SGV – Round 3

Ok, don’t judge! I know it seems like I go to San Gabriel Valley every other week. I think it’s actually just once a month for now. This time I went with a different crew again. This was especially for Briana since she’s been wanting to go since forever ago. She finally had the time for it, so we decided to explore.

For dinner we went to Newport Tan Cang Restaurant in SGV. It got 4.5 stars out of 1200 reviews. So it was a definite yet to check it out. When we got there, oh man. It was no bueno. Parking lot was tiny and the wait was 2 to 2.5 hours! We barely waited for five minutes. We had to leave immediately because we were starving.

This picture doesn’t show you justice of how crowded the place was. You just had to be there to see.

Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

We Yelped another place and found Savoy Kitchen. This place got 4 stars out of 1700 reviews so we were hoping it wouldn’t too crazy like Newport Tan Cang. Luckily, it wasn’t! Well, that was only because our group had 4 people. If it was 5, I’m sure we would’ve waited longer. The seating arrangement is a little odd. The restaurant can probably only fit about 20 people for small groups of 4-5. Outside is for larger groups, but probably only a few large groups.

We all shared an appetizer of shrimp egg rolls with a dip of orange sauce. I can’t tell you what the orange sauce is all about but all I can say is that it’s called orange sauce because it’s orange according a waiter there. They were simple and good. You can’t go wrong with them egg rolls much.
Shrimp Egg Rolls

So Savoy is known for their Hainan Chicken and rice. Briana, Josephine and I all got the Hainan Chicken just because all the Yelp reviewers were praising so much about it. Josephine and Briana didn’t seem too fond of the whole plate. I think it was just too plain for them. I on the other hand probably liked it a little more than them but I wasn’t in love with it. I could see why people could be addicted to the Hainan Chicken though. Perhaps the simplicity of the meal of chicken, rice, and sauce, and the affordable price of about $7 makes it all worth it.
Hainan Chicken

The chicken is pretty plain but dipping it in the sauce provided made it a tad better. The sauce gave the rice and chicken together a sweeter taste. I really felt like I could have made the whole meal myself at home. So I’m glad that the meal was about $7.

Would I go to Savoy again? Nah…It was unfortunately a little overrated.

I do want to go to Newport Tan Cang Restaurant again. For the wait to be 2 hours long means that it’s a definite place to check out. Note to future self: Get there late afternoon and grab a number, hang out in SGV, then go back to the restaurant just in time for number to be called for dinner.

To completely end the night at SGV, one must go to Factory Tea Bar where the fun boba life happens. I finally got the chance to sit in the couch area like a cool kid. It made the experience at Factory Tea Bar so much more fun! (Somewhat joking and being serious.) I ordered Honey Green Milk Tea which was good as always. We all shared the brick toast with ice cream and popcorn chicken.
Boba and popcorn chicken.

In the beginning of the night, I rated the the Honey Green Milk Tea as my most favorite, then brick toast, then the popcorn chicken. Everyone thought the popcorn chicken deserved to go before the brick toast. I couldn’t understand why they were thinking that because who honestly hates ice cream and awesome brick toast bread? No one. After some time, I realized the popcorn did deserve to go before the brick toast. The brick toast and ice cream are good but together, it can be too sweet. You might feel a cavity somewhere. Popcorn chicken and Honey Green Milk balance each other out really well.
Famous brick toast with ice cream.

While eating, we played Jenga. It’s such an intense game that I love and hate it.

After a few games of Jenga, we called it a night. Thank you friends for the fun-food filled night at SGV.

SGV, we are coming back for you so just to try Newport Tan Cang Restaurant. See you soon, SGV. See you soon!

Tebo Tebo

No, I did not mean Tim Tebow. Tebo Tebo is a small Asian café that has all sorts of refreshing drinks like boba, slushies, and teas. You can’t have a boba drink without popcorn chicken. So they have that too and actual food like noodles and fried rice that you can order.
Tebo Tebo

The interior design of Tebo Tebo is pretty hip with the round seating arrangement against the walls and the long tables right in the middle of the restaurant. Since the place is small, it definitely feels packed in there other than the fact that there were a lot of people eating and waiting to be seated.

