Happy Monday!

I am so sorry if you’re back at work after the Christmas weekend, but I hope you are well rested and ready for a new week! If not, I’ve got something to cheer you up on a Monday!

If you really liked that, then here’s another one:

I’m not sure how I found them but I think it was through Facebook. After hearing one song, I ended up listening to a dozen of their music on repeat!

The husband and wife musical group are called Us The Duo. Michael and Carissa have been singing on YouTube since 2011 and have more than 28 million views. Singing covers of mainstream music in their own version has attracted many fans. Their fame grew drastically through Vine when they hid the upper half of their faces while singing songs. The mysteriousness of their looks made many viewers curious who these talented singers were. They finally revealed themselves after countless medleys produced. As of March 2014, they are the first artists from Vine to have signed a major deal with Republic Records.



Goodbye and Happy Birthday!

As I’m getting older, I’ve realized how much harder it is to gather friends together in comparison to when we were in college or even before then. Briana, Hannah, and I are hours and hours apart from each other. We are all spread throughout California! Luckily, during the summer we were able to get together for the first time in a long time. We did a “Goodbye Briana” and “Happy Early Birthday (to me)” get together with some friends.

Friday night, we first met up at my favorite taco truck in LA, El Chato. We got there early to beat the crowd! We were the second ones in line.

Note to everyone: Get there at 8:45PM and you will definitely beat the crowd. El Chato never disappointments me with their juicy meat and fresh salsa.

We continued the night at Soop Sok Karaoke in K-town where we sang our hearts out. I have to say that I was surprised how some of my friends were some secret rappers. I’ve got some talented friends who can really rap in English and in Korean! (Derek and Josephine! I’m talking about you guys!)

For about eight people singing for a few hours, it wasn’t too expensive at Soop Sok Karaoke. We each probably paid about $10 max per person. Yelp shows a lot of positive reviews on Soop Sok Karaoke. There’s a large selection of songs to pick from, spacious rooms for large groups, and decent service. With all of that, Yelp gives them 4 out of 5 stars with more than 100 reviews.

Briana, Hannah and I spent the night in LA so we can explore the city more the next day. For brunch, we went over to Grub, a comfort food restaurant hidden in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. On a Saturday morning or afternoon, this place does get busy. So make sure to give yourself ample amount of time to find parking and to be seated.

Side note: Got that red printed dress from H&M for $10!

We parked in a residential street right behind the restaurant and got seated in approximately 20 minutes. They first served us some cereal as a complimentary starter. Ain’t that funny? It was pretty funny and cute to see something new like tho at a restaurant.

The three of us decided that we were going to share everything! From the brunch menu, Briana chose the “Friggin’ Amazin’ French Toast”.

This wasn’t just an ordinary French Toast. They were buttery croissants cover in cinnamon vanilla batter which gave that French Toast taste. It was topped with maple syrup, pecans and homemade raspberry butter. ($10.99)

Hannerz got the “Ooh La La! Egg Sandwich”.

This breakfast sandwich was like the high class version of McDonald’s McMuffin. Side note, I love McDonald’s breakfast menu and so does everyone else! This Egg Sandwich had fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese, and two slices of bacon strips, all sandwiched in their special croissant French toast.  ($15.25)

 I got the “Hooked!” which was a tuna melt.

LA Magazine voted Hooked! as the best tuna melt in LA! It’s a secret recipe to make that tuna salad. So no wonder that tuna melt was indescribable!

After several bites of our first plate, we rotated them clockwise to try the next one. I think my favorite would have been….all of them! They were all so good in it’s unique way. I would recommend getting all three if you’re with a group of friends. Who knew you could make french toast with croissants? The Grub really knew how to turn traditional homey food into something more unconventional! That’s why it has 1,200+ reviews on Yelp with 4 out of 5 stars!

Before heading back home, we decided to pick up some coffee for the road! We were all pretty tired from a long night and from the food! We found a hipster coffee shop down the street from the Grub called Cafe Americano.


This place is a small shop that carries a lot of drinks on their chalkboard menu!


There’s not a lot of space in this coffee shop but they do have a room next door where people perform throughout the week!


Cafe Americano is more of a place where you pick up a drink and go. Because it’s a little cramped, it’s definitely not a great place for groups. Parking is also a challenge since the lot can hold less than a dozen spots for a plaza that has about a dozen stores.

Some of their popular drinks include Honey Vanilla latte or the Spanish latte which Briana and Hannah both liked!

We weren’t at Cafe Americano for too long because we were ready to head back home! I had a lot of fun with these girls! I’m so glad we were able to get together before the summer ended! I can’t wait for all of us to meet again soon!

Sam Smith

In the past week, I’ve been listening to Sam Smith’s music on repeat through Spotify. The addiction all started when I learned a danced to “Dirty Boy” by La La La which featured Sam Smith.

After I learned the dance, I researched the music at home. From Wikipedia, I learned that Sam Smith is from the UK! He was born in 1992, so you know that means he’s one very young talented singer! I then realized that he is the one who also sings “Stay With Me” which is a beautiful song.

After that, I was caught off guard that he also sings “Lay Me Down” which is another beautiful song filled with heavy emotion.

I’ve listened to all of these songs multiple times before especially on the radio but somehow never knew the artist. If TRL still existed on MTV, I would have learned about Sam Smith sooner! Nowadays, I don’t know who sings what until I make the effort to research it or stumble upon it online just like now.

Question. Am I the only one who’s surprised by how his voice doesn’t match his appearance? There’s so much maturity within his lyrics and in his voice for a young adult! That voice of his is one of a kind. It’s soulful, powerful, and simply unique. Perhaps you can compare him to Adele where they’re both honest in their music and actually talented! And the obvious common denominator is that they’re both from the UK.

I feel relieved now that I know Sam Smith at a personal level after all that research. Ok, back to listening to him on repeat!

Thank you Kaba Modern’s dance class for encouraging me to discover new music. Final thanks to YouTube and Wikipedia for helping me with my research on Sam Smith!

Monsters Calling Home Live!

I finally got the chance to see Monsters Calling Home perform live in Fullerton, California! Yay, I can check that off my list! Feats In Inches performed first as an opening act. They started the show on a good note making the audience pumped up for the whole night.

MCH only sang their popular songs which include all of their music. As you can see, I’m kind of a big fan of their music. Everyone in the band is so musically talented that you can really see it from their performance. I thoroughly enjoyed every song that they performed. If only they performed for 3+ hours that night, I would then have enjoyed it even more. Ok, 3+ hours is asking for a lot. That just shows you how much I loved their show that night.

If you didn’t get the chance to see them perform in Orange County, it’s ok. There’s still hope! They’re performing at a pretty well-known venue in Los Angeles called Troubadour on December 4th. Definitely check them out there for $15. I believe they’ll be playing new music too that night. I can’t wait to hear their new music!

Ok, if you didn’t go to their show in OC and you can’t go to their show in LA, I will be nice and forgive you just this once. But in the meantime, watch this live acoustic performance: