Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

Before December came around, I told myself that I’d do something holiday related every weekend just to be in that joyful spirit. Last week, I helped my sister out with the gingerbread party. Now for the 2nd weekend of December, I went to LA with Dasom to see the Los Angeles Symphony and the Cathedral Choir perform “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels”.


Apparently the cathedral that I went to is considered to be one of the biggest cathedrals in Los Angeles. The cathedral reminded me of the ones in Europe with its arched ceilings and the golden artworks that of Mother Mary. Overall the performance was moving and beautiful. They sang so high that I didn’t even know was possible to hit. The musicians were talented of course. I always admire the musicians since I used to play the violin. The last song they sang was “Hallelujah” which everyone stood up for. It was a great way to conclude the show!


Monsters Calling Home

Meet Monsters Calling Home. They’re an underground, indie band based in the Los Angeles area. Actually, they might not be an underground band for too long. They’re getting big. Be ready to see more of them in the near future.

One of their latest music videos, “Fight To Keep,” was all shot in the their Hondas. Even the drummer played in the car with his back hunched over. The whole music video is fun to watch and sing along to. Their performance in their Hondas brought attention to the corporate Honda company. Honda has a program called “Honda Loves You Back” where they support the community through different means. With that, they invited MCH to perform in front of hundreds of Honda employees. What MCH didn’t know about this opportunity to perform was that Honda was doing a prank slash surprise on MCH. Find out what happens to the band:

Watching this whole video made me really happy for the band. They definitely deserved to perform on the show.

I’m excited to say that they’re performing this weekend in Orange County! They’re already amazing to listen to, but I’m sure they’re even more amazing to watch and listen in person live.

Please support this band and make their dreams come true!