Bellingham, Washington

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 5 – Bellingham, Washington

My day didn’t start until late afternoon so I decided to take a stroll around the hotel. I was excited to take some pictures and make an adventure out of it!

I was walking down some road that led me to a residential neighborhood.

I found a hidden creek on the side!

At some point as I was walking, I made a right turn just because.

Then I found a bunch of leaves! They weren’t as colorful as the ones in Canada but these were still beautiful!

After being so excited to see so many leaves, I went back to the main street I was on. I kept walking and walking but the sidewalk came to an end where it just turned into grass and dirt. I noticed that there was so much open land to my right. It looked like it was the “right” moment to hitch hike because I almost felt like I was in the middle of nowhere but I wasn’t that far from my hotel. I looked across the street and saw horses just hanging out!

I wanted to walk across the street to get closer but there was a sign that said Private Property. So I turned around and headed back towards the hotel.

Far, far ahead of me, I thought I saw an animal but I thought I was going crazy. I got my phone out, zoomed in, and took a picture to see what was ahead of me. Do you see that brown spot next to the railing?

Well, guess what! A deer popped out of there!

I was a little scared encountering this deer but I tried to play it cool. I kept walking and then the deer crossed the street. I started recording this moment on my phone. The deer just walked like any other human being walking on a sidewalk in the afternoon. At one point we were parallel from each other and made eye contact which scared me. I think the deer knew that I was recording so I abruptly turned my camera down.


I continued my adventure and walked across the street where I saw some trees and a trail. I saw some lady come out of the woods with her dog. The weird thing was, there was no trail. It was more of a dead end.

I walked to the end of it and found nothing too exciting. It was a little scary so I wasn’t daring enough to venture out into the woods. After that, I finally went back to my hotel and waited until I got picked up to begin my real adventure in Bellingham!


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