Eat Pray Love Journey

I recently decided to quit my stable job after working there for more than three years. I learned and grew a lot from my time there but it was time that I try something new. It’s called, “YOLO!” That’s right. You only love octopus. Just kidding. You only live once! Holla!

Actually, my friends would call it my Eat, Love, Pray journey like the book or the movie that featured Julia Roberts who traveled to rediscover herself.

After leaving my job on a good note, I was ready to treat myself to something exciting like travel to Peru or Costa Rica! It seems like Peru has become the new place to explore. Europe was so last year…Just kidding. Europe is still amazing in my books and I wouldn’t mind going there again. All my co-workers were telling me how I had to go to Peru. The only expensive thing about it was the flight there but other than that, everything like the food and hostels/hotels were cheap! After talking to a dozen people inside and outside of work, I was pretty set on going to Peru.

Except. I had no one to go with. Well, let me clarify that I do have friends but the whole Peru thing was just all bad timing. It was either they didn’t have the money or couldn’t take enough time off to travel with me. So I had to think of Plan B immediately!

One important lesson I learned when I traveled for the first time a few years to Europe was that it’s best to go somewhere if you know someone who lives there! I know it sounds like an obvious statement but it makes life so much easier! Thanks to my world traveling friend, Charlotte, she knew someone in all the countries we visited when we went to Europe and made our experience in Europe so memorable and stress-free.

So for my Plan B – Eat, Pray, Love Journey (EPLJ), I had to do just that. Visit friends who were living all over the place in Murica! It took two weeks of texting, calling, and being on my laptop to figure out the logistics for my whole trip.

I was able to figure out majority of my itinerary in a timely manner but there were some things where I just had to wing it for the spirit of spontaneity and YOLO-ness.

For the future posts coming up, I’ll be sharing my adventures in the different cities and states I visited. It may be a long journey to share but it’ll be a fun one to read!

Creative Christmas Cards

I had a bunch of left over decorations from my ugly sweater project. So with all that stuff, I thought it’d be great to use it to make homemade Christmas cards!

Craft Supplies

I had a bunch of stickers so it was easy for the most part to make the cards. I say “for the most part” because it takes me awhile to be creative. I made all the cards simple because I’m pretty simple like that.

Christmas Cards

The top left card was made out of ribbons that I bought for a buck or two on sale at Michael’s. I learned how to make the bow from YouTube! I just typed in how to make bows. Something like that.

Christmas Cards2

This one was made out of wrapping paper and tinsil. The tinsil was actually for wrapping purposes but I used it as decor. The wrapping paper was only of Christmas trees. So what I did was, cut out one tree. Cut the one tree into smaller and funky shapes. Then glued them on awkwardly by only connecting the trunk of the tree. Then wahl-lah. Your Anthropology Christmas card. Originally $35 dollars but made with $2-3 worth of decorations.

Christmas Cards 022

Here are more of the cards that I made:
Christmas Cards 025

If I can make these cards, so can you! I didn’t even use Pinterest for help!

Giving Back

I went to an elderly hospital with my church the other day where we sang traditional Christmas songs together and gave them gifts. I decided to go because I just wanted to give back since God has blessed me a lot in life. And. It’s Christmas season, how could I not give back?


Being in that room where we all worshipped together made me think a lot. It made me wonder how many stories of adventures and hardships they had. I’m so curious to learn about their stories. One day…I will hear their stories. But that morning wasn’t about me learning their stories. It was a time to share the good news about the birth of Jesus to them! I hope they were blessed as much as I was as we spent time together worshipping.

Christmas Lights #2

There’s a cul de sac in Tustin that has some crazy lights and decorations. The first time I went to this neighborhood was actually my senior year in high school. My friends somehow found it and ever since then I checked out the neighborhood annually. Last year I went was with Dasom. We walked around and then had some hot tea in her car. We were being really cute.

This one house has the front lawn full of snow and all kinds of Christmas decorations (top left corner picture). But what’s crazy about this house is the garage. The garage is covered with holiday figurines. It’s a whole different world in there. You just have to go there to really know what I’m talking about. The top right corner in the collage is a picture of the garage.


One house across the street had a nativity scene and other sorts of holiday characters in the front lawn. I have a feeling they made all the wooden cut outs of the characters.


There’s another house in the cul de sac that has crazy Christmas lights that flashes to the beat of the music. The night my friends and I went, somehow the lights and music didn’t go off. I was a little upset that my friends weren’t able to experience the epic lights show.

If anyone is interested in finding this neighborhood, here are the directions. But let me warn you that these are not good directions. I just don’t know the address. I just know how to get there by memory. So here we go:

  • Drive down Walnut towards Tustin
  • After you pass the street Tustin Ranch, make an immediate left. There should be an opening for you to turn left into a neighborhood.
  • Go straight. Drive by the park that is on your right.
  • At some point the street will curve to the left.
  • I think after it curves to the left, you only have two options to go straight or turn right. In this case, turn right.
  • Then in your first or second left, you will see cul de sac with some crazy lights.

Worst case, just Google this neighborhood. I’m sure they’re  on the web! Enjoy!

Christmas Lights #1

On Instagram I follow some news reporters because I think they’re really cool. One reporter I follow is Fritz from NBC-LA 4 News. For the past 11 years, Fritz has been looking for houses with extreme Christmas light decorations. Just recently he posted up a picture of one in Balboa Island. Since that’s really close to where I live, I had to go check it out!


After my first ugly sweater party, my friends and I had to put our ugly sweaters more into use. So we thought it would be perfect to check out some crazy Christmas lights with our ugly sweaters on! Being able to find the house that was exactly on Instagram was really exciting! I felt as if we were doing some kind of holiday Amazing Race.


Finally seeing the house in person was so magical! The house was the brightest one on the street so we couldn’t miss it. The house was decked out to the max. Even the side walls of the house was decorated with lights!


Santa was all over the house and it was good seeing him virtually! At one point, we sat on the curb in front of the house. We were in awe of the lights. Don’t worry, we weren’t sitting on the curb all night long. We decided to drive around and look for more Christmas lights. We were able to find the house below just by following the north star! Sounds cheesy, I know. But it’s true! All we did was follow the star that was stood out on top of the house. Then, wah-lah! The house was decked out also!


We drove again some more and found a few more houses that had some festive lights.


At the end of our Christmas light journey, we took a group picture by the bridge that leads you into Balboa Island. It was a cute little romantic spot especially with the Christmas lights.


Thanks friends for my first Christmas light experience of 2012!

Brotherly Love

I’ve never seen such an intimate brotherly love relationship until I saw this video online. Prepare yourself with some tissues before you watch this. I’m not joking.

Did you watch it? Ok, hope you did. I’m going to start talking about it, now! When Meyers saw his brother, he quickly turned away from him because he was so shocked. Right then and there, it was time for a waterfall. Their reunion such a powerful moment.

After watching that, I found another video which may require some tissues again.

Her reaction was priceless.

Ok, no more tears!