Bellingham, Washington – Part 3

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 5 – Bellingham, Washington – Part 3

What I love about Bellingham is how there are so many different characteristics to it. There’s the old town and downtown sceneries but the best part is how in the midst of that there are so many spots to simply breathe the clean and fresh air while you’re standing in the forest!

We grabbed a drink from one of Christian’s favorite coffee shop called The Woods Coffee on Bay View Drive. Yelp gives them 4 stars for all of their locations in Washington. I loved the location we were at because we were able to see a clear view of the water from the inside.

They’re known for their cold brew coffee. I got their seasonal apple cider which made feel like I was fully experiencing the festivities of the fall and winter season.

Right by the coffee shop there was a boardwalk! It was so nice to sip my apple cider while enjoying the view of the water and feeling the cold breeze!

Afterwards, Christian took me to a place where he and his friends would hang out during the summer. The parking area was so hidden on the side of the road that we missed it! It looked like we were going to an undiscovered area that seemed illegal to enter but luckily there was a sign that said Teddy Bear Cove where it made it official and safe to walk around.

There was a long trail that went down to the forest. It really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.

At bottom, we crossed over the train tracks to see the water.

We were trying to look for some mermaids but none showed up at the hour. So we took another trail nearby that led us to a cliff for a better view of mermaids. Again, we saw no mermaids but it was a peaceful view of the water.

We walked so much that we were pretty tired and needed to rest somewhere. So we went over to Pure Bliss Desserts. Ok, I know what you’re thinking right now. “What? She’s getting dessert after a long walk in the forest?” Mhm. That sure did happen.

On Yelp, this sweet spot has 4.5 stars with 47 reviews. We got there at a perfect day and time where we were able to get a happy hour deal! Because it was Monday, we got a dollar off on a slice of cake. We shared the last slice of the Almond Mocha cake for $5.

The chocolate and vanilla cake texture had just the right amount of moisture to it. The frosting is what carried the Almond Mocha flavor. It wasn’t too heavy or too thick. The cake overall had a good balance of everything. I definitely recommend you sharing this slice of cake. I mean, if you have a huge sweet tooth, maybe treat yourself to a whole slice.

Finally, to end the day I got a tour of Western Washington University and had dinner from their dining hall! This school is fortunate to have nature right next door!

Thank you so much Christian for a scenic tour of Bellingham! I miss seeing trees and breathing the cold crisp air! Thanks so much for showing me around in Washington and Canada! I can’t wait to come back here and hopefully show others the beauty of Bellingham!

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