Memorable Moments of 2016

Before the new year starts, I want to share some memorable moments from 2016!

January – I started 2016 with a road trip to Grand Canyon and hiked in the snow! I do have to share that the picture below was featured in VSCO!

Also, my sister got married in January! I was hoping to share a family picture but they all came out blurry on my phone. I got my sister a photo booth for her wedding so here’s a picture of me, myself, and I.


February – I went to my first pageant! I cheered on Elise who looked amazing and did a great job! I can’t wait to see where her future takes her.

March – 
I would love to hike Big Horn Mine again! I discovered Big Horn Mine thanks to some local popular Instagrammers who are adventurous.

April – 
Yosemite was just breathtaking. The hikes were strenuous but all worth the pain.

May – 
Thanks to Instagram again, I found another scenic hike to check out. We got lost during the hike and someone thought I was a doctor. At the end of it all, we had fun!

June – 
I babysat two kids for the first time and took them to Medieval Times! No one cried, wew!

July –
I took my last tap class at Jimmie DeFore Dance Center before they closed down. This dance center taught me that it’s never too late to pick up your old hobbies.

August – 
My friends and I got our nails done for my birthday! I was very thankful to have spent time with them while getting our nails done and having fellowship over dinner! Can’t forget how Brio Tuscan Grill gave us two complimentary dessert!

In August, my friends and I made a quick trip to Vegas. Everything was comp’d, literally. We ate, walked around, slept, ate, walked around, napped, ate some more, and went back home. Literally.

September – 
I flew out to Oregon for some fresh finds! It was a short and sweet trip that made me realize that I love nature and need to hike whenever I travel.

October – 
For the first time, I started teaching piano to my niece and nephew!

November – One of my sisters and I decided to visit our old elementary school teachers. These two teachers made an impact on my family 19 years ago. We wanted to stop by their classrooms and say thank you with some cupcakes!

December – I have amazing friends who are talented, kind, and funny. I’m thankful that we were able to come together to eat, play, and laugh.

Just like that, 2016 is coming to an end.

I cannot believe the new year is less than 24 hours away! I’m not ready for it but I’m looking forward to new challenges to overcome and step outside of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to travel and hike more!

Thank you, friends and family, for making 2016 a great year. There were some bumps along the road, but hey, we made it! Cheers to a new year and many more blessings to come!

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