Bakers Donuts

Briana and I were pretty confident that we were done eating for the day. We were stuffed from Bon Mua Vietnamese Restaurant and Vampire Penguin, but it didn’t end just there.

Thanks to Justin there was round two for desserts! He pre-ordered cronuts from Bakers Donuts. Yes, he pre-ordered them a day in advance! They tend to run out so if you want a dozen, make sure to give them a call ahead of time.

I don’t think any of these will disappoint you. I would say come here every day to try something new!

I’ve never seen cronuts so beautiful like these and I’ve never seen so many in a box! If you forgot already, this is how they look like:

My friends, if you’re in the Sacramento area, please treat yourself to one of these cronuts at Bakers Donuts. They have 4.5 stars with 264 reviews on Yelp so how could you say no to them?

I regret not buying a dozen to take home. I should’ve known better. SoCal definitely needs to step up their dessert game! This time in the world of cronuts!

Briana, I’m glad that you were able to try cronuts for the first time from a popular donut shop! Huge thanks to Justin for treating us out to these mouth watering cronuts.

I miss you, Bakers Donuts.



Saturday, It’s A Date!

Going on a date this Saturday but you have no idea what to do? Ok, maybe there’s no date but do you have any plans in general for this weekend? If not, then I can help you plan a few ideas of what you can do with your special someone, friends, or family! No need to pay me for this free event planning.

This Saturday, January 25th, more than 10 museums in LA will be offering free admissions! Check out the link here to see the list of museums that are free. I would suggest going to Los Angeles County Museum of Art since it’s a popular one and there’s a lot of exhibitions to check out. Click here to see what’s featured currently.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

After walking around the museum pensively for hours, I’m sure you’ll be hungry. So where should you go for food? Only 3 miles away from LACMA is Larchmont Bungalow. It’s a quaint little cafe known for their brunch menu. They have some unique items on the menu like their popular red velvet pancake or their lobster crab benedict. Yelp gives this place a 4 out of 5 stars with more than 1300 reviews! Even if it’s way past brunch time, I would still check it out. You just can’t say no to this place especially with those good ratings.

Red and Blue Velvet Pancake

Red and Blue Velvet Pancake

Maybe you can eat first and then head to the museum. Wherever you go first, please end it with dessert.

Because I have a sweet tooth, I would still get some kind of dessert even after the red velvet pancakes. Close to LACMA is Milk Jar Cookies. (Check out their website because it is darn cute! Too darn cute to believe that this shop exists!) You can tell that these cookies are made with lots of love. They are definitely pricey compared to your ordinary cookies but worth it because these cookies are the chewy ones that melt in your mouth. Yelp suggests that you try everything! Their popular ones are the chocolate chip cookies and the banana split.

Banana Split Cookie

Banana Split Cookie

At this point after dessert, you should be tired and head back home. Or! You can be spontaneous and do whatever your heart desires in LA. (YOLO!)

You’re welcome for planning this date out! Just kidding! Unfortunately, I won’t be going to the museum or eating at cute places this weekend. I’m going to stay home because I’ve been sick for awhile. I need some good rest! If you end up using this plan or hitting up any of the places mentioned above, I’d love to hear how it all works out! Tweet or Instagram me with the hashtag #TinaTalksToday.

Once I’m feeling better, I’m definitely going to use this plan with my friends!

Cresnuts at DK’s Donuts

My friends and I did a quick donut run. Not just a donut run to a local donut shop but we drove about 20 minutes to Orange to meet up with DK. DK’s Donut that is.

Why drive that far for some donuts? Why, oh why? Well, we weren’t driving just for some ordinary glazed donuts. We were going for cronuts! I did some in depth research on Yelp for cronuts in Orange County. I almost lost hope in that Orange County didn’t have cronuts until I saw DK’s reviews. With more than 100+ reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, I knew this place was a winner.

L to R: J & J aka Jerry &  Josephine

L to R: J & J aka Jerry & Josephine

So Cindy, Jerry, Josephine, Phil, and I headed over to DK’s Donuts around 10PM.

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

We made it right on time before all the cronuts were gone! DK’s Donuts actually calls cronuts as cresnuts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get their sugary coated or nutella cresnuts which are two of their popular ones. Instead, we got a regular glazed cresnut, chocolate cresnut, and another chocolate one but stuffed with custard and strawberries.



We also got a red velvet donut and a blueberry one. Graciously, DK’s Donuts gave us some donut holes for free! The five of us demolished everything pretty quickly…

Beautiful disaster

Beautiful disaster

As you can see in the picture above, we all pretty much enjoyed eating every part of the cresnuts and the donuts. Everything was so good that Cindy decided to get some more. Maybe a little too much?

