Birthday Extravaganza – Part 2

My coworkers threw me a fiesta! Huge thanks to my department for making this all colorful and having endless amounts of sweets on desk from Snickers bars to donuts to Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Oh and yes, that is a piñata hanging from the ceiling!

One of my coworkers highly encouraged me to take one of those hipster, Pinterest-y pictures with my birthday cake and balloons. It was one hilarious photoshoot taken at work that I could not contain myself. I’m surprised that I didn’t drop the cake!

By the way, the piñata is stuffed with candy! Thanks Eric!

Thanks friends for wearing the party hats and taking a picture with me! Again, many thanks to my department for making my birthday special!

Gingerbread Party

My sister held her 4th Annual Gingerbread Party for her kids and their friends recently. Kids come and decorate their gingerbread cookies with all sorts of candies. Then they go sugar high within 5 minutes of decorating. It’s always fun to watch the kids just run around and dance around freely because they’re so hyper.


I helped her put together party favors which were little gingerbread ornaments.


From this gingerbread party, I’ve learned a few important things. One. Some kids are passionate about decorating their gingerbread cookie . Two. Some kids are there to just eat only (Ahem. My nephew.). Three. The most important thing I learned was that every year at least one gingerbread man drowns from too much icing.


RIP Gingerbread man.

Culture: Indian

Apoorva, who was in my past post: Queen’s Bakery, invited me to to have some homemade, authentic Indian food with her and her family. When I arrived outside their front door, I probably saw 30+ pairs of shoes and knew that I was going in for a merry time. As I walked into her house, I was welcomed by Apoorva’s mom who was hospitable throughout the whole night. (Apoorva, your mom was so sweet that night. It was good seeing her for the first time in more than a year!) She humorously informed me that I would be the only non-Indian in the house, which I did not mind at all. Her house was filled with 9 families ranging from grandparents to grandkids. All the women were beautifully dressed in their traditional Indian outfit.

I can’t tell you what I had exactly at Apoorva’s because there was a variety of dishes that were too difficult to describe and name. Each dish was unique and flavorful with the spices. All I can tell you is that everything was good!

I don’t have much family gatherings because majority of my relatives live in South Korea. So going to someone else’s family party was eye opening and of course, fun! Unintentionally, all the relatives sat together based on generation and gender. The grandpas stayed together in the living room, grandmas were by the dinner table, the women circled around in the family room, the men were outside in the backyard, and kids were hanging out in the rooms. Kids, including me and Apoorva. It was fun to see all the women laugh together and enjoy each other’s presence. They were laughing so much that I wanted to laugh with them. Too bad, I had no idea why they were laughing. To see that everyone was having a good time, made my time there enjoyable.

Even though I was the only non-Indian there, I did not feel out of place. It was a nice change of scene in culture and to be part of it for a night. I have always been intrigued by diverse cultures and their uniqueness. I hope to adventure into another night with Apoorva and her family, but also other cultures.

Thanks Apoorva for the invite!

Readers, check out Apoorva’s blog! She’s got some good pictures: