Birthday Extravaganza – Part 2

My coworkers threw me a fiesta! Huge thanks to my department for making this all colorful and having endless amounts of sweets on desk from Snickers bars to donuts to Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Oh and yes, that is a piñata hanging from the ceiling!

One of my coworkers highly encouraged me to take one of those hipster, Pinterest-y pictures with my birthday cake and balloons. It was one hilarious photoshoot taken at work that I could not contain myself. I’m surprised that I didn’t drop the cake!

By the way, the piñata is stuffed with candy! Thanks Eric!

Thanks friends for wearing the party hats and taking a picture with me! Again, many thanks to my department for making my birthday special!

Off to Sacramento!

Going to Sacramento was pretty much a YOLO trip. My friend, Alex, spontaneously invited me to tag along on this mini road trip. I had nothing planned but to play, be productive (I actually had plans to get work done at a coffee shop), and spend the night at Briana’s place! We left SoCal at 6:20am for the road trip up north.

I slept in the car for a good few hours with my head bobbing back and forth, side to side. I’m sure I wasn’t pretty when I was sleeping. We only made one stop at  Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California which was the midpoint between LA and Sacramento. Have you heard of Harris Ranch before? This was my first time ever hearing about it so I was pretty excited to explore.

According to Wikipedia, Harris Ranch is the largest beef producer and the largest ranch in the West Coast! I don’t doubt Wikipedia because when we got to Harris Ranch, we knew it was cow town by the smell and look of the area. It’s a different culture and environment there in a good way!

Not only do they produce beef and have a ranch, they also have an inn, bakery and deli store, and a fancy shmancy restaurant.

We made a stop here to stretch, use the restroom, but mainly to pick up some darn good cookies! Make sure to get their Pecan Drops and their classic Chocolate Chip cookies. I will never forget those cookies because they were so good! Even though they only have 22 reviews on Yelp, this place has 4 stars.

Harris Ranch has a country and homie feel with the homemade goods and decor!

This couch wasn’t part of the decoration. It was actually functional for seating.

After a short exploration at Harris Ranch, we were back on the road!

I must mention that as we were driving by a field of cows, Alex had to roll down his window to say hi to them. It was the worst idea ever because the smell of manure rushed into the car! The car did not smell clean for quite some time. Never again, Alex. Never again!


Happy Halloween!

Every year at work, there’s a Halloween competition on who has the best door decoration. Each department is responsible to decorate their manager’s door however they want. This year, my department decided to do a Star Wars theme.

On the day of Halloween, employees are allowed to bring their kids to trick-or-treat. Rather than doing the usual of giving out just candies, we wanted to give them also light sabers just like the ones from Star Wars. We weren’t going to go to Disneyland to purchase them, but make them!

Thanks to Pinterest, Google and creative bloggers, we were able to make light sabers right at home. All we needed to make light sabers were: pool noodles, gray and black duct tape, serrated knife, and scissors. It’s easy and fun to make these light sabers. Surprisingly, it takes a bit of time to make them because it was challenging at times to work with the duct tape. Those duct tapes were strong.

Here’s a close up of the handles I created:


My favorite light saber is the third to last one. I think the buttons look cool even if that’s not how the real Star Wars light saber is like.


With black butcher paper, painted styrofoam planets, and some glow in the dark stars, we created a galaxy like that of Star Wars. On the ledge were little Star Wars figurines from a board game.


Kat, my co-worker (I did the mud-run with her), dressed up as Princess Leia! She won 2nd place for her costume! Congratulations Kat!

We had some Star Wars toys that we laid out on top of some filing cabinets for decoration. My favorite part about the decor in the image below is the Death Star pumpkin! Kat aka Princess Leia made this all on her own. She used glow in the dark paint and puffy paint to make the Death Star pumpkin. Too bad we weren’t able to see if it really glowed in the dark because we were at work. But hey, as long as it looked good it what mattered the most. Good job, Kat!


As a whole department, we wore a t-shirt that said in Star Wars font: The Doc Side. I’m not sure who came up with the name, but it was pretty clever since our department works with a lot of records and documents. Kat, my co-worker (I did the mud-run with her), dressed up as Princess Leia! She won 2nd place for her costume! Congratulations Kat!


Hope everyone became sweeter with all the candies they munched on!