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Nah…You can’t ever get too many cresnuts…

If you ever plan to go to DK’s Donuts, make sure you bring cash! Each cresnut is about $3. DK’s Donuts treated us really well with their hospitable service and their beautiful cresnuts! Hope they treat you well as they did with us on our cronut adventure!

Thanks Jerry for driving us to DK’s Donuts! Glad guys were able to finally try some cresnuts aka cronuts! Let’s go back for their other popular ones that we missed out on!

Blackmarket Bakery

When I got back from Boston, I had to meet up with Briana to celebrate her acceptance to pharmacy school! Yay, Briana! Praise the Lord!

We celebrated at Blacketmarket Bakery located in the hipster area of Costa Mesa, The Camp. There we tried out some fancy sweets. We shared two of their popular desserts,the Black Widow Tart and  the Basque Berry.
Black Market Sweets

Black Widow Tart. Dark Chocolate Ganache over caramel in a chocolate tart shell. If you like heavy chocolate, then this is the way to go.
Black Widow Tart

Basque Berry. Raspberries and lemon curd under a rich batter, topped with sliced almonds. This has a light tangy flavor to it.
Basque Berry

According to Briana, it’s weird to switch from the Basque Berry to the Black Widow Tart. I actually tried the Black Widow Tart first and then went over to the Basque Berry. I’d have to say it’s better to switch from sweet to tangy.

For two of these tarts, they were a little less than $10. Would I come back here again? Eh, probably not. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it again. It’s an a-ok bakery just because of what we tried didn’t stand out too much. They were just simply ok good.

While we were eating some sweets, I gave her some sweets from Boston! There’s actually not a lot of souvenirs to buy in Boston. So I ended up just getting her a baby penguin chocolate from a fancy popular chocolate shop called La Burdick.
Bri & Baby Penguin

Congratulations on pharmacy school, Briana! So proud of you!

Went Here & There in Massachusetts

On my third day in Boston, we checked out Harvard Medical School. So Harvard University is in Cambridge, but the medical school is in Boston. The medical school is as intimidating as the campus in Cambridge because of its over sized columns and its architecture as a whole.
Boston Day 3 001

The research lab there is kind of like any other research lab. Flasks, white coats, machines, etc.
Harvard Med School Research Lab

The hot and humid weather lead us to get a cold smoothies. So Anna and I went over to Emack & Bolio’s. It’s a popular ice cream/smoothies place. My smoothie was slightly carbonated which actually tasted really good and refreshing. It was as if I was drinking a fruity soda smoothie.
Smoothie Time

We hung out at the Faneuil Hall Market Place. There was a building called Quincy Market. It’s a building with endless food stands lined up. You just walk down this hall and you see food to your left, right, front, and back. Food is just everywhere. Outside of Quincy Market are your usual clothing stores like Gap and American Eagle.
Faneuil Hall Market Place

We walked over to Little Italy after Quincy Market. Little Italy is indeed little Italy. The buildings and the ambiance of the area says Italy all over it. When we got to Little Italy, we immediately went over to Neptune, a seafood restaurant. It’s a very well known restaurant. So well-known that the wait was 2 hours for us and they stopped taking names down after 7PM.

Instead of waiting at the restaurant for our name to be called, we went to Caffee Paradiso for another cup of cold drinks. I got an iced mocha and sat still because it was so darn hot! It was nice to just sit and relax for awhile because we walked so much. We walked so much that Anna got a blister!
Caffee Paradiso

After we finished our drinks, we headed back to Neptunes and ended up getting seated pretty quickly. We ordered about 6 oysters, salad, and a lobster roll sandwich with fries.

Oysters. I’m actually not a fan of seafood but I had to try some oysters since Boston is known for seafood. So the oysters were surprisingly really refreshing and good! There was some horse raddish sauce and it gave the oyster a kick in flavor.

Salad. Now, the form we got our Caesar Salad was rather unique. It was like any other salad but I liked how they just threw the lettuce head right there on the plate. I’m sure it was really easy for them to put that salad together! What a efficient way to make salad for a busy place like Neptunes.
Caesar Salad

Lobster roll. Oh man…this was to die for. It was the sauce, the lobster, the bread, and everything and anything else that was in that sandwich that made it perfectly perfect. I think it was the buttery sauce and the thick juicy pieces of lobster slabbed into the sandwich that just made me want more! If you’r ever in Boston, YOU MUST try the Lobster Roll. You will not regret it.
Lobster Roll

I was so full from the sandwich we shared but because it was so good, I felt like I could eat more. That’s how good it was.  We spent about $60+ at Neptunes though we shared everything. But because it’s a popular restaurant with great customer service and high quality food, it was worth spending that much.

