Hache LA

I went to Mick’s Karma Bar for dinner and had a catch session with Christina. I was excited to take her there since it was her first time! I ordered my usual Habanero Burger which they made it a tad a bit spicier than normal. Apparently, they added another pepper to kick it up a notch. Because Christina didn’t want anything spicy, she got the Karma Burger.

The guy who served our food looked really familiar and I had a feeling I knew him. I had to ask him hesitantly, “Are you Mick?” He said, “Yeah!” I knew it was him because he liked my picture of the Habanero Burger on Instagram! I was excited that the owner of Mick’s Karma Bar was active on social media!

I read an article somewhere how there was going to be another opening of Mick’s Karma Bar in Orange County County or Los Angeles. So I asked him about it and he said that he was having a soft opening in two weeks in Silverlake! He invited me to join and I excitedly said I would definitely be there! I gave him my business card and next thing you know, he tweets me about it.

Two weeks later, I brought a bunch of my friends to go to the soft opening. Valet parking was free, food was free, and drinks were free! It was an outdoorsy setting where it was completely packed with a DJ playing some music. There was definitely an LA/Silverlake vibe to Hache LA. The layout of the restaurant was blended really well into the Silverlake community.

Servers were passing out food and drinks so freely. They were serving their classic Strawberry Basil Lemonade and the Karma Burger. They also had a few different kinds of beer to pick from. Though the options were few, it was still nice to know that everything was unlimited and free!

We got our drinks pretty quickly but it probably took an hour to actually get our burgers. There was probably around a hundred people at the soft opening. So they were serving the burgers to those who came first and working their way down to the last people who walked in.

While waiting for our food, we were lucky enough to bump into Mick! He remembered me!  He was so nice to take the time to meet my friends!

Once we got our burgers, we were one big happy family! The wait was all worth it!

After our bellies were filled, we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company!

Thank you Aaron, Andrea, Derek, Davis, Elaine, Harold, John, Phil, and Sammie for joining me! Hope everyone enjoyed the food! Big thanks to Mick for the invite! I can’t wait for more burgers!

If you’re from Orange County or specifically from Irvine and you’ve never heard of Mick’s Karma Bar, then shame on you! You’re missing out! For more info on Mick’s Karma Bar, check out my post on them! But if you’re in the LA area, make sure to check out Hache LA! You won’t be disappointed with the food and the ambiance there! It’s definitely one hip burger joint in Silverlake.

Kevin Garcia | Hunter by Pharrell

I took another class from Kaba Modern at Focus Dance Center but this time Kevin Garcia taught the class! We learned a dance to Hunter by Pharrell. The choreography and the music itself had an old funk soul to it which made it more fun to dance in that style.

The class was pretty challenging because there were some intricate parts to that choreography! When everyone was dancing downwards, I was the one who was up. I was pretty much all over the place as the choreography became more difficult. In the midst of that though, I had a lot of fun and was inspired by the other dancers in that room! Check out what we learned and please don’t look for me but it might not be hard to find me, heh…

Kevin Garcia mentioned how dope Pharrell’s new album, Girl, is. Right after that class, I started listening to his album and I must say, it is dope! There’s a new taste to his style that I’m really digging!

K-Gar aka Kevin Garcia said that he’s more on the quiet side but when you see him dance, you definitely see his personality come out. Watch his group audition in the video below. He’s the one who starts on the right side.

I hope Kevin Garcia teaches more in the future! I’m looking forward to seeing him perform live and on YouTube!

Model: Elaine Kim

Dear SoCal Weather,

You’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. You’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down.

Please make up your mind on how you want to treat us! Just kidding. I’m glad it rained that one weekend since we, Californians, are in a drought! Also, it was nice to see and feel a different kind of weather for once.

Though it was rainy, I wanted to take the opportunity to do a photo shoot. So I took some pictures of my friend, Elaine, who is one fashionista. I loved her oversized Anthropologie jacket and her leather Dooney & Bourke clutch from a garage sale!

Thank you SoCal Weather for not being sunny for once. The gloomy weather made the lighting perfect for this photo shoot.

Your one and only California girl,

P.S. I heard it’s going to rain this week. Is that true?


When I first heard of Delifornia on Twitter, I started singing the theme song from that show called The O.C. Not familiar with what I’m talking about? Maybe if you listen to it here:

So I would sing the chorus but replaced California with Delifornia.

“Deliforniaaa! Here we comeee!” The song really got me excited about Delifornia!

