Hache LA

I went to Mick’s Karma Bar for dinner and had a catch session with Christina. I was excited to take her there since it was her first time! I ordered my usual Habanero Burger which they made it a tad a bit spicier than normal. Apparently, they added another pepper to kick it up a notch. Because Christina didn’t want anything spicy, she got the Karma Burger.

The guy who served our food looked really familiar and I had a feeling I knew him. I had to ask him hesitantly, “Are you Mick?” He said, “Yeah!” I knew it was him because he liked my picture of the Habanero Burger on Instagram! I was excited that the owner of Mick’s Karma Bar was active on social media!

I read an article somewhere how there was going to be another opening of Mick’s Karma Bar in Orange County County or Los Angeles. So I asked him about it and he said that he was having a soft opening in two weeks in Silverlake! He invited me to join and I excitedly said I would definitely be there! I gave him my business card and next thing you know, he tweets me about it.

Two weeks later, I brought a bunch of my friends to go to the soft opening. Valet parking was free, food was free, and drinks were free! It was an outdoorsy setting where it was completely packed with a DJ playing some music. There was definitely an LA/Silverlake vibe to Hache LA. The layout of the restaurant was blended really well into the Silverlake community.

Servers were passing out food and drinks so freely. They were serving their classic Strawberry Basil Lemonade and the Karma Burger. They also had a few different kinds of beer to pick from. Though the options were few, it was still nice to know that everything was unlimited and free!

We got our drinks pretty quickly but it probably took an hour to actually get our burgers. There was probably around a hundred people at the soft opening. So they were serving the burgers to those who came first and working their way down to the last people who walked in.

While waiting for our food, we were lucky enough to bump into Mick! He remembered me!  He was so nice to take the time to meet my friends!

Once we got our burgers, we were one big happy family! The wait was all worth it!

After our bellies were filled, we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company!

Thank you Aaron, Andrea, Derek, Davis, Elaine, Harold, John, Phil, and Sammie for joining me! Hope everyone enjoyed the food! Big thanks to Mick for the invite! I can’t wait for more burgers!

If you’re from Orange County or specifically from Irvine and you’ve never heard of Mick’s Karma Bar, then shame on you! You’re missing out! For more info on Mick’s Karma Bar, check out my post on them! But if you’re in the LA area, make sure to check out Hache LA! You won’t be disappointed with the food and the ambiance there! It’s definitely one hip burger joint in Silverlake.

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