Christmas Festivities 2014

Woah, Christmas flew by so quickly! That tends to happen every Christmas, right? When December comes around, I try to maximize it as best as I can. Here are some Christmas Festivities highlights that took place this month!

6th Annual Gingerbread Party hosted by my sister for her kids’ and their friends.

First Christmas Lighting Adventure for 2014. I go here almost every year since 2006 and I’m always amazed by all the miniature figurines put together in the garage! Here’s an old post about this place.

Location: 2351 Caper Tree Drive, Tustin, CA.

We also went over to another neighborhood in Tustin on Olwyn Drive & Red Hill for more Christmas lights!


Cara & Nathan’s Pre-School Christmas Performance. In the picture below, my nephew, Ben, told me that it wasn’t Santa but some guy in a costume. I, Auntie Tina, was appalled by his observation because Santa is real! Right?

These girls took my phone and decided to take a selfie!

Evan as an angel in The Nutcracker. She’s following my footsteps of being a dancer for now!

Happy Birthday, Briana! I made that wrapping paper with sponges and stamp pads at Unique LA.

More Christmas lights at Nellie Gail. This neighborhood is probably one of the best communities in south Orange County to check out Christmas lights! Read here about the first time I discovered this neighborhood.

Ben’s Christmas Show & KBBQ at Aria Restaurant with the family.

My brother took this picture of me playing with my nieces. I didn’t realize he took it because I was so focused on playing hand games with them like Lemonade and Crunchy Ice on repeat.

Vegas on Christmas Eve & Day

My family and I were in Vegas for less than 24 hours. Majority of the time, we were eating. We got the Buffet of Buffets pass for $70 that allowed us to eat at a range of buffets within 24 hours. We ate a lot and walked around a lot.

Then once we got home, I was able to catch the sunset in Laguna Beach to end my Christmas day.

I hope your Christmas was spent with friends and family you love and that you were reminded of and thankful for the birth of Jesus!

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