Model: Elaine Kim

Dear SoCal Weather,

You’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. You’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down.

Please make up your mind on how you want to treat us! Just kidding. I’m glad it rained that one weekend since we, Californians, are in a drought! Also, it was nice to see and feel a different kind of weather for once.

Though it was rainy, I wanted to take the opportunity to do a photo shoot. So I took some pictures of my friend, Elaine, who is one fashionista. I loved her oversized Anthropologie jacket and her leather Dooney & Bourke clutch from a garage sale!

Thank you SoCal Weather for not being sunny for once. The gloomy weather made the lighting perfect for this photo shoot.

Your one and only California girl,

P.S. I heard it’s going to rain this week. Is that true?

Fun Friday!

I just found this video through Facebook and it just made my heart melt. A fifteen month old baby finds joy in the most simple thing that we overlook in life.

Hope this video made you smile! Happy Friday, my friends!

Surprise Briana!

Briana, Christian, Mark and I were in a group text to plan a hangout since we were all in town for the holidays. Christian and Briana were able to meet up, but Mark never really responded if he was free. As we were all texting, I started another group text with just Mark and Christian saying that we should surprise Briana for her belated 25th birthday. Mark and Christian were down to surprise her! So last minute Christian bailed on the hang out and Mark continued to remain silent in the group text with Briana.

Christian and I trolling Briana.

Christian and I trolling Briana.

Planning this mini surprise gathering was challenging but exciting. I like to say it was pretty successful though since Briana was a little upset that Mark didn’t respond at all and that Christian bailed. So it worked out that she was expecting to not see them!

We surprised her in downtown Fullerton where we grabbed brunch at Rialto Cafe. The wait was about 30-40 minutes long. We decided to take some hipster pictures while we were waiting since Briana was dressed up all cute and there were a lot of good spots to take pictures. Here are some pictures from our quick photo shoot by the restaurant:

Briana was a natural! I didn’t have to direct her that much!

Once we got seated, Briana suggested what was popular at Rialto Cafe according to Yelp-Rialto Cafe. As she was doing her research on Yelp, I remembered that whenever the four of us came together to hang out, we usually had a set role. Back in the day, Mark was always the driver, Christian was the DJ playing music in the car, Briana would be the one to look through Yelp to find out what to eat at the restaurant, and I would be the one to plan where to meet. It was funny how Briana was on top of her duty of Yelping even though it’s been awhile since the last time the four of us hung out.

For brunch I got one of the popular items which was the smoke salmon with scramble, hash brown, and wheat toast on the side.  I’m not sure why people like this a lot but maybe it’s because of the salmon. It was a little too simple for me but maybe that’s another reason why it was a popular item.
Smoked Salmon Scramble

Another popular item on the menu was the stuffed French toast which Briana got. I would’ve picked this over the smoke salmon because it was sweet! Downside was that there was no meat. I kind of need my meat for my meals.
Stuffed French Toast

It was so nice to catch up with Mark, Christian, and Briana. Our group dynamic hasn’t changed since we’ve all been separated. Hanging out with them brought a lot of memories back. As we were eating, we were talking about cool apps for our iPhones.

Tutorial on Cart Wheel from Mark

By the way, we are kind of a tech savvy group of friends. More so with Christian and Mark. They’re always on top of that and so Briana and I are always in the know thanks to them. Some things we learned from them at brunch was about the Cart Wheel app from Target. It helps you save money for various products at Target by using the app.
Target's Cart Wheel App

Another handy dandy app is Tab where it helps you split the bill from the restaurant if you’re with multiple people. You basically take a picture of the bill and the app will then divi it up. You can even add names to each item on the bill!
Tab App

Thanks to Christian for introducing Tab to us, we were able to easily split up the bill! After Rialto Cafe, Mark had to head out.
Group picture at Rialto Cafe

Briana, Christian, and I went over to Green Bliss literally across the street. It’s a hip vegetarian cafe that serves sandwiches, coffee, and tea. Because it was a warm day, Briana and I both got an iced vanilla latte. The expresso was so strong that we wanted a refund. You could barely taste the sweetness of it. Luckily, the customer service was above and beyond that they were willing to give us a refund. They were willing to make adjustments for us, but we just wanted our money back and get Milk and Honey instead.
Green Bliss

I want to give Green Bliss a second chance next time since the customer service was superb, the ambiance and decor there was quite eccentric in a good way, and it had good reviews on Yelp-Green Bliss! I’ll come back for you Green Bliss! Don’t worry!

After Green Bliss, we headed over to Costa Mesa. We shopped a little at South Coast Plaza and then grabbed a drink at Milk and Honey where we felt at home! Briana and I got our usual Peach Aloe Tea which you can’t go wrong with at all and Christian got shaved ice.
Milk & Honey

We talked and laughed a lot that day. Oh man, it was honestly a fun day hanging out with them. It made me miss our college days when we were young and had so much freedom to play and go on so many adventures! It was nice to know that we were able to just pick up where we left off.
Last Group Picture of 2013
Thanks Christian and Mark for being good actors to surprise Briana! Briana, hope you had as much fun as I did hanging out with them! Happy belated 25th birthday!

