The Capitol

I finally got to see the White House! I mean, the White House in California! In other words, the Capitol! Briana and I probably had the time of our lives taking pictures with a selfie stick in front of the Capitol. I don’t know what it is but selfie sticks are fun!

Alex and Justin joined us a little later for the fun with the selfie stick!

We look like a happy family there, right? Right! After taking millions of selfies together, we finally decided to go check the Capitol building!

During the security check, they thought the selfie stick was a weapon! We almost had to leave Briana behind. Just kidding, we wouldn’t have left her alone. Luckily, the security guards knew what a selfie stick was so Briana was good to go.

We walked around for a good hour in the building. There was so much rich history and beauty to the building that I felt like we could stay there forever. Unfortunately, our parking meter didn’t allow us to stay there that long. For the short time we had, we saw a good chunk of the Capitol.

We explored outside to see the garden but we had a hard time finding it. So here are some pictures of trees:

I would love to come back here and spend more time in the museum and just soak in more of its history. It was a little surreal to be at the Capitol because you grow up learning all this stuff from textbooks. Thanks Briana for making this trip to the Capitol possible! Thanks Alex and Justin for hanging out with us for a short period of time!

Bellingham, Washington

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 5 – Bellingham, Washington

My day didn’t start until late afternoon so I decided to take a stroll around the hotel. I was excited to take some pictures and make an adventure out of it!

I was walking down some road that led me to a residential neighborhood.

I found a hidden creek on the side!

At some point as I was walking, I made a right turn just because.

Then I found a bunch of leaves! They weren’t as colorful as the ones in Canada but these were still beautiful!

After being so excited to see so many leaves, I went back to the main street I was on. I kept walking and walking but the sidewalk came to an end where it just turned into grass and dirt. I noticed that there was so much open land to my right. It looked like it was the “right” moment to hitch hike because I almost felt like I was in the middle of nowhere but I wasn’t that far from my hotel. I looked across the street and saw horses just hanging out!

I wanted to walk across the street to get closer but there was a sign that said Private Property. So I turned around and headed back towards the hotel.

Far, far ahead of me, I thought I saw an animal but I thought I was going crazy. I got my phone out, zoomed in, and took a picture to see what was ahead of me. Do you see that brown spot next to the railing?

Well, guess what! A deer popped out of there!

I was a little scared encountering this deer but I tried to play it cool. I kept walking and then the deer crossed the street. I started recording this moment on my phone. The deer just walked like any other human being walking on a sidewalk in the afternoon. At one point we were parallel from each other and made eye contact which scared me. I think the deer knew that I was recording so I abruptly turned my camera down.


I continued my adventure and walked across the street where I saw some trees and a trail. I saw some lady come out of the woods with her dog. The weird thing was, there was no trail. It was more of a dead end.

I walked to the end of it and found nothing too exciting. It was a little scary so I wasn’t daring enough to venture out into the woods. After that, I finally went back to my hotel and waited until I got picked up to begin my real adventure in Bellingham!