Happy Monday!

Happy 2nd day of March!

Sunny SoCal hasn’t been so sunny for the past few days. It’s been nice to get a new change of weather for once. We got some grey clouds and lots of heavy rain to hopefully cure the drought. Hopefully. Probably not to be realistic.

Anyway, sometimes the gloomy weather can be a damper especially for the start of a new week. I thought I should lift up the mood with this awesome song that has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours.

One. I love Tegan and Sara. Their music is awesome. Two. I love the cheesiness of this song. How can this song not bring a smile to you?

Note to readers: I have not seen the movie.

Well SoCal residents, I hope this song made you realize how everything awesome. I just wish I could be wearing a cape, put one hand on hip, other hand punched into the air, and fly away

Happy Birthday to Cara & Nathan!

I got home around 5am from my trip to Sacramento. Then I got about 4 hours of sleep and had to get ready for a big Frozen themed birthday party in the morning! My niece, Cara, was turning 5!

And my nephew, Nathan, was turning 4!

There were a lot of fun activities for the kids like a Frozen bounce house, crafts, and games!

Cara was dressed up for this special occasion of hers!

Nathan was also dressed up with his Olaf hat. I think he may have had too much sweets on his birthday. It’s just a thought and observation.

Did you want to build a snowman? Evan sure did!

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, the kids played pin the carrot nose to Olaf!

If you’re curious, that’s how the cake was made! It was absolutely delicious eating this homemade cake!

My little niece and nephew are growing up so fast. I just can’t believe they’re already four and five years old! Can someone stop the clock from ticking away so quickly? I had a lot of fun watching the kids being kids at the party. I can’t wait to see them continue to grow and share with them stories of when they were this young.

Gingerbread Party

My sister held her 4th Annual Gingerbread Party for her kids and their friends recently. Kids come and decorate their gingerbread cookies with all sorts of candies. Then they go sugar high within 5 minutes of decorating. It’s always fun to watch the kids just run around and dance around freely because they’re so hyper.


I helped her put together party favors which were little gingerbread ornaments.


From this gingerbread party, I’ve learned a few important things. One. Some kids are passionate about decorating their gingerbread cookie . Two. Some kids are there to just eat only (Ahem. My nephew.). Three. The most important thing I learned was that every year at least one gingerbread man drowns from too much icing.


RIP Gingerbread man.

Anyone Can Conduct Music

Who says that you have to be an adult with a music degree to become a conductor? Everyone! Actually, no one has ever told me that only adults can conduct music. I just learned through a YouTube video that it is possible for a kid as young as eight to conduct a professional group of musicians at a concert.

You can see Edward Yudenich’s (the conductor kid) over flowing passion for the music piece he is conducting all from his body motion. He sure knows how to read and feel music. What an inspiration he is.

This makes me wonder what I was doing when I was eight. I was definitely not working with professional musicians as a conductor or as a student professor.