Birthday Extravaganza – Part 1

Woah, it’s been five months and a few weeks since I last blogged! I apologize for being MIA. Sometimes, you just have fun in life and forget to share it! That’s pretty much what happened to me.

I don’t even know where to begin but I’ll just share with you the most recent celebration. August was my birthday month! Yay me and for all those Leos out there! I always want to try to maximize my birthday month or even just any holiday month all for fun. Why not find a reason to have fun everyday, right? For my birthday month, I decided to wear a dress every day until the 20th, my real birthday. I was surprised at how many dresses I owned. It wasn’t even a struggle to figure out what to dress to wear each day. I just grabbed whatever I found first but saved the best ones for last.

Unfortunately, I did not take any selfies of my 20 days of dresses to show proof that I did it. If you don’t believe me then feel free to talk to my coworkers. They have witnessed me wearing a dress everyday!

Even though it’s over, I still continue to wear dresses. I may have gained some weight from wearing a dress everyday. My dresses tend to leave more room for dessert than pants hence the gain in weight. At the end of this dress extravaganza, I realized I probably own about 30 dresses. It’s not even funny.

Side note: My best friend and I made a pact this year to not go shopping unless we need to or if we have a gift card so we can save money and not become materialistic. We’ve been pretty good so far to not buy anything unless it’s a necessity. I think doing this 20 days of dresses confirmed even more so that I don’t need any more dresses or even clothes in general. I’m sure I still have a few dresses in my closet that I have yet to wear once or even twice maybe.

Aside from this 20 days of dresses, I celebrated my birthday a few times with friends and family. First one was a potluck at the park! Thank you friends for bringing all kinds of food! We had homemade guac, Costco food, salads, fruit, desserts, a lot of cold drinks and so much more! There was definitely a lot of food!

Thank you Kat for stopping by! I know you had a busy summer but really appreciated your presence there and with all the fruit you brought!

Hannerz! Thank you so much for making the long drive to come here! Thank you for bringing the wraps and keeping them cool using your mother-in-law’s ice packs! I know I need to return those to you still! Thanks for the gift as well!

Derek, I can’t believe you biked 10 miles to get here! Thank you for making it alive! Phil, that Almond Haus drink doe. What an awesome gift, thank you! CindyxBindy, thank you for the precious cake and the bluetooth! I feel so hip like you now! Briana, thank you for bringing fancy sushi and always surprising me with practical gifts on my birthday! Aaron, thank you for bringing chicken tenders from Carl’s Jr! I think it was a healthier choice to bring chicken tenders over them McNuggets.

Peter and Jenn, thank you for bringing Costco pizza! Thank you for being considerate of vegetarians and thanks for the gifts! Thank you Jamakea and Dan for each bringing a salad! And those flowers were beautiful, thank you! Winston, thanks for bringing so much dessert! Costco’s apple pie and cheesecake can never go wrong!

Ben, thanks for driving to multiple markets to look for Capri Sun drinks. Even though they were nowhere to be found, luckily the party was able to continue without them. No but really, thank you for bringing all the drinks and keeping them cold with ice! Kat, thanks for coming to my potluck instead of going to your bootcamp and thank you for the cookies! Matt and Alana, thank you for the chicken quinoa and the homemade guac dip! Delicious!

I know I didn’t get to take a picture with everyone who came but shoutouts to Elaine Linda, Andrea, Dan, and Dasom for coming! Thank you Elaine and Linda for coming over to make the guac and pasta salad with so much love! Andrea, thank you for stopping by and bringing food! Dan, that Mexican ice cream was amazing! Thank you for sharing it with me! Dasom, I was so happy to see you there! Thank you for the giant balloon and the sacrifice you went through to purchase it!

Thank you, thank you my friends for bringing all this wonderful food! Thank you for taking that extra time to prepare or purchase the food you brought. Everything was so good that I think We should have another potluck soon!

Pinspired Potluck

I’m kind of in this big phase of being a Pinterest addict. I have no shame about that because there are many people out there who are addicted to it also and have yet to admit that they have a problem. It’s actually not a bad thing at all or is it? Well, we all just want to be creative and innovative with food, fashion, and crafts. What’s wrong with that? There is no problem except that we are hoarding so much online in an organized manner using our boards.

Ok, ok. Pinterest is everything as in it’s good and bad. It’s however you see it. I used my Pinterest addiction in a positive way impacting a community of my friends! One day, I said to myself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to gather some friends and have a potluck where we make food from what we’ve pinned on Pinsterest?” Then bam, the phrase ‘Pinspired Potluck’ happened just like that.

I somehow found an app on my iPad called Phoster where you can make posters using quirky templates. You just need to change the content of the poster however you’d like. So I used one of the templates and brought a Pinspiration feel to it and created this:

I created a Facebook event and invited some friends who I had’t seen in awhile since high school. I really wanted to see how everyone was doing since so much has happened for a lot of us whether it’s graduating from college or having a baby! Everyone wrote on the wall what they were bringing to the Pinspired Potluck. But funny thing was that, no one brought what they said they were going to bring! Except for Andrea. Thanks Andrea for following the rules! (I’m guilty!)

I bought some red paper plates and white utensils just to carry out the Pinterest colored theme of red and white. With a homie touch, my friend Connie made name cards for everyone attending.
Name Cards

I used a white porcelain bowl for the strawberries with cool whip and had iced tea in a clear glassed pitcher. I really wanted to carry a simple and subtle theme to my presentation. Luckily, it all worked out without having to buy anything.
Pinspired Potluck

Here is what the menu was for the Pinspired Potluck:
Top left: Tina’s Tea Sandwich ~ cucumber and cream cheese
Top right: Amy’s Zucchini Boats ~ zucchini, topped with tomatoes and melted cheese
Bottom left: Emily’s Mexican Casserole ~ bean, cheese, spicy shredded beef, tortilla made in crock pot
Bottom right: Tina’s Macaroni Pasta ~ homemade three cheese sauce with broccoli and sausage
The Food

Melissa’s main dish: Sausage with homemade smokey peach sauce
Melissa's Dish

We had more than enough food to feed each other for dinner. We all definitely ate a lot of good food that afternoon. After eating all that Pinspired food, we had to end it with dessert, of course. Andrea brought some mouth watering cupcakes.

Dessert: Andrea’s Cupcakes ~ Chocolate cupcake with nutella topped with a Ferrero Rocher
Andrea's Cupcakes

The cupcakes were a great way to sum up the Pinspired Potluck! The cupcakes were sweet and everyone there was sweet too! I really appreciated everyone taking the time from their busy schedule to make some yummy food and spend some time catching up!

Pinspired Potluck is definitely going to happen again next year. Bringing food and friends together can never go wrong! Hopefully, we can do something like this for the Christmas season too! Thank you Amy, Andrea, Emily, and Melissa coming out to the first Pinspired Potluck! Thank you to Kinsey for being such a cute little baby! Also, special thanks to Connie for helping me out with presentation!

Melissa & Kinsey. Emily. Tina. Andrea. Amy.

Melissa & Kinsey. Emily. Tina. Andrea. Amy.