My friends and I got our own drinks and shared sweet potato fries and of course, popcorn chicken.
Popcorn Chicken

Our drinks came in this flask that made its presentation set apart compared to other boba places.

Because of the sunlight and poor background, I made the guys hold up napkins. Pretty funny.

Because of the sunlight and poor background, I made the guys hold up napkins. Pretty funny.

I wanted to get some kind of milk tea drink since I’ve been into milk tea lately. But because I was at Tebo Tebo, I had to get a non-milk tea drink. They’re known for their colorful, fruity refreshing drinks. So I got the Bimmer Girl which was like a smoothie kind of drink with pieces of strawberries and peaches. I’d have to say that it was probably the best one out of all the ones on the table. Not being bias at all. Ok, maybe a little. The drink was simple, refreshing, and flavorful. Just the way I like it. I’m definitely sticking with that drink again next time.
Bimmer Girl

Would I go out of my way to go to Tebo Tebo for some popcorn chicken and a boba drink in a flask next time? Probably not. I’d say it’s probably a good place to check out once because it’s different compared to your usual boba shops. The drinks would definitely be perfect for the summer time. Check it out if you’re in the Westminster area!

Thanks Derek and Doug for introducing me Tebo Tebo!
Group Picture

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen has been in Newport Beach for about 3 years. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place. Good and bad. I wasn’t that eager to try the place out but my sister is into fancy healthy food. So my family and I went there on a Saturday night. Saturday night es no bueno. Our wait was about an hour and fifteen minutes. I believe they do not take any reservations. First come first serve basis.
True Food Kitchen

As we waited, I just re-read through the Yelp reviews. It got 4 stars but comments were kind of all over the place. Even after the hour and fifteen wait, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Nothing seemed greatly appealing to me. I just had my sister order for the family.

Once we got seated we got drinks since they were pretty well known for their refreshing and healthy drinks. I first got what the waitor said was his favorite which was The Natural. Oh man, his favorite became my least favorite. Why did I order his favorite? I like to try other people’s favorite because it may become my favorite. But that in particular was a mistake. It was too natural for me. Way too natural. The Natural is basically ginger, agave, and soda. After sharing the drink, we all decided it was a no go.

So I switched to Green Arnie which is matcha green tea and honey lemonade. This was definitely a lot better but the powder of the green tea did not have a good consistency. Overall it was an ok drink. My sister got a popular drink according to Yelpers, the Medicine Man. It has a mix of sea buckthorn, pomegranate, cranberry, black tea, and soda. It was better than the Green Arnie.
Medicine Man & Green Arnie

In general, I don’t drink anything fancy with my meal because I like to keep it simple with water. But I decided to get a fruity drink since True Food Kitchen is known for their drinks. But. Never again will that happen. The Natural was too carbonated that it hurt the throat. Green Arnie tried too hard to be a healthy drink that it wasn’t flavorful. Medicine Man wasn’t the man I wanted him to be but he was definitely the best out of the three.

For appetizer we ordered a gluten free Albacore Escabeche. It’s a plate of citrus, avocado, cilantro, chili and scallion. Presentation was nice as it tasted. My family enjoyed it’s tender meat and it’s fresh taste to it. I tried a bite and couldn’t take it. I’m just not a fan of raw meat. It reminded me of sushi which I’m not too fond of. But hey, my family liked it. So that’s all that matters.
Albacore Escabeche

For the real meal, we got the Roasted Chicken which was enough to share with two people. Eating that definitely made me feel healthy.
Roasted Chicken

We also got the Chicken Sausage Pizza that made me feel even healthier. Nothing tasted greasy at all. It was probably more on the dryer end because of the flat breading of the pizza.
Chicken Sausage Pizza

Lastly, I got this soup of the day kind of thing. It was more of a tomato soup base with a slight smokey taste to it. As a choice of meat, I got jumbo shrimps.

Will I go out of my way to get True Food Kitchen, again? Nah. Was the food worth it? Eh, not really. I think I’ll stick with Veggie Grill. It’s cheaper, tastes better, fulfilling, and less wait.