine! You always gotta have some greens so we also shared another starter of Brussels & Bacon. The crispy and fried brussels were stuffed in a basket with thick strips of bacon! To finish it off, there was a side of chipotle aioli sauce. Surprisingly, I was pretty stuffed from just these two starters! I really enjoyed the ambiance of this restaurant and of course the food! It’s something different and new that I have yet to experience in SoCal. By the way, let me formally introduce you to my friend, Alex! I’ve known him a little too long. Just kidding! Sarcasm. I’ve known him since 5th grade! I’m not sure why but when we were younger, we were pretty competitive against each in everything! Whether it was math, music, or running. You name it, we were pretty competitive. The picture below defines our current friendship. Just kidding! We are in different paths in life so there isn’t so much competition between us. It’s good to know that we are still friends after all that competition! Well, at least I hope think we are still friends. Meet Justin who is friends with Alex! Huge thanks to Justin for driving us around in Sacramento and for being so hospitable! Back to The Red Rabbit. If I could, I would have a birthday dinner or some group function here for dinner. They have private rooms made just for those occasions! They have a patio outside with a fireplace and it just makes the ambiance so much more comfortable! After The Red Rabbit, we drove over to Quan Nem Ninh Hoa, a popular Vietnamese restaurant that has 4/5 stars with 506 reviews on Yelp. There, we met up with Phil and Jaclyn! Since we had already eaten a little something-something, Alex, Justin and I decided to share appetizers again. We got some traditional spring rolls that are popular at this restaurant. We also ordered something that was new to me which was the Bahn Beo. A Bahn Beo is a soft rice cake topped with dried crispy shrimp and onions. You pour some fish sauce over the little rice cake and then you eat it like you would with an oyster. A spoon or chopsticks will be helpful to scoop the rice cake out. If you want a starter that is sweet and savory with crispy and soft textures then this is something to try! Excuse me for the pixelated and blurry group picture! A selfie stick would have been handy for this occasion but this will do for now. I’m glad that we got one group selfie in there! After dinner, we parted ways with Jaclyn and Phil. We went to sing our hearts out with Briana at Oishii, a Japanese sushi and karaoke bar. Though Yelp gives them only 3 stars with 175 reviews, I really enjoyed the karaoke part at this place. They have a wide range of music in different languages and they have the latest songs you can sing to. I guess the only downside or difference about this place compared to Korean karaoke places is that you have to go up to the machine to select your music rather than pressing buttons on a large keypad. We sang all kinds of songs for an hour and a half. I lost my voice after singing but it was well worth singing with some fun friends! Thanks Jaclyn and Phil for meeting up with us for dinner! I’m glad we were able to finally see you both again but in Sacramento this time! Thank you, Briana, my best frenemy, for singing Taylor Swift songs with me! I didn’t think you were going to be able to come out but I’m thankful that your schedule allowed you to! Thanks again to Justin for showing us around in Sacramento! Alex, thanks for not being competitive with me anymore!

7 Leaves Cafe

When I first went to Fusion Tea Bar, my friends and I had talked to the manager before we left. He mentioned how the owner of Fusion Tea Bar was brothers with the owner of 7 Leaves. I actually had never heard of 7 Leaves Cafe until then. After he brought up 7 Leaves, I took a mental note of that and told Briana about it since she and I like to try new places together.

The day that Briana wanted to try Fusion Tea Bar for the first time ever, it was closed! We were pretty bummed about it. Really bummed actually. I was craving honey green milk tea that whole week and I never crave anything really. And Briana waited patiently for a week to try Fusion Tea Bar. We just wanted to treat ourselves to some good milk tea. But it wasn’t meant for us to have Fusion Tea Bar be that day. It just wasn’t.

We went over to Kean Coffee to make up for not getting Fusion Tea Bar but the place was just packed. It discouraged us from getting anything. Somehow in the midst of our disappointment of failed boba adventure, Briana suggested 7 Leaves out of nowhere. So we quickly found directions and immediately left!

Here are some notes to keep in mind before you go to 7 Leaves Cafe. One. Bring cash. Two. Location is no bueno. It’s almost hidden. Parking is bad. So carpool. If you can’t carpool then you may have to park in the neighborhood. Three. You can’t really hang out at 7 Leaves. There’s just only two small tables. You’re not going to want to hang outside either. There’s no really no space but the sidewalk. Just an FYI. There may be an intoxicated homeless person sitting in front of 7 Leaves Cafe. Not sure if he’s always there but if so, be careful. He came inside of 7 Leaves Cafe and came up to me and Briana and asked for money. He said a lot of scary nonsense that I will not share here. Please be careful.
7 Leaves Cafe

Though their menu is actually quite small and selective, it took awhile for me to decide what I wanted because they simply did not have honey green milk tea. I ended up getting the Jasmine Milk Tea which was a safe pick. The other drinks seemed a little too out there for me. I wasn’t ready for that. My main focus was to get some kind of drink similar to milk tea.
Jasmine Milk Tea

When it comes to drinks that are flower names, I can’t help but to think that I’m drinking poh-pur-ree. With that said, Jasmine Milk Tea tasted like popery. It wasn’t as sweet as Fusion Tea Bar’s milk tea. It had a light taste with a hint of popery. Would I go to 7 Leaves Cafe again? Eh, I wouldn’t go out of my way like I did this time around to go there. The drink was ok. I don’t think Jasmine Milk Tea is too much of a popular one, but the Mung Bean Milk Tea and the Sea Cream Jasmine Tea seem to be so instead.

Briana, I’m glad you were able to randomly think of 7 Leaves Cafe! Even though our experience was quite an interesting one, I’m glad we can check it off our list!