Delifornia is located in Center Street Anaheim which is in downtown Anaheim. I didn’t even know there was a downtown Anaheim until I went to Delifornia! I would say this place is like The OC Mix but the north Orange County version. It’s got that hipster vibe to it.

The Good Food Hall has a few places to check out such as Cervantes Mexican Kitchen and The Healthy Junk.

Then there is Delifornia.

It’s one darn cute little sammich shop, right? I came here with Diane and she first ordered a hipster drink called Curiosity Cola.

She also ordered one of their popular sandwiches, Roasted Turkey. It had green apple, cranberries, warm brie, avocado, caramelized onions, roasted aioli for 9 bucks.

I ordered the Knuckle Sandwich which had roast beef, horseradish cream, onion and cheddar for 9 bucks also.

The Knuckle Sandwich was simple but I was actually not too fond of it mainly because of the horseradish spread. It was so strong in flavor that my nose felt all tingly. On top of that, the onions were raw and too crunchy for me. With two potent ingredients combined, I almost thought I wasn’t going to survive. Luckily, I had some coleslaw and a pickle on the side as a light pallet cleanser. I was only able to finish one half of the sandwich because I just couldn’t handle the spread and the onions any longer.

Diane was very much pleased with hers and I would have been too since there was avocado! Avocado makes everything better. It just solves all problems.

I wanted to bring some Delifornia home because I knew it was good except for what I ordered. So I got Roasted Turkey to share with my sister. Once I got home, I had a bite of it and fell in love. It was exactly how I imagined Delifornia to taste.

I would definitely want to come back here to have the full experience of sitting in that hipster hall while eating a good sandwich like the Roasted Turkey. Then walk around downtown and stop by a hipster coffee house called Ink & Bean. They have Stumptown Coffee and pastries from Blackmarket Bakery. Two well known coffee and pastry shops under one roof? I’m sure it’s a great place to check out as Yelp confirms it! If you’ve never been to Blackmarket Bakery, check out my post here when I went.

Diane, I’m glad we got to finally hang out after trying to plan for a month or two! Let’s step up our foodie game and go to LA next time!

Euro Caffe

I finally got the chance to hit up Euro Caffe in Santa Ana with Linda, Stacy, and Josephine. I’ve been meaning to check this place out for the longest time! I had high expectations about this place because of what people were saying about it and of course because of Yelp. It showed a solid 4 out of 5 stars with more than 250 reviews.

I ordered one of their popular drinks, Spaniard Latte. When I learned that there was a Spaniard Latte, I got really excited because I was reminded of Urth Caffe’s Spaniard Latte which is AWESOME. There’s a light roasty kick to the latte that I like.

The artwork of the Spaniard Latte at Euro Caffe was beautiful! They definitely gave me a lot for a small size. I was surprised that it was drizzled with honey, but I thought to myself ‘Hey that is somewhat different than your usual latte’. When I had a sip of it, there was that Spaniard kick, but the honey did not conclude the taste very well.

I was hoping that the honey would have a subtle taste and blend well with the latte itself. Unfortunately, the honey seemed too heavy and sweet that it overpowered the whole Spaniard Latte experience. I thought I was judging too soon about it, but I wasn’t. At one point, I had to scoop out the honey.

I do love honey though! It never does any wrong to me but somehow, honey and I just did not work out that day.

Aside from the latte, my friends and I ordered a brownie, chocolate chip cookie, and the Greek Goddess crepe. There wasn’t anything too special about the brownie or the chocolate chip cookie. So I would suggest you to not order either of those.

A beautiful dessert presentation can be so deceiving unfortunately. At least it looked good and tasted alright. I think the looks made up for the lack of flavor.

The Greek Goddess crepe was probably the best item that was on our table. It was filled with nutella, strawberries, bananas, and honey. You can’t go wrong with nutella ever!

Our gathering at Euro Caffe was a major overload on sweets that day. Even though the latte didn’t meet my expectations, I wouldn’t mind coming back and trying out their Nutella Latte since it’s another popular drink. I am a little hesitant to go back to Euro Caffe in general because of that Spaniard Latte. But! If I’m with a friend who decides that they want go to Euro Caffe, I would be a tad bit inclined to go and give them a second chance.

Thank you friends for checking out Euro Caffe with me! I’m thankful that we were able to walk off all those sweets by shopping around!

