More of Dallas, Texas

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 10 – Dallas, Texas

Day 10 was the last day of my trip where I had a brief but eventful hangout in Dallas with Anna. We went on a free 45 minute trolley ride thanks to DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit).

Residence use the trolley as actual form of transportation but we used it as a tourist’s attraction!

The trolley took us around Uptown in Dallas where we made one stop at a park. This park had a lot going that afternoon with workouts, kids playing, and food trucks.

We checked out Dallas Museum of Art that was across the street from the park. Surprisingly, the admission was free! I loved this museum because of how interactive it was. You were able to earn points by entering in codes that were scattered throughout the museum. The more codes you found, the more points you accumulated. With these points, you could get a discount at the store or even get something for free!

I ended up getting a 10% discount at the store where I bought some postcards from the seven or eight codes I found. I had some points leftover so I may have to come back!

We grabbed lunch at Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery on Lovers Lane in Dallas. This is a popular brunch spot even though Yelp rates them 3.5 stars with 153 reviews. I got myself a TexMex breakfast called the Breakfast Tacos for $10.99. It had chorizo, onions, eggs, peppers, cheddar cheese with potatoes and salsa on the side.

It’s probably best to share this or any other meal in Texas because portions are pretty big. They don’t joke around about the food!

After lunch, it was time for me to go back home to SoCal! My time in Dallas was short because it was a lot cheaper to leave on a Saturday than any other day. During my day and a half trip to Dallas, I felt like I got a good taste of what Dallas was all about. I can’t wait to come back here to try more southern food! Oh, of course to see Anna too!

Since no one really travels on a Saturday, I had the whole row to myself! All I did on my flight was stretch out my legs and catch up on some reading on my iPad.

Thanks Anna for your southern hospitality! You definitely made me gain the most weight compared to the other states I visited. It was all worth it though since everything in Texas was so good! See you back in California soon!


My Date with Jeremy Lin

When I got inside the Staples Center, I was starting to get major butterflies in my stomach. They probably weren’t even butterflies. I’m sure they were birds flapping their wings in my stomach making me feel all nervous and excited about my date with Jeremy Lin. My date was pretty intimate as I watched him play against the Lakers from my nose bleed seat.


Ok fine. I obviously didn’t go on a date with Jeremy Lin. This game was pretty special to me though. The last time I went to a Lakers game was about 3 years ago and they were playing against the Rockets. I remember seeing sprinkles of red jerseys at the Staples Center. There weren’t many Rocket fans out there in LA at the time. But. The Lakers vs Houston game I went to recently had a lot of Rockets fan. In particular, a lot of Asian Rockets fan. I was actually surrounded by Rockets fans from where I was sitting rather than Lakers. It was eye opening to see how one person can shift the image and culture of basketball in particular with the Asian American community.Jeremy Lin didn’t play the as well as he did back in the beginning of the Linsanity Era when he was on the New York Knicks. It’s ok though. I still think he’s a great and humble basketball player.

Overall the game was fun to watch but a little nerve wrecking because there were moments where I thought the Lakers were going to lose. Watching James Hardin play like a beast got me worried about the Lakers. It would have been nice to see Coach D’Antoni and see Steve Nash play. It was good to see Kobe play and watch him save the game as always.

Thanks Nicole for joining me last minute to watch the game! Hopefully next time we will get free tacos!