Ugly Sweater Party

Christian hosted an ugly sweater party that was in support of helping out the less fortunate for the Christmas season. Anyone attending the party was encouraged to bring an unwrapped gift to donate to a children’s hospital. Those who brought a gift was entered into a drawing to win a gift card! Christian is always holding some festive party in support of a good cause! I’m always encouraged by his efforts in that! Thanks Christian!

Kevin & Me

At the Ugly Sweater Party, I was able to catch up with some old friends who I had not seen for years! I have to say that a good amount of people were dressed up festively! By the way, there was an ugly sweater competition. Armando who dressed up as a Christmas tree won! Congratulations Armando!

Live Christmas Tree

L to R: Mark, Christian, Me

Me, Ugly Sweater Tree, & a real Christmas tree

If you’re curious about my outfit especially the ugly sweater part, let me tell you that it’s partially homemade! The collared shirt is from Old Navy and the sweater itself is from my sister’s closet. To be more specific, it’s from Anthropologie. The tree was made by me! Materials from Walmart. The tree was on a different sweater from last year, but it felt apart. So I got a Christmas yarn and looped it into the tree to make it into a necklace! Lastly, the vest is from Gap. Oh and the headband is from H&M. Next year I’m going to try to have a sweater that lights up! I need to step up my ugly sweater game!

Thanks again Christian for putting this altogether to help the children at the Saint Jude’s Research Hospital! God bless!

Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day started at work with co-workers who brought some cupcakes and plates of homemade cream puffs covered in pink chocolate! Yes, homemade cream puffs! I need to try and make them one day. Apparently it’s easy to make. Later in the afternoon, we had root beer floats! I’m actually not a fan of root beer floats in general. The concept of it just doesn’t make sense to me. It never did since 3rd grade. But. I decided to be part of the Valentine’s spirit by giving root beer float another chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the root beer part but the vanilla ice cream did no wrong! Presentation of the float was great especially with the mustache straw. We all had fun with the mustache!


Note to Readers: No, I did not have a valentine. So don’t expect to read anything about how cupid set me up with a valentine. And no, I’m not upset that I didn’t have a valentine. I’m really ok about it. OK?!? Just kidding about the anger part but I’m really not upset. 🙂

After work, I went to a Valentine’s gathering for all the single ladies! *Starts singing the Single Ladies song by Beyonce and does the dance* Oh, oh, oh…
Valentine's Day

In the Korean culture, Valentine’s Day is a little different compared to the American culture. The roles are reversed where the girls ask the guys to be their Valentine’s. Those who are single on Valentine’s Day end up wearing all black and eat black noodles (aka jja-jja-myung) to mourn their singleness. Sounds depressing, huh? I actually think it’s more fun than not to celebrate the Korean way.

Some of my friends decided to plan a single ladies night with a mix of Korean American culture where we dressed up in black but in white also. We didn’t have black noodles but had pizza, chips & salsa, and other goodies instead. Thanks to Anne we had Banberry Pie from Polly’s Pie! Banberry Pie is probably one of the best creations of pie in this world. Banberry Pie = Banana cream pie topped with strawberries.
Banberry Pie

We ate. Played the game naked. Oh, what? Naked? Let me clarify. We did not get nakey. That is just wrong. It has nothing to do with being/getting naked. It’s a game where there are two teams. Every player writes a word or phrase on a piece of paper. Round one try to guess the phrase by explaining it verbally. Second round you do charades. Third round, say one word to describe the phrase. Under time restriction, teams try to guess the correct word as fast and as much as they can. Whichever team guesses the correct word/phrase the most, then wins. It’s a fun yet intense game to play. I tend to get really loud when playing. That’s just how intense I play.

At the end of the night, we took a group picture with serious faces-
Valentine's Day - Serious Face

No more serious Asian faces.
Valentine's Day

Thanks to Esther, Elaine, and Michelle putting this all together! It was my first time celebrating Valentine’s Day Korean style. I had fun eating and laughing with everyone.

One last thing I’d like to share about this night is a quote from Jin, “Let’s hope that this gathering doesn’t exist next year.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I never got the chance to say this. But. Merry Christmas and happy new year, friends!

This is a picture of my little cousin from Korea. My mom bought a onesie for this cutie. My aunt thought that it was a casual outfit so she almost took him to the market in his onesie! Close call, close call.

I’m actually not sure if onesies exist in Korea or in Asia.


Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas in celebrating the birth of Jesus and a great start in the new year!

New years resolution anyone? I have some goals for the new year that I took note of mentally. I only took brief mental notes just because I usually don’t really believe in new years resolution. But. Somehow this year, I felt more compelled than ever before to have some goals set. They’re just not set in stone because I still have yet to figure out the logistics. When making goals, you have to have a plan! Perhaps I will share some of my new years resolutions in the near future when I have them figured out.

If you have some new years resolutions this year, I wish you the best of luck! Don’t forget to be strategic, realistic, and optimistic! Go you!

Post Christmas Party

A few friends from high school hosted a post Christmas party. We all had some good homemade food and definitely all of us had fun.

Three of the guys who were the main planners of the party, sang some traditional Christmas songs such as Feliz Navidad. Though Santa was out of season, it was still nice to hear some live holiday music in the house.

