Dallas, Texas

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 9 – Dallas, Texas

I didn’t get much sleep on my last night in Minneapolis. I stayed up late late watching a little too much of Taylor Swift’s interviews about her new album. So I ended up sleeping for about 4 hours and had to wake up at 5 in the morning the next day!

Though I had little sleep, I ended up being ahead of schedule and had time to kill before Mark took me to the airport. I decided that I would just go outside and wait for him instead of having him wait for me to come out. I carried out my huge 50 pound luggage from my room to the front door. I think I made a lot of noises doing that early in the morning because the lady came out. It was kind of hard to be quiet while you’re lugging around a large bag.

I don’t remember what the lady said to me exactly but I remember how I stretched out my arms horizontally to tell her I was flying. She just nodded her head and smiled. I said thank you several times and we said bye. I wish I could have explained more to her about everything but oh well.

I thought I was going to die in the first 20 seconds of standing outside for Mark’s arrival. It was so cold and painful to be outside! I completely forgot how much colder it would be in the morning but I thought that I would be able to endure it. I was seriously so tempted to go back inside because of how cold it was but right when I was thinking about going back into the house, Mark had just arrived. Wew!

Thanks so much Mark for waking up early to take me to the airport!

I flew with Sun Country for about 2 hours to get to Dallas, Texas to see my friend, Anna! As we were flying over Minneapolis, I was able to see so many beautiful lakes! The sun was rising and the rays were beaming on the lakes. It was just so breathtaking!

I think I knocked out during my two hour flight since it was so early. I landed in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This airport reminded me of the cleaner and less hectic version of LAX. There were two lanes where one was for taxis and buses, and the other lane was for anyone picking up their friends or family. People were able to park in that lane temporarily and not get in trouble! How nice is that? Southern hospitality right there at the airport.

When I walked out of the airport, a bunch of taxi drivers were aggressively asking me if I needed a ride. I’ve never experienced that before. It was different.

When Anna picked me up, we hung out at her place for a little bit. Then we were off to a Texan lunch! At this point, eating healthy was out of the picture. Texas is all about the food!

Note to everyone: Don’t wear nice clothes when you go to a BBQ restaurant in Texas. You will smell. I repeat, you will smell.

We went to Mike Anderson’s BBQ, a true Texas BBQ is what they call it. I got myself a pulled pork sandwich with a side of mashed potato and coleslaw. I had to get some green in me for this heavy Texas lunch. This pulled pork sandwich made me speechless. I ate it slowly so I could enjoy every bite of it because the pulled pork was so juicy and sweet! I said to Anna, “I’m really sad that this is my last bite. I don’t want it to end. I almost want to get another pulled pork sandwich.” Word for word that is what I said and I meant it! I’ve never had this kind of emotion before in regards to food!

Obviously, I wasn’t going to get another sandwich even though it was really tempting. I knew I would regret it. Luckily, there was ice cream to cheer me up! Did I tell you that it was FREE ice cream? It’s like KBBQ restaurants where they always give you free ice cream at the end! Ice cream was a perfect way to end my lunch. I was sad again when I had to take the last bite of my ice cream.

We went back to her place where I decided to change clothes because I was a little disgusted of how I smelled from the BBQ. Speaking of clothes, I must tell you a little story about packing. Before my travels began, I asked Anna how I should pack for Dallas. She said that the temperature is bipolar that it can range from 60 to 80 degrees! I almost packed shorts but decided to take them out last minute. Dallas ended up being chilly throughout the day. Though it looked sunny outside, it was a little cold with the breeze.

We were so full from lunch that we had to walk it off at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. There were 19 gardens here so there was a lot to see! All of the gardens have a different theme and landscape that you feel like you’re in a different era.

On top of the 19 different gardens, there was a Pumpkin Village consisting of more than 65,000 pumpkins, gourds, and squash! Because the garden was so big, we ended up getting lost. We saw pumpkins laid throughout the garden but couldn’t find the actual pumpkin patch. On our way to find it, we encountered a pile of pumpkins. I took a picture in front of it but I didn’t know how to pose so I thought I tried to pose like a pumpkin. As you can see that didn’t really work out.

Once we asked a worker there about the Pumpkin Village, we hurried over before they were about to close and finally found it! I was in awe of this pumpkin patch. I’ve been to some pumpkin patches before but nothing compared to this!

For dinner, Anna, her boyfriend and I went to one of Anna’s favorite places to eat called Meddlesome Moth. It’s a pretty hip restaurant that I didn’t expect from Dallas. Yelp gives them a solid 4 out of 5 stars with more than 800 reviews! No wonder it’s so hip!

We shared the P.C. Cobb Salad that had proscuitto, roast chicken, bleu cheese, egg, tomato, and avocado.

We also shared the Neuske Bacon which were bacon sticks with maple hollandaise and funnel cake.

Like I mentioned earlier, when you’re Texas, you’ll need to get some greens in you to balance out the heavy carbs and meat. Food here was overall great but a little pricey as it was more on the high end.

For dessert, we had some pie from Emporium Pies. This small pie shop had a line that went out the door! Yelpers love this place as they currently have 4 stars with 343 reviews.

Don’t judge us but we got 3 different kinds of pie because they all looked good. Also, yolo. We got a classic apple pie. I had to get this one because I was reminded of the Apple Pie flavored ice cream in Bellingham. Look at the beauty of this!

We got another classic one, pumpkin pie. It’s pumpkin season! Everyone deserves a pumpkin pie in their belly.

One of the most popular pies here is Cloud 9. It has caramel, butterscotch custard topped with meringue. You won’t be disappointed with any of these scrumptious pies since they’re homemade with a lot of love!

It was overload of good food on my first day in Dallas, Texas. I think I gained 10 pounds within a span of less than 12 hours. After dinner, we had to call it a night for eating so much. All we did was lounge around at Anna’s place. We definitely had a long moment of silence as we were just playing on our phones and relaxing from a long day.

Oh man, Anna. I’m not sure if I’m mad at you for making me gain weight from eating so much but I don’t think I’m mad because everything I ate was so delicious! Thank you for showing me around! Please tell your boyfriend I said thank you for treating me out! You guys are the best!

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