Cypress Tree Tunnel

A friend once told me that there’s so much to do in California and a part of me didn’t really believe that. I’m not sure why I couldn’t believe my friend but boy was I wrong! I read this article from Thrillist: The 28 Most Beautiful Places In California You Didn’t Know Existed and it changed my view of California. Scroll through the pictures from the site and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful California is.

This article inspired me to visit some of the most beautiful places in California. So one day, I asked one of my friends, Stacy, “Hey, are you free to travel in a few weeks?” She said, “I sure am!” Next thing you know, we booked our flights and planned every minute of the trip.

Fast forward few weeks later.

Thanks Tim for the ride to the airport! By the way, this guy eats his McMuffins with ketchup. Stacy and I don’t. Just saying.

Our primary exploration was located north of the Bay Area. So we flew from Orange County to Oakland to save time. Then we Uber’d from the airport to a city next door to rent a car. We could have rented a car from the airport but it was actually a lot more expensive to do that. You’re paying more for convenience to have the rental car right there when you land at the airport.

We got our rental car and the adventure officially began. But. Food first. We went to Sivan’s Cafe in Hayward. Stacy and I both got chicken with garlic noodles. It was good but it may have been a little too garlic-y. They gave us a lot so we saved some for later.

Travel Tip: When you’re on a road trip for several days, buy a gallon of water per person. We made a stop to buy some water at a market nearby. It’s nice to have easy access to water when you’re traveling rather than buying water bottles at every gas stop.

From Hayward, we drove two hours up north to Cypress Tree Tunnel. We were playing La La Land sound track on repeat on our way there. It definitely made the car ride a lot more fun. When we were less than a mile away, we could see the secluded area with all of the trees.

Don’t mind us talking and the bumpy road but look at the trees!

We made it on time before the sun was about to set. But then again there was really no sun that day because it was gloomy and drizzling. We were the only ones there. It was completely quiet and a bit eerie.

At the end of a tunnel was a museum that was closed for the day. It was a bit eerie to see it there but the whole area felt so peaceful.

Listen to the beauty of nature:

We didn’t stay here for too long. Leaving the area was quite bumpy and a bit of Indiana Jones so we wanted to make sure we still had some light to see the road.

From Cypress Tree Tunnel, we drove two hours up northeast towards Sacramento for our AirBnB stay. We had a chill night in Sacramento. We microwaved our leftover noodles from Sivan’s Cafe and watched Friends on my iPad mini. We called it a night since we had to wake up early for the next site.



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