Cresnuts at DK’s Donuts

My friends and I did a quick donut run. Not just a donut run to a local donut shop but we drove about 20 minutes to Orange to meet up with DK. DK’s Donut that is.

Why drive that far for some donuts? Why, oh why? Well, we weren’t driving just for some ordinary glazed donuts. We were going for cronuts! I did some in depth research on Yelp for cronuts in Orange County. I almost lost hope in that Orange County didn’t have cronuts until I saw DK’s reviews. With more than 100+ reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, I knew this place was a winner.

L to R: J & J aka Jerry &  Josephine

L to R: J & J aka Jerry & Josephine

So Cindy, Jerry, Josephine, Phil, and I headed over to DK’s Donuts around 10PM.

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

We made it right on time before all the cronuts were gone! DK’s Donuts actually calls cronuts as cresnuts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get their sugary coated or nutella cresnuts which are two of their popular ones. Instead, we got a regular glazed cresnut, chocolate cresnut, and another chocolate one but stuffed with custard and strawberries.



We also got a red velvet donut and a blueberry one. Graciously, DK’s Donuts gave us some donut holes for free! The five of us demolished everything pretty quickly…

Beautiful disaster

Beautiful disaster

As you can see in the picture above, we all pretty much enjoyed eating every part of the cresnuts and the donuts. Everything was so good that Cindy decided to get some more. Maybe a little too much?

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Nah…You can’t ever get too many cresnuts…

If you ever plan to go to DK’s Donuts, make sure you bring cash! Each cresnut is about $3. DK’s Donuts treated us really well with their hospitable service and their beautiful cresnuts! Hope they treat you well as they did with us on our cronut adventure!

Thanks Jerry for driving us to DK’s Donuts! Glad guys were able to finally try some cresnuts aka cronuts! Let’s go back for their other popular ones that we missed out on!


When Hannah told me she was going to visit Orange County, I got super excited because I haven’t see her in so long! Also I was excited because she suggested that we hit up Lemonade, a cool-hip restaurant at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It’s a type of restaurant where you stand in line cafeteria style with a tray, pick out what you want, pay at the end of the line, they give you a number, and they deliver the food to you.

I heard mixed reviews about Lemonade but it wasn’t going to stop me from going! When we got there, the line was pretty long because it was lunch time but mainly due to lack of efficiency within its logistics. Lemonade has too many items on the menu that it slows down the line. I know it sounds ridiculous for a restaurant to have too many items but because there was no one cohesive theme within its food, it seemed like it made customers indecisive and slow to get the right order.

In the beginning of the line, you can order sides of various mixed vegetables pasta salads which they call “Marketplace”. Everything from the Marketplace looked fresh, very green, and healthy. If you don’t want anything from the Marketplace, you can order traditional sandwiches, Land + Sea which consisted of chicken or fish entrees, or get some of their homey food like Beef Stroganoff from the Braise section of the menu. They have gluten free desserts and various refreshing fruity drinks.

Hannah and I ended up getting the same order of a traditional sandwich. It had SW turkey club, blue cheese, avocado, chipotle chili-bacon mayo with a side salad.

We got our food before we were even seated. Like I mentioned before, the logistics at Lemonade was a little off. I mean, it’s good that we got the food pretty quickly but we should’ve gotten it once we were seated. So you can tell that the line to order was so slow and inefficient that we got our food before we were even ready to sit down!
Hannah at Lemonade!

So the food was ok. It wasn’t strikingly amazing or even close to it. The chipotle chili-bacon mayo spread was light in flavor and the SW turkey club was quite dry. Overall, the sandwich itself was pretty bland. The salad was too healthy that I felt like I was just eating grass. I’m not sure what dressing they used, but I think it was just a sprinkle of water. Ok, I don’t think it was water but it was close to it. I couldn’t really figure out the flavor of the dressing because it was so light making the salad itself bitter. Hannah and I had to eat it with the sandwich to make the salad taste less bitter.
Traditional Sandwich

We both agreed that we wouldn’t come back here. The concept at Lemonade is like Tender Greens where it’s about that green life but I think Tender Greens’ execution in their menu and logistics are more satisfying for me and Hannah.

Sorry, Lemonade. You were quite a disappointment.

Hannah, I’m sorry that we both didn’t enjoy Lemonade as much as we wanted to. When you’re back, we’ll hit up Tender Greens where we feel more at home. I’m glad we got to catch up on a lot but I feel like there’s still more to catch up on! Next time, it’ll be you, me, and Briana!