Goodbye and Good Luck Mark!

Mark is leaving sunny southern California for a whole new scene. That is Minneapolis! Briana and I had to see him one last time before he permanently leaves. So we grabbed lunch at Greenhouse Cafe.
Greenhouse Cafe

The three of us all got a half and half lunch meal. Briana got half chicken salad sandwich. Half bowl of tomato soup. Mark got a classic BLT and tomato soup.
Briana & Mark

I got the tuna melt and of course like everyone else, the tomato soup. The three of us recommend that everyone tries the tomato soup. There’s some kind of magical ingredient that makes the soup taste so homey and addicting. I asked the owner of the shop how he made it and he wouldn’t share. That’s how good it is. Please try it when you go there!My half and half lunch.

I can tell that Greenhouse Cafe pours out a lot of love as they make the food. They really care about the quality and your experience. After our small yet filling meal, we got some dessert. The dessert is actually for breakfast but hey, it can go as dessert too. So we got a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whip cream, chocolate and syrup on the side.
Belgian Waffle

The Belgian Waffle became a beautiful mess.
Beautiful Mess.

Once we were completely done eating, Briana and I gave Mark a goodbye gift. We gave him pictures from the many times the four of us all hung out. The four of us includes me, Briana, Christian, and Mark.
Marks Going Away 006

Unfortunately, Christian was not able to say goodbye to Mark because he’s in Buffalo, New York. So we decided to Face Time him for a few minutes and make him jealous for missing out on the fun. Surely, he was jealous.
Face Time with Christian!

Greenhouse Cafe is quite a memorable place for the four of us. The first time we had a Secret Santa gift exchange took place at Greenhouse Cafe. Now, Greenhouse Cafe is also a memory of where we said goodbye to Mark!

Mark, we wish you the best in Minneapolis! We can’t wait to see what Target Corporate has in stored for you and we can’t wait to see you grow and be challenged there! We’re all proud of you for climbing up the ladder so quickly in short period of time! Good luck!

OC Music Awards

The last time I went to OC Music Awards was probably a few years back when I was in college. Bands were performing at The Camp or The Lab. One of the two hipster places. It was crowded with a bunch of well dressed hipsters there. It was fun hanging out with some friends while listening to some good indie music for free!

OCMA (Orange County Music Awards) is basically an organization that holds a competition to find the best indie band in Orange County. The winner gets to perform at People’s Choice Awards and get a lot of promotion for their band. Anyone can vote online for which ever band they would like to win. To find out which and where the bands perform, you just need to go to OCMusicAwards.com. Every Tuesday night, the location changes where the bands are performing.

So on Tuesday night, OCMA was at The District in Tustin. My friend, Esther, and I saw about 3 or 4 bands perform several songs. Even though I didn’t know any of the bands, they were all talented and entertaining to watch. The first singer to perform was Annie McQueen who had a quite interesting headband/hat/head top thing on.
OC Music Awards 001

My favorite singer of that night was probably Becky Holt who looked like Ren Steven from Even Steven but almost looked like Zooey Deschanel because of the way she dressed and her bangs. Her style is a mixture of Ingrid Michaelson and Feist. Here’s a cute song of hers:

OC Music Awards 012

Towards the end of the night, the crowd grew as Alice Wallace performed with her band.
OC Music Awards 020

If you’re interested in watching some indie bands perform, check out OCMusicAwards.com. The next show is in Fullerton at the Slidebar. It’ll be outside of course, so dress warm. Beware, it may be crowded there!

Monsters Calling Home Live!

I finally got the chance to see Monsters Calling Home perform live in Fullerton, California! Yay, I can check that off my list! Feats In Inches performed first as an opening act. They started the show on a good note making the audience pumped up for the whole night.

MCH only sang their popular songs which include all of their music. As you can see, I’m kind of a big fan of their music. Everyone in the band is so musically talented that you can really see it from their performance. I thoroughly enjoyed every song that they performed. If only they performed for 3+ hours that night, I would then have enjoyed it even more. Ok, 3+ hours is asking for a lot. That just shows you how much I loved their show that night.

If you didn’t get the chance to see them perform in Orange County, it’s ok. There’s still hope! They’re performing at a pretty well-known venue in Los Angeles called Troubadour on December 4th. Definitely check them out there for $15. I believe they’ll be playing new music too that night. I can’t wait to hear their new music!

Ok, if you didn’t go to their show in OC and you can’t go to their show in LA, I will be nice and forgive you just this once. But in the meantime, watch this live acoustic performance: