Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day started at work with co-workers who brought some cupcakes and plates of homemade cream puffs covered in pink chocolate! Yes, homemade cream puffs! I need to try and make them one day. Apparently it’s easy to make. Later in the afternoon, we had root beer floats! I’m actually not a fan of root beer floats in general. The concept of it just doesn’t make sense to me. It never did since 3rd grade. But. I decided to be part of the Valentine’s spirit by giving root beer float another chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the root beer part but the vanilla ice cream did no wrong! Presentation of the float was great especially with the mustache straw. We all had fun with the mustache!


Note to Readers: No, I did not have a valentine. So don’t expect to read anything about how cupid set me up with a valentine. And no, I’m not upset that I didn’t have a valentine. I’m really ok about it. OK?!? Just kidding about the anger part but I’m really not upset. 🙂

After work, I went to a Valentine’s gathering for all the single ladies! *Starts singing the Single Ladies song by Beyonce and does the dance* Oh, oh, oh…
Valentine's Day

In the Korean culture, Valentine’s Day is a little different compared to the American culture. The roles are reversed where the girls ask the guys to be their Valentine’s. Those who are single on Valentine’s Day end up wearing all black and eat black noodles (aka jja-jja-myung) to mourn their singleness. Sounds depressing, huh? I actually think it’s more fun than not to celebrate the Korean way.

Some of my friends decided to plan a single ladies night with a mix of Korean American culture where we dressed up in black but in white also. We didn’t have black noodles but had pizza, chips & salsa, and other goodies instead. Thanks to Anne we had Banberry Pie from Polly’s Pie! Banberry Pie is probably one of the best creations of pie in this world. Banberry Pie = Banana cream pie topped with strawberries.
Banberry Pie

We ate. Played the game naked. Oh, what? Naked? Let me clarify. We did not get nakey. That is just wrong. It has nothing to do with being/getting naked. It’s a game where there are two teams. Every player writes a word or phrase on a piece of paper. Round one try to guess the phrase by explaining it verbally. Second round you do charades. Third round, say one word to describe the phrase. Under time restriction, teams try to guess the correct word as fast and as much as they can. Whichever team guesses the correct word/phrase the most, then wins. It’s a fun yet intense game to play. I tend to get really loud when playing. That’s just how intense I play.

At the end of the night, we took a group picture with serious faces-
Valentine's Day - Serious Face

No more serious Asian faces.
Valentine's Day

Thanks to Esther, Elaine, and Michelle putting this all together! It was my first time celebrating Valentine’s Day Korean style. I had fun eating and laughing with everyone.

One last thing I’d like to share about this night is a quote from Jin, “Let’s hope that this gathering doesn’t exist next year.”

Chelsea’s Bridal Shower

I attended my first bridal shower for my best friend who is getting married in June! I have to give credit to Lexi (Maid of Honor) and all the other bridesmaids for putting so much love into this bridal shower. This bridal shower was elegant, fun, and filled with many blessings.

Invited guests were given recipe cards to write down their favorite recipe to give to Chelsea. A box was handmade to put in all the recipes. Great idea from Heidi!

Lexi prepared all of the yummy finger food! Everything looked and tasted great!

I also made something small for the bridal shower. I made wedding marshmallow pops! They were fun and easy to make! The marshmallows were dipped in melted chocolate, smoothed out, and decorated with sprinkles. No oven was used!

Chelsea gave a sweet little speech of gratitude for all the women who made an impact in her life at her bridal shower. That definitely made me tear up! After sharing her thanks, it was time to play! Everyone was paired up to make the most beautiful wedding dress out of toilet paper!

Afterwards, Chelsea opened up many of her gifts and did not use a pair of scissors at all! Congratulations to Chelsea for not using your bare hands!

Below is a picture of the bridal shower: me, Shannon, Chelsea Hybskmann aka Bride aka future Chelsea Abraham, Heidi, Lexi, and Sarah. We’re only missing Jenna!

Chelsea, I can’t wait for the big day! I am so excited for you and Eric!