There was a game that the parents and their kids (not little kids but you know, kids our age in their 20’s) played at the party. The game host shared a fact to the parents about one of the kids. Then all the parents had to guess by pointing at which fact belonged to which kid. For example the host said, “Someone here is a fashion blogger. Guess who!” Then all the parents would point to whoever they thought was the fashion blogger. In this case, it was Jasmine Hwang! It was pretty entertaining to see the parents get involved in this game.

Afterwards, the parents left and we did a junk white elephant gift exchange. I’ve never done a junk gift exchange before so I was really excited about this. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find some junk from my house but luckily, I was able to thanks to my sister! My sister got some random gifts for her birthday awhile ago. They were definitely random. She got an anime poster and this glass fish that can be used as a decor/book end/paper weight/whatever. After she showed me those two things, I said to her, “I’m definitely taking those!”

There were some good junky gifts out there. One girl got a pair of size 11 men’s sneakers. One person got a cornbread mix. Another person got a ginormous remote control (no exaggeration).

When it was my good old friend Apoorva’s turn, she ended up picking up my gift. I should have warned her ahead of time to not take my gift but I completely forgot to tell her. As she was unwrapping my gift, everyone was getting all excited. Everyone said “Oohhhh…” as she was opening it. Then once everyone found out what she got, they all started laughing out loud. I felt bad that she picked up my gift but it was really funny. At some point, someone stole her gift luckily. Then. It was Derek’s turn which he ended up asking one of his friends to pick out a gift for him. Bad idea yet so clever. Guess what his friend decided to pick up for Derek? My junk gift! His friend steals the anime poster and the glass fish for him!

Derek definitely had a priceless expression. You could see that he was really happy about it. What I like about the picture is the person holding the poster in the background. Oh boy…was that really funny. I texted my sister the picture because of the gifts. She simply responded “lol”. This was definitely an “lol” moment.


When it was finally my turn, I knew what I was going to get. I stole a bag from Apoorva that had look books from Guess, the clothing company, and some nice padfolios that I was excited to use.

That night was a lot of fun just laughing and catching up with some old friends.

Before ending this post, here’s a collage of the night. I recently got into collaging. They’re surprisingly fun to put together! Enjoy!

Thank you friends for a good time!


Creative Christmas Cards

I had a bunch of left over decorations from my ugly sweater project. So with all that stuff, I thought it’d be great to use it to make homemade Christmas cards!

Craft Supplies

I had a bunch of stickers so it was easy for the most part to make the cards. I say “for the most part” because it takes me awhile to be creative. I made all the cards simple because I’m pretty simple like that.

Christmas Cards

The top left card was made out of ribbons that I bought for a buck or two on sale at Michael’s. I learned how to make the bow from YouTube! I just typed in how to make bows. Something like that.

Christmas Cards2

This one was made out of wrapping paper and tinsil. The tinsil was actually for wrapping purposes but I used it as decor. The wrapping paper was only of Christmas trees. So what I did was, cut out one tree. Cut the one tree into smaller and funky shapes. Then glued them on awkwardly by only connecting the trunk of the tree. Then wahl-lah. Your Anthropology Christmas card. Originally $35 dollars but made with $2-3 worth of decorations.

Christmas Cards 022

Here are more of the cards that I made:
Christmas Cards 025

If I can make these cards, so can you! I didn’t even use Pinterest for help!

Annual Family Tradition

A few days before Christmas, my siblings and I had our annual Christmas festivity. We eat good food, catch up, and do our Secret Santa gift exchange. But! One of the most fun part of the night is the gambling portion. What, you guys gamble during Christmas season? Um….yes. We do! But it’s so much fun!

The game is called LRC. Left, right, center. Each person who is playing the game needs to purchase three scratchers or bring three dollars. You sit in a circle and one person at random will start the game by rolling the three dice. Each side of the die has one of the letters L, R, or C and a dot. Whatever the dice rolls on then determines what you’re going to do with the scratchers/cash. The dot means that you can keep the scratcher for the time being. For example, one player rolled the dice and they all landed on C in the picture below.


This means that the player must drop off all their 3 scratchers into the center which is the jackpot. Afterwards, the next person rolls the dice. You keep on doing this until players lose their scratchers from rolling C’s.You can only roll x amount of dice depending on how many scratchers you have.

The last person standing with a scratcher wins the jackpot!


The lucky winner this year was Stuart! It was his second time winning. I think he cheated somehow. I just know it… He actually has a technique of how to roll three dots at once but it ain’t true. It just can’t be. But his technique did help him win. Hm…questionable though.


Again, congratulations to Stuart for winning the jackpot. He won several bucks! He basically got reimbursed!

Giving Back

I went to an elderly hospital with my church the other day where we sang traditional Christmas songs together and gave them gifts. I decided to go because I just wanted to give back since God has blessed me a lot in life. And. It’s Christmas season, how could I not give back?


Being in that room where we all worshipped together made me think a lot. It made me wonder how many stories of adventures and hardships they had. I’m so curious to learn about their stories. One day…I will hear their stories. But that morning wasn’t about me learning their stories. It was a time to share the good news about the birth of Jesus to them! I hope they were blessed as much as I was as we spent time together worshipping.