good times

Happy Birthday Dasom!

After a long research of trying to find a place to take Dasom for her birthday, I found Regatta Cafe in Newport Beach. I was focused on finding a place in Newport Beach because the city itself has a comforting feeling to it where there’s always something to do. I mean, come on. You’re by the beach! Beach = fun. We weren’t going to go tan or swim before or after dinner but there’s place to walk around by the beach.

So Regatta Cafe is a little hidden restaurant that has great food and entertainment. When we got there, the restaurant was pretty empty. I don’t think a lot of people know about this restaurant most likely because of it’s poor location. It’s one block away from Mama D’s which by the way is a great place to check out when you get the chance. The restaurant had a European theme to it as it is a Italian restaurant but the antique chairs brought out the theme even more of the European style.

Once we got seated, we were served complimentary bread and salad with a light rasberry dressing afterwards.
Dasoms and food.

For dinner, Dasom ordered angel hair pasta with olive oil and shrimp. Simple ingredients involved yet so flavorful.
Angel hair pasta with shrimp.

I got the Fettucine Michelangelo which is a popular one. The pasta wasn’t too creamy or heavy. It had just the right amount of sauce. The quality overall and the portion of the pasta was perfect and I wouldn’t mind getting it again.
Fettucine Michelangelo

As we were eating, there was a man who just started singing out of nowhere. There was background music as he was singing opera style. He definitely had a beautiful deep and bold voice. I wish he was singing throughout the whole night but he ended up singing a song or two. There was a grand piano in the restaurant but I think they play the piano when the restaurant is more packed. Hopefully the next time I go, they’ll play the piano.
Singing Man.

For dessert, we got a peach cobbler a la mode style. Since it was fresh from the oven, oh man. It was so good. I probably could have eaten the whole thing by myself but I didn’t. I had to share it with the birthday girl!
Peach Cobbler

I hope this restaurant gets popular sooner than later because it’s definitely a great place to check out if you want good quality Italian food and entertainment at the same time. The price is reasonable for the most part. A plate can range from $12-$16. It’s a tad bit pricey by a buck or two but I definitely recommend their food. I don’t think anything on their menu will disappoint you.

After dinner, we drove around Newport Beach and ended up parking near the pier. It was too cold to go outside so we talked in the car like we always do. Late night car talks are the best. We caught up with each other and laughed like always!

Dasom, I can’t wait to see what comes in this new year for you! I am so blessed and thankful to be friends with! Hope you had a fun and happy birthday!

Goodbye and Good Luck Mark!

Mark is leaving sunny southern California for a whole new scene. That is Minneapolis! Briana and I had to see him one last time before he permanently leaves. So we grabbed lunch at Greenhouse Cafe.
Greenhouse Cafe

The three of us all got a half and half lunch meal. Briana got half chicken salad sandwich. Half bowl of tomato soup. Mark got a classic BLT and tomato soup.
Briana & Mark

I got the tuna melt and of course like everyone else, the tomato soup. The three of us recommend that everyone tries the tomato soup. There’s some kind of magical ingredient that makes the soup taste so homey and addicting. I asked the owner of the shop how he made it and he wouldn’t share. That’s how good it is. Please try it when you go there!My half and half lunch.

I can tell that Greenhouse Cafe pours out a lot of love as they make the food. They really care about the quality and your experience. After our small yet filling meal, we got some dessert. The dessert is actually for breakfast but hey, it can go as dessert too. So we got a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whip cream, chocolate and syrup on the side.
Belgian Waffle

The Belgian Waffle became a beautiful mess.
Beautiful Mess.

Once we were completely done eating, Briana and I gave Mark a goodbye gift. We gave him pictures from the many times the four of us all hung out. The four of us includes me, Briana, Christian, and Mark.
Marks Going Away 006

Unfortunately, Christian was not able to say goodbye to Mark because he’s in Buffalo, New York. So we decided to Face Time him for a few minutes and make him jealous for missing out on the fun. Surely, he was jealous.
Face Time with Christian!

Greenhouse Cafe is quite a memorable place for the four of us. The first time we had a Secret Santa gift exchange took place at Greenhouse Cafe. Now, Greenhouse Cafe is also a memory of where we said goodbye to Mark!

Mark, we wish you the best in Minneapolis! We can’t wait to see what Target Corporate has in stored for you and we can’t wait to see you grow and be challenged there! We’re all proud of you for climbing up the ladder so quickly in short period of time! Good luck!

Post Christmas Party

A few friends from high school hosted a post Christmas party. We all had some good homemade food and definitely all of us had fun.

Three of the guys who were the main planners of the party, sang some traditional Christmas songs such as Feliz Navidad. Though Santa was out of season, it was still nice to hear some live holiday music in the house.

There was a game that the parents and their kids (not little kids but you know, kids our age in their 20’s) played at the party. The game host shared a fact to the parents about one of the kids. Then all the parents had to guess by pointing at which fact belonged to which kid. For example the host said, “Someone here is a fashion blogger. Guess who!” Then all the parents would point to whoever they thought was the fashion blogger. In this case, it was Jasmine Hwang! It was pretty entertaining to see the parents get involved in this game.

