Tech Tuesday: Anker

I decided to add this new feature in my blog called Tech Tuesday where I’ll share with you my most recent findings of technology gadgets or news within this field. I love how technology is advancing quickly and it won’t wait for us to catch up. With that, let’s get started on my first Tech Tuesday post.

The iPhone 5/5s battery life gets drained pretty quickly especially if you’re running a few applications at once. Even for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the battery life can diminish easily due to the new iOS.  I’m not sure how you feel, but I tend to feel uneasy when I realize my battery life is in the red zone! I used to carry my charger everywhere I went. As odd as it may sound, I would constantly be on the lookout for outlets at restaurants or at my friend’s house so I could charge my phone. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only who did that! Well, at least hope not…

I guess I could have purchased a car charger but those can be expensive and inconvenient. I always got paranoid that my car battery would die from charging any phone because it actually happened to my friend once.

I got tired of worrying if my iPhone was going to make it alive after using the GPS on the road for an hour or so. I knew I had to do something about this epidemic issue. I somehow remembered awhile back meeting a blogger of I’m Not The Nanny and From Left to Write at V3 Digital Media Conference. On the side, she writes reviews on new cell phones that she receives every few weeks from AT&T. She told me how she owns a portable charger because some of the phones’ battery life weren’t that strong. Thanks to her, I decided to look into portable chargers!

Prior to my research, I had to lay out my expectations of what I wanted from this portable charger. One. In general, I charge my phone 2 to 3 times a day. I wanted a charger that could recharge my phone twice from 0% to 100%. Two. I wanted it to be small in size and light in weight so it’s convenient to carry around. Three. It had to be affordable! I didn’t want to spend more than $40 on the device.

After comparing brands and reading reviews, I decided to go with Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6400mAh External Battery. It met every single expectation I had. This can charge my iPhone 5s fully twice. It’s even faster to charge on this external device than plugging my phone to an outlet. It can easily fit in my smallest purse. Lastly, it went under my budget, costing $32.39.

One downside about this charger is that it takes about 4 hours to fully recharge the external battery itself. It sounds pretty long but if you just charge it overnight, then you’ll be good to go the next day. One of my favorite features about this charger is that once it’s fully charged, it will automatically stop itself from charging beyond 100%. This works the same for your iPhone or tablets where it will not be overcharged by the portable device compared to charging it from an outlet. When your device is overcharged, it will decrease the sustainability of it in the long run.

Also, this Anker device is convenient in so many ways. Sometimes you’re not on the road long enough to fully charge your phone from your car. With Anker, you can bring it along with you wherever you go while it’s being charged! Hence, it being portable.

My external charger at one point stopped working. I wasn’t able to recharge the device itself. So I called customer service and informed them of my issue. They responded that it could have been a production error. They professionally apologized and said that since it was under warranty for a year, they would ship a new one out to me. It arrived promptly and I was one happy customer again.

Even though I had to get a new one, I wouldn’t mind purchasing another product from Anker. Overall, I like the quality of the product I purchased and I valued their customer service!

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