For dessert, we walked a block down to Mike’s Pastry. The place where people walk out with a blue and white box. It’s another popular place to check out that is known for cannolis.  They had all sorts of flavors for their filling like oreos, coffee, chocolate, etc. I got four hoping that Anna and I could share, but she said it’s too sweet for her. So I just had one and saved the rest to take home back in California.
Mike's Pastry

Like I mentioned before, the culture of parks is different in Boston compared to here in Orange County. As I was eating my cannoli, we sat at a park and just watched people hang out there. Saw little kids play in the fountain. It was a peaceful way to end our night!
Park at night.

Lolita’s & Extraordinary Desserts

Our original plan was actually to go to Phil’s BBQ in San Diego. We first went there but found out the wait to order was about 2 hours. We literally stood in line to think of Plan A and B. After 5 minutes of standing in line and trying to consider many other options, we rushed off to Lolita’s Taco Shop.
Long wait at Phil's BBQ

Luckily, Lolita didn’t have a long line that went out the door when we got there. We got there right before the rush happened.
Lolita's Taco Shop

My friends and I ordered all sorts off the menu. Majority of us got some kind of burrito whether it was the usual carne asada or California burrito.
Carne Asada Burrito

My carne asada burrito was as good as Albertross or any other Mexican taco shop. But, it was a tad bit on the dryer end. The salsa did help to bring more flavors out of the burrito.

We all agreed that it was not a good idea to eat burrito and some Carne Asada fries. It was just too much for us to take in.
Carne Asada Fries

But of course, we had room for dessert. San Diego is known for Extraordinary Desserts. So we went straight to Extraordinary Desserts after Lolita’s. All the desserts there were intensely rich in flavor. Too rich that I felt like I was going to get a cavity.

But the sweetness of all the desserts made it so good. All of their desserts are really extraordinary. None of their desserts can really go wrong unless you just don’t like fruity or tarty flavors.
More sweetness

Next time I go to San Diego, I hope to try a new dessert joint. Going to Extraordinary Desserts a few times is more than enough.

Thank you friends for a long night of eating and good time of fellowship! Thanks to those who drove to San Diego for the adventure! Here’s a YouTube video that I put together just for fun with a new app I just discovered called Qwiki:

LA Part Two: Pi Day

After the concert Aaron, Derek and I were hungry. Since we were in LA we had to eat at some good place! Guess where we decided to eat? El Chato! El Chato is a food truck but not your typical food truck. It’s a trailer hooked to a truck parked in a random corner of an intersection in a cramped parking lot. Ghetto fabulous.
El Chato Truck

They’re at that spot only on certain days and certain times. Basically Tuesday through Saturday from 9PM until later in the night. So we got there around 10 and had a very, very late dinner. I got a burrito with two different kinds of meat, pollo and chorizo. There was something about the burrito that was different from all the other burritos I’ve ever tried in my life. Whatever sauce they used made the burrito juicy and flavorful. There was an even amount of rice, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Because of the even spread and the sauce, it made my El Chato experience enjoyable.
El Chato

Since El Chato has no seating whatsoever, we just stood and ate by Aaron’s car. We used his trunk as our table. The food definitely filled us up! I’m surprised that Aaron was able to eat the burrito and the quesadilla! The quesadilla was probably good for two. But he killed the burrito and quesadilla. Props to him. What a trooper!
Time to eat!

I only ate three fourths of my burrito and just could not finish it. But really, I had to save room for dessert though it was way past ten at night. So I couldn’t “finish” the burrito but thankfully the guys were able to help me out. They finished it for me. Thanks friends!

Aaron and Derek were pretty resistant about getting dessert since they were full to the max from El Chato, but I kept insisting we go get some kind of dessert. Especially since it was Pi Day! Come on, you can’t not celebrate Pi Day, right? Right. After some minor argument, Derek ended up Yelping a place and found Susina Bakery.

It’s a cute fancy bakery. Kind of like Champagne Bakery but way better. We all shared a mini yet large banana cream pie in honor of Pi Day. It was a decent size pie to share between 3 to 4 people.
Banana Cream Pie

We also got a huge slice of Berry Blossom. It’s a vanilla cake with berries in the middle. Everything was good! I have a sweet tooth so I probably enjoyed it the most out of the three of us. Aaron and Derek were kind of dying and blamed that the dessert for the pain they were going through. I blamed the El Chato.

Even though we were disgustingly full, we were able to clean up the dessert really well. Good teamwork! The dessert was totally worth it though it was a little pricey. Susina Bakery is a great place to check out if you’re in the LA area. There’s a wide range of desserts to select from, great service, and comfortable ambiance.
No more dessert.

By the time we were done eating, Susina was closing up. So we left after a pleasant time of celebrating Pi Day and headed back home sweet home. Thank you Aaron and Derek for joining me in this LA excursion and for the late dinner and super late dessert! I owe you both! Hope you three had fun as much as I did!