Shoki II Ramen House

After a long night of singing from the top of our lungs at Oishii, the next day Briana and I thought we deserved a warm afternoon meal for our hoarse throats. We went over to Shoki II Ramen House in downtown Sacramento.

Don’t let this small restaurant deceive you of how good their ramen is. Yelp gives them 4 out of 5 stars with more than 800 reviews.

Whenever Briana is here, she gets her usual Tan Tan Men medium spicy. I decided to get the same because I trust her judgment (always when it comes to food). Also, it’s a popular item on the menu so I had to get it.

In general, I don’t think it’s easy to take a pretty picture of noodles in a greasy bowl of soup.

Once I placed the vegetables into the bowl, the ramen started to look more mouth watering. The Tan Tan Men was something! The broth hit the spot especially since it was cold that afternoon. The vegetables and grounded meat brought out more flavors from the whole ramen experience. Even though I asked for medium spicy, it was barely spicy. If you love spicy food, then you’re going to have up the spiciness level a lot!

Half way into finishing my ramen, Briana told me a little secret. She said to put a hint of their garlic sauce into my bowl. She confidently advised that it would be worth it and that it would turn into a whole new bowl of ramen. Again, I trust her judgement when it comes to food. I did just what she told me to do and it sure turned into a whole new bowl of ramen. I know that garlic can enhance flavors but I didn’t think it had that much power to change my life. I had never experienced such an awakening after eating ramen until I went to Shoki.

I’ve had plenty of ramen throughout my whole life from eating various kinds of cup of ramen to ramen houses all over SoCal but this ramen house in particular may have been the most memorable one. I didn’t think that ramen could be this good until I met Shoki.

Ok, one littler downer about what we got was that it wasn’t enough. Maybe because it was so good, we wanted more or that we were actually still hungry. We could have paid extra for more noodles but we decided that we should try one of their appetizers. The waiter suggested one of their popular ones called Cream Cheese and Katsuo which was blocks of cream cheese, flakey dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna, and seaweed to wrap them in.

Briana and I tried it a few times and it was a little out there. We weren’t too fond of it because the cream cheese was too much. Thankfully, they were able to take the plate away from us and not charge us for it. You really have to be madly in love with cream cheese to appreciate that appetizer.

Aside from the cream cheese, I loved Shoki. Thank you Shoki for this ramen experience in Sacramento!

Thank you, Briana, for taking me here and telling me about their garlic sauce that forever changed my life. Therefore, I can no longer see my ramen life the same anymore. I just can’t. Thank you.

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