late night runs

LAX to Dino’s

I usually run on Monday nights but recently, I wasn’t able to because I had to drop off Anna at the airport. I told my running crew, Derek & Doug, that I wouldn’t be able to run because of the airport situation. Instead of running that night for anyone, they joined me to drop Anna off at the airport. Thanks Anna for the Lette macarons! They were no doubt good! Hope you enjoyed your short stay in OC!

After dropping Anna off, we headed to El Chato, a popular Mexican food truck. But. That night, they weren’t at their usual spot! I was pretty upset about that because Derek and Doug were raging about El Chato. I was mentally ready to try some good Mexican food that night. But it just had to fail that night. It just had to.

Since El Chato didn’t work out, we went to Dino’s. It’s a small joint of all sorts of food like sandwiches, burritos, and burgers. They’re mainly known for their chicken so we got a box of chicken with fries, tortilla and coleslaw. They stuffed that box a lot with a large piece of chicken! The charbroiled chicken is covered in this red sauce that brings out a lot of flavor to it. Whatever the marination is, it’s salty and spicy. The spiciness brings a kick to the flavor. Don’t worry, it’s not too spicy. It’s bearable. The spiciness and the saltiness defines Dino’s. Without that sauce, I don’t think people would really be eating at Dino’s. The saltiness makes you thirsty. So make sure to have plenty of water by your side. Oh, it gets pretty messy to eat the chicken, so make sure to also have a bib on or have a lot of napkins with you.

We were probably done eating around 11PM which was super late for “dinner”. But it’s ok. It was an experience. The food was good and the price was good. One box of the chicken, tortilla, and coleslaw was a little less than $6. Not too bad, right? But. Oh man, I think the sauce from the chicken made us all go delirious on our way back home because we got lost! It was definitely a fun drive back home though. It was an adventure that needs to be told in person.

Thanks Derek for covering Dino’s and introducing us to Dino’s! YOLO.