The Beatles

Queen Yuna

Though Queen didn’t win gold in Sochi 2014 winter olympics, deep down inside, we all know that she’s a winner in all circumstances. She’s still one of a kind figure skater and forever known as Queen Yuna. No one will ever be able to skate so gracefully and flawlessly like her. She doesn’t skate just to show off some tricks, but the emotional involvement in her programs sets her off compared to any other skaters. She knows how to share a story as she skates so passionately.

Because of the olympics, I somehow started YouTubing quite a few clips of her previous performances. They were all breath taking and inspiring! Her performance on Imagine would have to be one of my many favorites:

She just knows how to skate so effortlessly and elegantly. I’m glad she’s retiring because she deserves much rest after working so hard for so long just to be where she’s at now.

Hope you all enjoyed watching the olympics as much as I did!


Fun Friday!

Exactly fifty years ago, The Beatles first came to the United States which forever changed the music history. In honor of their talent, success, and inspiration to us, here is one of my many favorite songs from them:

If you want to listen to their most popular songs, check them out here:

I hope their music uplifts your Friday!