20 Random Facts About Me

I thought I should share 20 random facts about myself before the new year as a new a tradition! Here we go!

1. When I was a kid, one of my sisters told me that stuffed animals had feelings because they had marbled eyes. I believed her because it made a lot of sense at the time.

2. I’m right handed but I use chopsticks, scissors, and erasers with my left hand. I was born left handed but my mom told me to write with my right.

3. In high school, I originally signed up to take Korean but switched to Spanish thinking that I was pretty fluent in Korean. I realized in college that I had a heavy American accent and still do! Definitely not fluent at all. I’m slowly learning Korean by one KBBQ at a time.

4. I don’t really watch movies unless they’re those cheesy dance movies like Step Up or documentaries. Don’t judge, I’ve never watched Star Wars and don’t plan to anytime soon. You’d have to pay me to watch it.

5. I’m a germophobe. I ask my friends to take money out from my wallet because I really don’t want to touch it. I think I’m getting better about being a germophobe though because I can share drinks.  I think this all started in 6th grade in Mr. Larson’s class.

6. When I used to dance, I couldn’t understand why people would have a painful or difficult time touching their toes or doing the splits. Now I understand their pain…

7. Sometimes I feel bad when Chinese people start talking to me in Chinese. I wish I could talk to them but I’m not Chinese.

8. I don’t have a Korean name. Actually, it’s Yun-Tee-Nah (says it with a Korean accent).

9. I just started eating sushi recently. I still don’t understand why people enjoy it so much. They all taste the same for now. I’m not a huge fan of raw fish or seafood in general.

10. The first time I ever dyed my hair was either in 7th or 8th grade when highlights were really in. It was my mom’s idea for me to get streaks.

11. I got my ears pierced for the first time as a college graduation gift to myself.

12. I once got lost at Sav-On (now known as CVS) so I cried and went up to the front for help. My name was announced in the speaker but my mom didn’t think it was me.

13. I like to drive. It’s therapeutic for me.

14. When I listen to classical music, I envision how a ballerina would perform on stage. When I watch a ballet performance, I envision how a violinist or pianist is playing the music.

15. I’ve never read any Harry Potter books. Actually, only the first page of the first book and had to stop there.

16. I used to watch a lot of COPS on Fox so I wanted to be one when I was a kid.

17. I started my blog intently to write about politics and current events but it mainly turned into food and adventures! Find me in various social media platforms as TinaTalksToday!

18. Whenever I clap, I count how many times I’m clapping in my head. It’s the OCD in me.

19. I can’t stand long nails and it might because I used to play the violin and piano.

20. I used to like the color red because the red Power Ranger was my favorite. I think I unintentionally like blue because I have a lot of blue colored clothes.

I’m already looking forward to the next 20 random facts about myself for 2015 because I feel like I used up all the random facts that I can think of! I’m looking forward to sharing new stories and building positive character with you in 2015! Let’s go us! Happy new year’s eve!

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