Afterwards, the parents left and we did a junk white elephant gift exchange. I’ve never done a junk gift exchange before so I was really excited about this. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find some junk from my house but luckily, I was able to thanks to my sister! My sister got some random gifts for her birthday awhile ago. They were definitely random. She got an anime poster and this glass fish that can be used as a decor/book end/paper weight/whatever. After she showed me those two things, I said to her, “I’m definitely taking those!”

There were some good junky gifts out there. One girl got a pair of size 11 men’s sneakers. One person got a cornbread mix. Another person got a ginormous remote control (no exaggeration).

When it was my good old friend Apoorva’s turn, she ended up picking up my gift. I should have warned her ahead of time to not take my gift but I completely forgot to tell her. As she was unwrapping my gift, everyone was getting all excited. Everyone said “Oohhhh…” as she was opening it. Then once everyone found out what she got, they all started laughing out loud. I felt bad that she picked up my gift but it was really funny. At some point, someone stole her gift luckily. Then. It was Derek’s turn which he ended up asking one of his friends to pick out a gift for him. Bad idea yet so clever. Guess what his friend decided to pick up for Derek? My junk gift! His friend steals the anime poster and the glass fish for him!

Derek definitely had a priceless expression. You could see that he was really happy about it. What I like about the picture is the person holding the poster in the background. Oh boy…was that really funny. I texted my sister the picture because of the gifts. She simply responded “lol”. This was definitely an “lol” moment.


When it was finally my turn, I knew what I was going to get. I stole a bag from Apoorva that had look books from Guess, the clothing company, and some nice padfolios that I was excited to use.

That night was a lot of fun just laughing and catching up with some old friends.

Before ending this post, here’s a collage of the night. I recently got into collaging. They’re surprisingly fun to put together! Enjoy!

Thank you friends for a good time!


The Fat Cow at The Grove

Christian recently got back from the east coast so it was time for me, Briana, Mark and Christian to reunite. Unfortunately, Briana wasn’t able to join us due to prior engagement. Whenever the four of us hang out though, we like to experience new places or go to our traditional spots.

Somehow for this recent hangout, we weren’t able to figure out where to go. Christian thought about Orange County but I felt that I’ve conquered OC to the point where I haven’t found anything newly exciting just yet. So I suggested LA since there’s always something to do there.

We decided to go to a traditional spot, The Grove. Before Christian moved to the east coast, The Grove was actually the last time we all hung out.

Something new we found at The Grove was Sprinkles! Right by the parking structure is a quick mini Sprinkles stop. You stand in line outside and order right at the window! It was pretty convenient to have it right there by the structure just so that everyone is bound to see the little cupcake shop.

FYI. Follow Sprinkles on Twitter! They have special secret word of the day on Twitter. If you say the word at Sprinkles, they’ll give you a free cupcake! There’s a catch to it, of course. It’s only if the first 25-50 people say it. Be on the look out!


It’s always a magical night at The Grove. They still had the holiday decorations up, Christmas music playing, and snow too! Ok, it was more like bubbles rather than snow. But still. It was fun walking around in holiday spirit even after Christmas.

After shopping around, we came to a conclusion at 9PM to eat at The Fat Cow which is owned by Chef Gordon Ramsay. We sat out in the cold just so we could have a nice view of the fountain and look cool. Just kidding about looking cool. But we did sit outside in the cold. Luckily, I was sitting by the heated lamp.

The food was a-ok. It’s not a place where I have to go back to. I’m a simple person so I just ordered a Fat Cow Cheeseburger. Nothing special about it. A little dry but it’s because I got it well done. Food was overly priced for its quality. We each probably spent about $17-$25 on our meal. I wouldn’t suggest anyone going there unless you have the time and money. It’s just overly priced because you’re at The Grove and the restaurant is owned by a famous chef.


We probably should have Yelped before going there but we wanted to try a new spot. According to Yelp, The Fat Cow got 3 out of 5 stars with 194 reviews. I’m not surprised with its 3 stars. The restaurant actually reminds me of Umami Burger with its stamp on the buns and its overly priced burgers.

After trying a new burger place like The Fat Cow, I always come to a conclusion that nothing ever, EVER, beats In-N-Out.

I’m glad the three of us were able to hang out! It was good catching up with you both! Briana, wish you were there but it’s ok, you saved $20 for food.

Class 302

My friend Phil had an odd craving for shaved ice on a cold day in December! I was pretty hesitant about eating shaved ice at 9PM on a weekday, but I told myself YOLO. Yes, I said YOLO. Phil said YOLO. We all said YOLO.

We went to Class 302 for their well known shaved ice. I’ve been to Class 302 a few times but I’ve only tried their porridge which I suggest you never getting. I’ve also tried their oreo mocha iced drink. Something like that. It was definitely better than the porridge.

So we picked a simple shaved ice which had strawberries and mangos. It was pretty good.

The shaved ice was definitely huge! It’s probably good enough for 4 people. Somehow, we were able to kill it just the two of us. Don’t ask me how we were able to do that.


The shaved ice was a little better than expected. I understand why people rage about the shaved ice, but I’m pretty indifferent about it for the most part. I guess it’s because I’m not a huge shaved ice fan. I have to say that it was better than Guppy’s shaved ice. The condense milk at Class 302 was not as too strong or too sweet as Guppy.

Thanks Phil for craving shaved ice since I was able to try something new! Remember #yolo.