Bellingham, Washington – Part 2

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 5 – Bellingham, Washington – Part 2

I grabbed a late lunch with Christian in downtown Fairhaven where it’s homey and cozy. Historical and just beautiful too!

We went over to Colophon Cafe that has 3 stars with 80 reviews on Yelp. The numbers may not seem appealing but I say ignore them. I skimmed through Yelp and there were a lot of 4 stars. Also, I don’t think residents in Bellingham use Yelp so much. Maybe that’s why there aren’t a lot reviews. Maybe.

The restaurant was surprisingly spacious when I walked in because from the outside, it looked like a small cafe. It had some quirky decor but it worked with the restaurant’s eccentric ambiance. So I ordered a half sandwich of the Southwest Club that had turkey, bacon, avocado, bean sprouts, melted Swiss cheese with their amazing chipotle mayo spread sandwiched in toasted sourdough bread!

You can’t go wrong with the spread, avocado, and bacon together! They really stuffed this half sandwich with a lot of good ingredients. For $8-9, it was a little too pricey for me since it was only a half sandwich but it’s worth trying at least once. I did feel pretty content at the end!

Afterwards, we drove to this beach that was so calm and quiet. It was so peaceful to just stand there.

Oh yeah, this beach had rocks. Not sand. It was nice not having to worry about getting sand in my shoes.

Apparently, this is really close to Christian’s work so he and his coworkers once had a meeting here with this beauty in front of them!

I looked photoshopped because the water behind me looks too good to be true!

When we walked back to the car, I saw a guy sitting in his car looking pensively at the view ahead of him, the water. He probably came here to from a tranquil moment.

Where’s your peaceful place to hang out in your hometown?


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