Sup Noodle Bar

The weather has been a little bipolar here in SoCal. You just never know what to expect the next day or any day. One of my friends described SoCal’s weather perfectly, “SoCal is the only place where you can experience four seasons in one day.” Well said, right?

Luckily, one day recently, it was cold just like how it should be since it’s still considered winter during this time. When it’s a gloomy afternoon with grey clouds, pho somehow best suits the mood in these situations. So my friends and I went to Sup Noodle Bar in Buena Park.

We first started off with their one of kind Shaken House Fries.This appetizer was monstrous in size and mouth watering to look at.

It had truffle fries topped with shaken short rib, garlic, carmelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and chef’s suace. There was ketchup too but we barely touched that because it was still good without it.

You definitely want to share the fries because it will easily fill you up and you might not have room for your actual entree.

I got the Shaken Pho Bac with brisket which is basically your classic bowl of pho. I don’t know what that broth was all about but it was good! I was surprised how it just didn’t taste like any other broth because it had a soothing taste and made it more perfect to have for the cold weather.

If it ever gets cold again in SoCal, make sure to check out Sup Noodle Bar. Well, it doesn’t really have to be a chilly day but if you’re around Buena Park, I would highly suggest this place. I definitely want to come back here for those fries and that broth! I have to ask the chef about that broth.

Yelp gives them 4.5 stars with 245 reviews. Yelpers also like their fries and the broth!

Thanks Stanley and Elaine for the fellowship over lunch! Elaine, I’m glad you wanted their fries because that was seriously, amazing!

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