Last Day in Boston

I only had several hours to hang out in Boston before taking off. So I had to hit up my favorite places in Boston rather than checking out new ones. I just had to go back to Gourmet Dumpling House for lunch. We basically ordered the same exact thing as last time. It was still as good as it was the first time I had it.
Gourmet Dumpling House

Next to Gourmet Dumpling House was this store that we saw and I had to take a picture of it…
Caged Chicken
Interesting, huh?

Anyway. We walked a few blocks down to get an icy drink from Thinking Cup. I got my usual iced hazelnut latte with a chocolate macaroon. With our little post-lunch sweets, we headed to the park across the street where they were having a concert. Sat on a shady bench and just enjoyed the breeze and live music.
Coffee & Concert

I left Boston on a perfect time only because the next day, it ended up raining! Thank you God for ending my trip in Boston with perfect weather and perfect company! Thank you Anna for feeding me, providing shelter, showing me around, and for all the good times!


Went Here & There in Massachusetts

On my third day in Boston, we checked out Harvard Medical School. So Harvard University is in Cambridge, but the medical school is in Boston. The medical school is as intimidating as the campus in Cambridge because of its over sized columns and its architecture as a whole.
Boston Day 3 001

The research lab there is kind of like any other research lab. Flasks, white coats, machines, etc.
Harvard Med School Research Lab

The hot and humid weather lead us to get a cold smoothies. So Anna and I went over to Emack & Bolio’s. It’s a popular ice cream/smoothies place. My smoothie was slightly carbonated which actually tasted really good and refreshing. It was as if I was drinking a fruity soda smoothie.
Smoothie Time

We hung out at the Faneuil Hall Market Place. There was a building called Quincy Market. It’s a building with endless food stands lined up. You just walk down this hall and you see food to your left, right, front, and back. Food is just everywhere. Outside of Quincy Market are your usual clothing stores like Gap and American Eagle.
Faneuil Hall Market Place

We walked over to Little Italy after Quincy Market. Little Italy is indeed little Italy. The buildings and the ambiance of the area says Italy all over it. When we got to Little Italy, we immediately went over to Neptune, a seafood restaurant. It’s a very well known restaurant. So well-known that the wait was 2 hours for us and they stopped taking names down after 7PM.

Instead of waiting at the restaurant for our name to be called, we went to Caffee Paradiso for another cup of cold drinks. I got an iced mocha and sat still because it was so darn hot! It was nice to just sit and relax for awhile because we walked so much. We walked so much that Anna got a blister!
Caffee Paradiso

After we finished our drinks, we headed back to Neptunes and ended up getting seated pretty quickly. We ordered about 6 oysters, salad, and a lobster roll sandwich with fries.

Oysters. I’m actually not a fan of seafood but I had to try some oysters since Boston is known for seafood. So the oysters were surprisingly really refreshing and good! There was some horse raddish sauce and it gave the oyster a kick in flavor.

Salad. Now, the form we got our Caesar Salad was rather unique. It was like any other salad but I liked how they just threw the lettuce head right there on the plate. I’m sure it was really easy for them to put that salad together! What a efficient way to make salad for a busy place like Neptunes.
Caesar Salad

Lobster roll. Oh man…this was to die for. It was the sauce, the lobster, the bread, and everything and anything else that was in that sandwich that made it perfectly perfect. I think it was the buttery sauce and the thick juicy pieces of lobster slabbed into the sandwich that just made me want more! If you’r ever in Boston, YOU MUST try the Lobster Roll. You will not regret it.
Lobster Roll

I was so full from the sandwich we shared but because it was so good, I felt like I could eat more. That’s how good it was.  We spent about $60+ at Neptunes though we shared everything. But because it’s a popular restaurant with great customer service and high quality food, it was worth spending that much.

For dessert, we walked a block down to Mike’s Pastry. The place where people walk out with a blue and white box. It’s another popular place to check out that is known for cannolis.  They had all sorts of flavors for their filling like oreos, coffee, chocolate, etc. I got four hoping that Anna and I could share, but she said it’s too sweet for her. So I just had one and saved the rest to take home back in California.
Mike's Pastry

Like I mentioned before, the culture of parks is different in Boston compared to here in Orange County. As I was eating my cannoli, we sat at a park and just watched people hang out there. Saw little kids play in the fountain. It was a peaceful way to end our night!
Park at night.

Beauties of Cambridge

Second day of Boston was still hot and humid, but it was all worth it as I was able to venture out and see more of what defines Boston. Anywhere you go in Boston, you’re bound to bump into some sort of historical platform.

As I was on my way to check out Harvard and MIT, I saw this:

Reflection Pool

Reflection Pool

The building to the far left is the Christian Science Church, then to the right of it is a school and corporate offices. The water in front was created by the Christian Science Church. It’s called the Reflection Pool, literally because you can see the reflection of the buildings. When you see the Reflection Pool, you become overwhelmed by its beauty of simplicity and art.

Anna suggested that I check out Flour Bakery and Cafe for lunch since it was near MIT. There, I had a refreshing and very filling roast chicken sandwich with mashed avocado and jicama.

Lunch at Flour Bakery and cafe

Lunch at Flour Bakery and cafe

After lunch, I walked over to MIT where it had a contemporary look to it. There were some unique designs of the buildings on campus.

