Ugly Sweater Party

Christian hosted an ugly sweater party that was in support of helping out the less fortunate for the Christmas season. Anyone attending the party was encouraged to bring an unwrapped gift to donate to a children’s hospital. Those who brought a gift was entered into a drawing to win a gift card! Christian is always holding some festive party in support of a good cause! I’m always encouraged by his efforts in that! Thanks Christian!

Kevin & Me

At the Ugly Sweater Party, I was able to catch up with some old friends who I had not seen for years! I have to say that a good amount of people were dressed up festively! By the way, there was an ugly sweater competition. Armando who dressed up as a Christmas tree won! Congratulations Armando!

Live Christmas Tree

L to R: Mark, Christian, Me

Me, Ugly Sweater Tree, & a real Christmas tree

If you’re curious about my outfit especially the ugly sweater part, let me tell you that it’s partially homemade! The collared shirt is from Old Navy and the sweater itself is from my sister’s closet. To be more specific, it’s from Anthropologie. The tree was made by me! Materials from Walmart. The tree was on a different sweater from last year, but it felt apart. So I got a Christmas yarn and looped it into the tree to make it into a necklace! Lastly, the vest is from Gap. Oh and the headband is from H&M. Next year I’m going to try to have a sweater that lights up! I need to step up my ugly sweater game!

Thanks again Christian for putting this altogether to help the children at the Saint Jude’s Research Hospital! God bless!

Swapped Clothes

When Chelsea came up to Orange County, she had a great idea to swap clothes and then return them two weeks later. We always talked about swapping clothes since we have similar taste but the whole distant friendship stopped us from actually swapping. But, it finally happened!

Prior to coming over, I asked her how much clothes she was going to bring. She said a bag or a suitcase. I really didn’t think she was going to do that. But, guess what. She wasn’t joking. She came over to my house with a huge suitcase (literally) of clothes! I was quite surprised. She got the chance to look through my closet as I looked through her suitcase. Below is all that I borrowed from her.
Chelsea's Clothes.

At the end of our swap, she ended up wearing some of my clothes. From head to toe: beanie that I finally returned to her after 3 or 4 years, yellow and white flannel from Banana Republic that was $20 or less, green anorak from Old Navy for about $30, and off white pants were Chelsea’s from Anthropologie.
Chelsea modeling naturally.

We told each other that we had to take pictures of our outfits. So Day 1 was on a Sunday and we wanted to dress nicely for church. We both wore dresses from Anthropologie with black tights and a pair of oxfords. By the way, we are huge Anthropology fans.
Swapped Clothes Day 1

Here are some pictures of us from a week of swapping clothes. The brand of the clothes we wore included: Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Costco (Yup, Costco is there), Forever 21, Gap, G-Stage, J-Crew, and Old Navy.
Swapped Clothes Day 2-5

Below is our favorite dress from each other’s closet. They’re both from Anthropologie. The one on the left is my favorite of all from Chelsea’s closet. It’s a simple and chic dress perfectly appropriate for the winter season. I wore it a few times with a red belt, black tights, and gray flats. Chelsea’s favorite outfit from my closet was a dress that I call the wise man dress on the right. Without any accessories, the dress looks like something a wise man from the Bible would have worn. To make it more fitting and sophisticated, a brown leather belt with a bow in the center completed the outfit in addition to black tights and either brown flats/oxfords/boots.


Can’t wait for spring season to swap clothes again! Chelsea, a bag of spring clothes are waiting for you in my closet as I wait for another suit case to be lugged into my house.