Peanut Butter Cookies

I bought a box to make peanut butter cookies from Target since it was on sale. If you know me, you know that I love cookies. I love them so much that some of my friends call me the Cookie Monster. I’ve come to terms to accept that as a nickname. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite but I still love other kinds.

I left the box in the pantry for several weeks and completely forgot about it. But one night, I somehow remembered that I had bought the box. Right around 8:30pm, I then decided to bake! (I probably should not have baked that late. I try not eat that late. Keyword: try.)

I probably made a little less than two dozen of peanut butter cookies. I could not wait to eat them so I took a bite even though it was extremely hot. I loved every bite of it as it was soft and fresh from the oven!

I’m not much of a baker because of the time it takes to bake and I’m afraid that I will lose self control by devouring all the cookies in one sitting. I’m pretty sure I can do that.

I’m going to try to bake some peanut butter cookies from scratch next time I crave them because they are actually pretty easy to make!

If you are interested in baking from scratch with simple ingredients and instructions, see the recipe below:

  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • Preheat oven at 350 degrees
  • Mix all ingredients until smooth
  • Place spoonfuls of dough onto baking sheet
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes
  • Eat cookies with a glass of milk

I hope your cookies turn out as nice as the ones from the box or even better!


Happy Birthday Chelsea! (Part 1)

Chelsea’s 25th birthday is close to Thanksgiving, so we decided to celebrate it early! Amy, Chelsea and I dressed up and ate at Vintana Wine and Dine in Escondido. It’s a pretty fancy shmancy formal restaurant located on the second level of a Lexus dealership. Though it’s only on the second floor, there’s a great view of the city lights at night within the restaurant and outside in the patio. The whole design and layout of the restaurant is so elegant at night with the contemporary chandeliers lit up and hanging so gracefully from the ceiling. 

L to R: Amy, Chelsea, Tina

L to R: Amy, Chelsea, Tina

For dinner, I had the Lemon Linguine with Fennel and Chile Chicken Breast. It had sun dried tomatoes, roasted pear onions, slab pepper bacon, basil, mozzarella, arugula, and pecorino. I enjoyed every color and flavor I took a bite of. The ingredients were all well evened out that no one ingredient was too strong or overpowering than the other. 

Of course, we had dessert to celebrate Chelsea’s 25th birthday.
Birthday girl

We shared a plate of cookies a la mode style. There was a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chip ice cream, topped with melted white chocolate and pieces of orange peels. It sounded good from the menu and looked good in person but it didn’t taste as delicate as we wanted it to. The cookies were too hard as if it wasn’t fresh at all.

Afterwards, I gave Chelsea her birthday gift. I have to say that I really liked what I got her that I got some of the same stuff for myself…Heh. But! Because we are best friends and people get confused who is who since we look alike so much, it gives us more reasons to have the same things. Sarcasm, my friends. Sarcasm. I got her a pair maroon colored tights to go with her holiday outfits and a pair of Kate Spade earrings shaped in a black bow with gold outlining. 
Gift time!

We ate a lot and talked a lot at dinner so it was time for us to head home to get some rest for the next day’s adventure in Temecula.

Trader Joe’s

Before meeting up with Dasom, I bought some snacks to munch on while we had a little catch up session. I went over to Trader Joe’s and headed for some chocolate chip cookies. Then on my way to the register, I saw some waffle cookies. I thought to myself, “I don’t think I’ve had these since I went to Europe a year ago!’ So I had to pick up a box of the waffles.

Finally, I got to the register. As I was standing in line, the customer in front of me asked the cashier if the coconut cookies were good. Cashier grabbed a bag of the coconut cookies by a nearby stand, opened the bag, and handed the bag to the customer to try one. Customer fell in love with the cookie and purchases it.

Cashier offered me a cookie and of course, I said yes because I love cookies. I too fell in love with the coconut cookie which was kind of a big deal. I’m not a fan of coconut at all. Anyways, I fell in love and picked one up from the stand.

Customer behind me was surprised that I picked up a bag. He responds, “Wow, it’s that great. Huh?” I encouraged him to try one since it was so good. He said it reminded him of the Girl’s Scout cookies, caramel delight. As he was done eating the cookie, I was leaving the store. Unfortunately, I don’t know if he bought a bag of it or not. I will never know…

The point of the story is that those cookies were pretty darn good. You can barely taste the coconut. Another point to mention is that Trader Joe’s is quite clever at how they market their products and how they provide their service. Having innocent cookies for a few bucks just stand there by the register was convenient and so enticing. On top of that, having the cashier easily open a bag of those cookies was just even better. How could you not fall for their marketing tactics after all that?


One last thing to mention about Trader Joe’s. The chocolate chip cookies were good! It was almost as if a grandma had made those cookies with love. It would have been better if they were fresh or microwaved for 10 seconds so to that they’re warm.

By the way, next to Trader Joe’s was Starbucks where I was meeting Dasom. I wanted a cold drink on a cold day for some odd reason. I wanted some kind of chai latte. I asked what was good and the barista suggested an iced green vegetable latte. Ok, it wasn’t a vegetable drink. But. That’s what it tasted like. I can’t remember what it was called but perhaps it’s better to not remember what it was called.

Note to everyone: Do not get the iced vegetable drink at Starbucks.