Urban Seoul

Urban Seoul is known as the “Korean food truck but at a restaurant”. Many are happy to know that there’s one in Irvine or even in Orange County aside from Hashigo in Costa Mesa. This place is still relatively new, probably a month or two old by now, located right in Diamond Jamboree plaza.
Urban Seoul

I went to Urban Seoul with Jennifer and Phil. They were purposely being awkward as mother and son. Sorry, that was an inside joke. But, can you see the awkwardness in that picture? Hope you can see and feel the awkwardness.
Mother and son.

The restaurant is pretty narrow and small, so beware of crowded space during dinner time.

There, I ordered a Kalbi Burger and it was good! The kalbi (the meat patty) made the burger taste sweet which made it different compared to my usual In-N-Out cheeseburger. I was sad that it came in slider form because I was expecting an actual burger. Two sliders were just not enough for me.
Kalbi Burger

So the three of us shared the Loaded Fries. They’re basically your chili cheese fries but fusion style. It had pork, cheese, jalapenos, and some onions.
Loaded Fries

Phil got the Kimchi Pancake Quesadillas. It obviously had kimchi (spicy cabbage dish), cheese, chicken, melted cheese, wrapped in crispy tortilla!
Kimchi Pancake Quesadilla

Jenn got the Bibibomp. It’s a bowl of rice with mixed vegetables. Rather than using typical Korean spicy sauce, they had a sauce that was a hint spicy and sweet. The sweetness of it made it fusion-y.

After eating all that madness, I asked myself like always when trying a new place, “Would I come here again?” The answer was probably not. No doubt was the Kalbi “Burger” good but it was just not filling. The portion and price of the meal ended up being the same as the food trucks. The only differences I found between the a Korean food truck and Urban Seoul were one, I could sit and two, I had to tip.

Before we left, we got a coupon for 15% off on our next meal there. I guess I’m actually going there again before the coupon expires!

Thanks other mother and son for trying Urban Seoul with me!

Mis Tres Leches

The church that I attend to is pretty big that majority of the members have to park off site in this structure near a business area. So from there, we take the school bus that the church provides and then they take us to and from church in less than 5 minutes.

Last Sunday, I ended up being the only one on the bus to go back to the parking structure. During the bus ride, I decided to strike up a conversation with the bus driver, Luis, about how his new year celebration was since it was the first Sunday of 2013. He shared with me how he spent time with his family and ate good food.

From there, I told him how I liked tres leches which is a Mexican sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk. When you see the cake, you think that you’re about to bite into a normal cake because you barely see a drip of the milk. But. Once you bite into it, you experience the tres leches. It’s amazing.

He told me that there’s something better than tres leches called rosca. He was telling me that it’s a pastry that you pull the bread apart with your hands. I can’t remember how he described it to me but I remember thinking, “I must find rosca!” I asked him where I could find some rosca and he suggested some places in Santa Ana because that’s where all the authentic Mexican food is at.

He said that he could bring some rosca the next Sunday. So today was the next Sunday! And guess what. Luis remembered! Well, the thing is. He didn’t bring rosca because bakeries only make them for the holidays and up until January 6th. Basically, I have to wait until next year to get some rosca.

So instead of rosca, he brought tres leches! He gave me a big slice of it! I was really surprised that he still brought something. I told him that in return, I’ll bring him some kind of Korean pastry. Not sure sure what kind of pastry I’ll bring next week or maybe I’ll give him some kim-bop. Suggestions?

Luis was so kind that I just had to take a picture with him for memories!


I’m definitely writing a thank you card to Luis next week not just because of the cake but also for working on Sundays. People should rest on Sundays but instead he works so that I could have a ride to and from church. Thank you, Luis! (I know he won’t see this post but still want to say thank you!)

Also, thank you to Dasom for coming with me to meet Luis.

Lastly, thank you to Jessica Paz! I remember you invited me to your mom’s birthday slash Mother’s Day celebration at your house in high school. It was my first time trying tres leches then and there.