Last Day in Boston

I only had several hours to hang out in Boston before taking off. So I had to hit up my favorite places in Boston rather than checking out new ones. I just had to go back to Gourmet Dumpling House for lunch. We basically ordered the same exact thing as last time. It was still as good as it was the first time I had it.
Gourmet Dumpling House

Next to Gourmet Dumpling House was this store that we saw and I had to take a picture of it…
Caged Chicken
Interesting, huh?

Anyway. We walked a few blocks down to get an icy drink from Thinking Cup. I got my usual iced hazelnut latte with a chocolate macaroon. With our little post-lunch sweets, we headed to the park across the street where they were having a concert. Sat on a shady bench and just enjoyed the breeze and live music.
Coffee & Concert

I left Boston on a perfect time only because the next day, it ended up raining! Thank you God for ending my trip in Boston with perfect weather and perfect company! Thank you Anna for feeding me, providing shelter, showing me around, and for all the good times!


Downtown Pasadena

The last time I saw Sarah was at her wedding last summer. So we were long overdue to meet up. We randomly video chatted one afternoon when we were both feeling sick, then and there we decided a time, date, and place toreunite with some old friends. She said to meet in Pasadena because it’s a fun place to eat and walk around. I told her I was down! I’ve never really explored there so I was definitely opened to explore a new place.

Surprisingly my drive to Pasadena with Hannah and Elaine was not bad at all. The light traffic took us an hour or less. Because we were ahead of schedule, we got there before Sarah. While we waited for her, we decided to check out the City Hall of Pasadena which looked almost like a Cathedral. We walked around and saw some beautiful scenery in such a small little area.
City Hall

Across from City Hall was an actual cathedral which is opened almost 24/7 for people to pray. I really felt like I was in Europe when I saw the architecture.

Once Sarah arrived in Pasadena, we headed back to the downtown area. Parking is kind of a bust in Pasadena because of the meter situation or just having to pay in general. We somehow found this random hidden parking lot with no attendant. It was really suspicious but we decided to give it a shot since it was cheaper than most of the other parking lots. So basically, we paid $5 rather than $6-8 compared to other places. The weird thing was you deposit your money in this “drop off mailbox” looking thing. The box has slots for each parking space available. We parked in spot #2 so we deposited the $5 in the #2 slot. It was interesting. I took a bunch of pictures to show proof that we paid and that if it was scam, I had evidence of this matter. We deposited our $5 in and walked a block over to Slater’s 50/50 to meet up with Sarah.
Shady money deposit.

Everyone’s been talking about Slater’s 50/50 for awhile and I’ve been meaning to check it out but somehow I haven’t been able to go there. Luckily, Sarah chose this place to eat! She compared this place to The Counter where you can create your own order. Slater’s 50/50 is probably known for their patties to be stuffed with bacon and they’re eccentric creation of burgers such as the Peanut Butter & Jealousy burger.
Slater's 50/50

For appetizer we ordered some regular fries, sweet potato fries, and stuffed macaroni popcorn balls. They were all good! Especially the macaroni popcorn balls. I’ve never had them before nor did I ever know about them! Apparently The Cheesecake Factory makes them too.
Macaroni Popcorn Balls

Hannah, Elaine, and I knew that we were going to eat a lot that day so we had to portion control our meal. So we decided to split our burger into thirds. Yes, it’s possible to split a burger into thirds. Our burger had grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and patty with bacon pieces. I’m so glad that we we shared because our appetizer filled us and the patty was thick!

Sarah got a healthy veggie burger where she replaced the buns with lettuce! Too healthy for me.
Sarah and her too healthy burger.

I wouldn’t mind going back to Slater’s and trying one of their extreme burgers. I’m really curious about the PB & J burger.

We walked around afterwards and went window shopping. All the stores are walking distance. The high end and outdoors shopping experience reminded me of Fashion Island in Newport Beach and Gas Lamp in San Diego. I always like to compare my experience to somewhere else so that you can have a better understanding of what it was like to be there.

We stopped by Lette for some macarons.

Then headed to a hipster coffee place called Intellegentsia. This place is like Portola Coffee Lab with the hipster vibe but ultimately because of how they make coffee using siphons and those other fancy flasks you see in chemistry labs but for coffee.

I wanted a vanilla latte but they only make lattes which was too hardcore for me. So they said they could make me an iced sweetened latte and that ended up working out perfectly. My friends got some fancy coffee with latte art work done.
Coffee and fancy latte art.

We were at Intellegentsia for quite some time. Probably too long. But it was just so much fun sharing life stories and catching up.
Sarah, Hannah, Elaine at Intellegentsia

Afterwards, we walked around downtown. I’d like to check out 21 Choices next time I’m in Pasadena. That ice cream shop seemed like a popular one.
21 Choices

Sarah showed us how historical old town Pasadena was by taking us to the front door of J Crew. There was tiled work on the ground that said The Owl Drug Co. So back in the day, way before J Crew, that store was actually a drug store. Cool, huh?
The Owl Drug Co.

We went to this one hat store and found a band playing inside! That was definitely a fun experience trying on some old school hats while listening to some live music.

Live Band at the hat store.

Old Town Pasadena has some hidden spots for some good pictures.
Happy picture spot.

When we were done walking around, we took one last picture together and called it a night. The night scenery in Pasadena is as pretty as the day time. Too bad this picture doesn’t capture the beauty of Pasadena because of the random person we asked.

Last group picture.

That whole day and night hanging out with Sarah, Hannah, and Elaine was so much fun! Time flew by so quickly that day. Probably because were just having so much fun. Thanks Sarah for showing us around in Pasadena!

Spontaneous Night to LA

Finally Briana was free from school and work. So we had to have a mandatory hang out. We had dinner at In-N-Out. Then decided spontaneously to go to LA for dessert and to check out Rodeo Drive. We went to Bottega Louie for some fancy shmancy macarons. Since we got there a little after 9PM, all the good macarons were gone. We picked out the ones that they had the least of because we thought that if they have little left for a certain macaron that means a lot of customers got that one. For 5 macarons in a pretty lavendar box we paid a little under $11. A little expensive for me but I thought I’d get some for my family and just for the experience of trying Bottega Louie’s macarons. Bottega Louie is not only a maracon place but a restaurant also. Even though we got there late, the restaurant was pretty darn packed and busy! I’ll check it out one day.


We took our macarons and off we went to Rodeo Drive. I really wanted to go to Rodeo Drive because on Instagram a blogger who I follow posted up a pretty scenery on Rodeo Drive. I took a screenshot and texted Briana, “Let’s go there!” She said she knew where it was. So then it was a perfect night to go check it out after macaron adventure.


It was a magical moment when we found the Christmas tree and the lights. We tried to take the picture just like the the Instagrammer but we weren’t as successful as Angelaishere. Even though I don’t know who “Angelaishere” is, thanks to her, Briana and I had a fun time walking around Rodeo Drive at night and taking pretty Christmas light pictures.


Oh how I love the power of social media. It’s crazy how it works.