Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 4 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I went to Canada! Canada, I tell you! Canada!

Well, before I went to Canada, I explored Bellingham for a little bit on my own. I went on an adventure to look for stamps! I walked half a mile to one UPS store but found out that they weren’t opened until an hour after I got there. Unwilling to wait, I walked back towards my hotel and started Yelping places that had office supplies. Luckily, there was Office Depot which was a lot closer to my hotel than UPS. I’m not sure how I didn’t think about Office Depot earlier but I initially had a hard time thinking about where stamps can be purchased other than the post office.

My walk to Office Depot was an interesting one. For example, there was a guy selling marijuana. Let me elaborate, he was one of those guys holding a sign that pointed to the pot shop. I didn’t realize that Washington legalized medical marijuana. When I got to the plaza with Office Depot, there was also Costco and Starbucks. I noticed that in the parking lot there were a lot of cars with the license plate from Canada. According to Christian, a lot of Canadians come down to Bellingham to stock up on food from Costco! Interesting, right? Anyways, I got my stamps and sent my postcards away for my lovely friends and family to receive back at home!

On my way back to the hotel, it started to drizzle but I didn’t mind it at all. I really wanted to embrace mother nature while traveling and I sure did. The air was so cold but it felt so nice with the fresh air. Also, it was nice to see some colored leaves!

By afternoon-ish, Christian picked me up and we were off to Canada! Whee! The drive from Bellingham to Vancouver, BC was only an hour long! It’s like going from Orange County to Los Angeles.  Going through the border wasn’t bad at all. We just had to show them our passport, tell them where we’re going and why.

I noticed all the residential streets that we were driving by had so many beautiful houses and trees lined up so perfectly. We randomly stopped by a wealthy neighborhood to check it out.

There was this huge park in the middle of the neighborhood that had these tall trees and it was just breathtaking!

I never thought you could have such a mesmerizing park in your neighborhood like this one!

I was seriously so excited to see so many leaves on the ground!

As we were driving, I realized how uncomfortable or odd it was to drive with the lights and road structured this way. Makes me feel a little claustrophobic on the road! Naw mean?

Our first official stop in Vancouver was to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. There’s a small cost for parking and admission was $32.95. If you have AAA, you can get a discount! The Suspension Bridge was built in 1889. It stretches 450 feet across and 230 feet above Capilano River.

Here are some pictures to show you what this park was all about:

We were at the park for a good two hours or so. There was a lot of walking and sight seeing to do! Pictures don’t do justice of how amazing this park is with the bridges and them trees! One random thing about this park was that everyone was able to take a pumpkin home! It was part of the admission fee! There were pumpkins laying around the front area of the park so you could just pick one up and go! I really wanted to take a pumpkin and tell everyone it was from Canada but I obviously didn’t. I didn’t want to get in trouble by border patrol. Maybe next time…?

Our second stop was to see the Olympic Torch! Go to Yelp for more info.

Can you imagine this whole place being packed with people full of pride and excitement for the Olympics? There must have been so much adrenaline going on here back in Winter 2010! It was quite eye opening to see those skyscrapers surround that monumental torch. Though it wasn’t lit up, it was still inspiring to see this and know that dreams came true for many athletes.


The Olympic Cauldron is located near a harbor which has a great view of the water and of Vancouver! Well, I think that’s still Vancouver in front of us.

There’s also this view in the picture below! The colors on the trees and on the ground! It looked like I was a little photoshopped in but this was all real! I may be annoying you about the fall colors but it’s just that, you don’t see them much in sunny SoCal so I get really excited to see them elsewhere!

Our last stop before the sunset was at Queen Elizabeth Park. This park was definitely not just an ordinary park. There was a conservatory, Japanese like garden, streams, dancing fountains, and the list goes on! There was so much to see at this park!

As we were on our way out, we noticed that a proposal was about to happen! So we sat on a bench and watched it like a movie! Weird thing was that we didn’t see the guy pop the ring out. Either we missed that part somehow or it’s a Canadian tradition to not have the ring. We went with the latter.

After a happy ending, we were finally off to dinner! We went over to an authentic Chinese restaurant. According to Wikipedia, there’s a large community of Chinese Canadians in Vancouver. This all came about in the 19th century when British Columbia hired Chinese people to build the railway. Read Wikipedia for more information! Great history to learn!

We went to this restaurant on the wrong day and time. There was a Chinese organization having a Halloween party so it was packed! Luckily, they made an exception to seat us all the way in the back. It was fun to people watch.

I’m sure the guy and his wife in the picture above felt out of place. By the way, I ‘m not sure why people carry their iPads around and use it as an actual camera. I see that a lot with older people.

We wanted dim sum but obviously that was not possible especially with this banquet going on. Instead, we just ordered pan fried noodles with seafood.

We also shared the beef with vegetables.

Everything looked and tasted good but I probably wouldn’t come back here again. Not that I would anytime soon because it’s in Canada…The food wasn’t anything too spectacular because it was the same as any other authentic Chinese food I’ve tried. I can easily get these two dishes from Orange County.

After dinner, we were finally on our way back to ‘Murica! It took a little more than hour to get back because the line was long at the border check area. Once we got back to Bellingham, we treated ourselves to some ice cream at Mallard!

It’s a cute little mom and pop ice cream parlor where everything is handmade from local and organic ingredients! This popular ice cream shop in downtown Bellingham has 4.5 stars with almost 200 reviews on Yelp.

They’re unique flavors like Olive Oil or Chocolate Rum sets them apart from your usual ice cream chains.

I got the Apple Pie in a waffle cone for about $4 and oh my goodness, it changed my life. I didn’t know it was possible for an apple pie flavor to be in ice cream form! It was so good that I was tempted to get another one!

It was so late that I had to stop myself from getting another scoop. I will never forget that Apple Pie ice cream. That ice cream was a perfect way to end my Canadian excursion!

Thank you so much Christian for driving me around in Canada! That was definitely one Canadian adventure! I’m really glad that we got ice cream afterwards. At the same time, I’m kind of not glad because I really miss that Apple Pie.


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