Perhaps, MIT's amphitheater.

Perhaps, MIT’s amphitheater.

I found a hidden garden on a rooftop of a parking structure near MIT. It was definitely a secret little area.

MIT's Rooftop Garden.

MIT’s Rooftop Garden.

I hopped onto a bus and headed over to Harvard. When I got there, their graduation ceremony had just ended! So there were a bunch of empty chairs all over campus. I saw some graduates there and wanted to give them a hug to congratulate them. I was proud of every Harvard graduate I saw though I had no idea who they were.

Harvard Undergraduate Post-Ceremony

Harvard Undergraduate Post-Ceremony

The campus is extremely small. You could probably walk across the campus in about 7 minutes. Though it’s small, the campus is so beautiful because of its architecture but mainly because of its history. The brick buildings and that library of theirs. Oh geez. It’s intimidating but so monumental.

Harvard's Library. You need a student ID card to enter the library!

Harvard’s Library. You need a student ID card to enter the library!

I wasn’t at Harvard too long just because there was actually not much to look at since the campus is small. So I walked around Harvard Square which is a few blocks of stores and places to eat. For dinner, Anna and I went over to Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. It’s a gastropub that has a neat layout of the restaurant. It’s a packed two story restaurant with a patio for people to eat outside. I got the bacon cheeseburger and was more than satisfied with it.

Bacon cheeseburger at Russell House Tavern.

Bacon cheeseburger at Russell House Tavern.

I was stuffed from the burger that we had to walk it out. So we just walked around Harvard Square and watched some street entertainment.

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Going to Boston to Start a New Life…

I think I’ll start it over, where no one knows my name. I’ll get out of California, I’m tired of the weather… Just kidding! That’s a song called “Boston” by Augustana. This song was stuck in my head as I was preparing for my trip to Boston! I couldn’t think of another song that talked about Boston except this which was too melodramatic for me. But good song though.

I went to Boston to visit my friend Anna who works at Harvard Medical School! No big deal, really… My first meal was at the Boston Public Library. What, you ate at a library? Vending machine snacks? Nah. There’s actually a fancy restaurant called Courtyard Restaurant. The price range of the food is a tad bit on the higher end for me where you’ll probably spend at least $20.

We started the afternoon with a complimentary appetizer from the chef. It was a tiny dish of breadcrumbs, edamame, mozarella, and cherry tomatoes. For a little dish, it was quite refreshing and flavorful.
Complimentary appetizer

For my actual meal, I got a barbecued chicken burger with a side of soup. The burger was small but somehow filling. The barbecue wasn’t too strong or too lightly flavored. It was just perfect.
Barbecue Chicken Burger with soup

We had a great view of the actual courtyard of people sitting around the fountain relaxing and reading. It was quite peaceful while we were eating and catching up.
Boston Public Library

We explored the massively historical library inside and out. This is definitely a place to check out if you’re in Boston. The library will inspire you to study or at least read a book.
Inside the library

Right across from the library is the main memorial sight of the Boston Marathon. It’s a whole different experience when you’re right there at the actual site compared to when you’re watching it on the news.
As I was walking around the site, I just couldn’t stop hearing the voices of people cheering their friends and families on. There was definitely a deep moment of reflection walking around the site.
Boston Marathon Memorial Site

On my way to Thinking Cup, a coffee shop that Anna suggested, I explored Boston oh so freely. I found a park that wasn’t your neighborhood park with a swing set like in Orange County. This park was huge like Central Park but Boston’s version. It’s called the Public Park. People were laying out on the grass to tan or having a picnic. The park is actually utilized for pure relaxation. It was nice to see a new surrounding compared to Orange County. We have parks here too obviously but the culture of parks here is used and viewed differently.
Public Park

Right across from Public Park was Thinking Cup! I was relieved to have found my destination after walking in the hot and humid weather for a few hours. I ordered an iced hazelnut latte which is one of their popular ones. It was darn refreshing. I wish I had gotten a bigger size because I finished it pretty quickly.
Thinking Cup

For dinner, Anna and I went over to Chinatown. We went to a well known Chinese restaurant that a bunch of celebrities have been to called Gourmet Dumpling House. This is a tiny restaurant that can probably fit about 30 people. It’s so small that you have to share a table with strangers if your party is small. In our case, we shared a table with a man who was eating by himself. We ordered dumpling soup, mixed vegetables, and their most famous sliced fish with szeuchan sauce.
Gourmet Dumpling House

Dumpling soup. I’ve never heard of or tried dumpling soup before until Boston. You need good motor skills to master the technique of eating dumpling soup. You have to poke a hole within the dumpling to drain out the soup and you’ll drain it into a spoon of soy sauce. Then wah-lah you have a spoon of dumpling soup to sip on. The soup and the dumpling itself were both good!
Dumpling Soup

Mixed Vegetables were the usual, greasy and good.
Mixed Vegetables

Ok, now the sliced fish with szeuchan sauce. I will never forget this part of our dinner. It was overall spicy but I couldn’t stop eating it not because of the spiciness but because it was just darn good. The restaurant is very well known for their szeuchan sauce and you would know why once you try it.
Fish with Szeuchan Sauce

Eating at Gourmet Dumpling was the most perfect way to end that night! Thank you Anna for taking me to a glorious Chinese restaurant.

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