Spontaneous Road Trip: Day 2

We slept in pretty late the next day like up until 10AM. This was considered pretty late for us but we needed our full rest to recover from the day before. We began Yelping places to eat for breakfast. We found one nearby called Rose Donuts and Cafe in San Jose. It’s a popular donut shop that currently has 4.5 stars with almost 400 reviews. They’re known for making ginormous sized donuts! No joke!

Kat and I saw these two girls sharing one of those huge donuts. The ironic part about them eating was that they were in their workout clothes. I’m not sure if they were charging themselves up with a big donut before working out or if they were rewarding themselves with a donut after a good work out. I wish I had taken a picture of them eating in their gym clothes but I didn’t want to seem like a creeper.

We shared one of the popular items on the menu which was the breakfast burrito with a side of salsa. With one bite, we were quickly satisfied by the whole breakfast burrito experience. The hot eggs and meat really hit the spot.

Even though I was pretty full from the burrito, I had to pick up a donut just because I was born with a sweet tooth. I was pretty curious if there was anything special about the donuts here. I got a chocolate twist for a little less than a dollar! I was a little surprised how it was cheaper by 10 or 20 cents compared to Orange County! The donut shop near my house charges $1.10 for any twists! In addition to the affordable donut from Rose Donuts and Cafe, it was good! There was more fluff, bread, and chocolate on the donut than my usual experience from my neighborhood donut shop. There was a lot of bread and chocolate that I couldn’t eat it anymore after a few bites. I had to save it for later.

Anyways, enough about donuts! Actually, one more thing about donuts. If you didn’t know, I love donuts. I’m pretty passionate about them. It’s not even funny. Feel free to check out all my posts where I’ve mentioned Donuts!

After breakfast, we drove an hour up north to go to San Francisco! We parked in the underground structure of Union Square where we paid $5.50 for one hour! Only between the hours of noon and 3PM, they charge you $5.50 an hour! Ridiculous, huh? Luckily, Kat and I only spent one hour in San Francisco so we didn’t have to pay more than $5.50. San Francisco wasn’t exciting as we were expecting it to be. There wasn’t much to do in Union Square other than shop and shop some more. I recommend that you check out Union Square between November and December at night when all the holiday decorations are up.

We walked across the street to Macy’s and went to the top floor to take pictures of Union Square. It was nice to see Union Square in a panoramic view with all the fancy stores spread out.

Then we walked around the block and decided to ride the Cable Car for fun. The line for it was pretty long and we felt like we were wasting our time just standing there. So Kat started researching pretty quickly on what we should do instead. She found a place with street art and we agreed upon it immediately. We jumped out of the line and took some fake pictures on the cable car as if we had been on it.

Like I mentioned before, Union Square is a lot more entertaining during the holidays. There are a bunch of stores in the area but you can check them out at the mall by your house. One store you might want to check out since it’s only located only in several cities across the nation is Uniqlo. It’s a popular affordable clothing store that originated from Japan.

We drove over to the Mission District for some street art. Right when we got there, we learned something new thanks to smart phones and Google. We parked at a broken meter but we weren’t sure if it was legal to park there or not. So we looked it up online and it said that we were allowed to park there for free! The time limit of parking there is dependent on whatever it says in the meter originally. Basically, unlimited time.

As we were walking around, we found Philz Coffee, a popular coffee shop in Northern California that everyone raves about. They’re known for their popular Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.

Note to everyone: Talk to the barista behind the counter first to order your drink. Then go to the cashier to pay. There are signs to help direct you through this process of ordering. I was not paying attention at all to the signs. I was just so excited to be there that I paid first and then ordered. It was a little embarrassing. Also, keep in mind that your cold drink will be in a paper cup! Not in a clear plastic cup! When I got my drink, I completely forgot that they were all about that paper cup. I gave the barista a confused look saying that he must have made the wrong drink. He looked back at me weird and then I realized he was innocent.

I got my drink and sat down with Kat at a table. I had a sip of my Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and fell in love with it! The mint was somewhat subtle and was integrated so smoothly with the coffee itself. There was a creamy, sweet, and obviously a minty taste to it. There was a lot of flavors going on when I drank it but they all worked together really well!

As we were relaxing at the table, the people next to us said out loud, “Hey Phil!” I somehow knew it was Phil, the founder of Philz Coffee. I did a double take at Phil and it sure was him! He looked at me weird because I did this whole double take action, but he continued his conversation with his friends. At some point, I was tweeting Philz Coffee that Phil was sitting next to me. They tweeted back saying I should take a picture with him. Encouraged by their response, I had to interrupt his conversation with his friends to take a picture with him. So we did! He was so friendly about it!

He noticed that Kat wasn’t drinking anything so he went behind the counter and made one for her! We kept telling him that he didn’t have to but he just went at it! He made a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee out of love for Kat! We were both drinking and we started talking to him. We actually talked to him for awhile, probably 30 minutes long. It was so inspiring to hear his stories of how he came about with the business and the future prospects of it. This man had so much knowledge and experience about business that I’m sure he has inspired so many others.

After talking to him, this is how we felt.

We really couldn’t believe that we had a full on conversation with Phil from Philz Coffee!

So after that craziness happened, we were able to finally start walking around! Here are some pictures we took during our adventure in Mission District. Major photo credit to Kat for all of her creativity in taking these awesome pictures!
Talking behind someone's back.

It just made sense to point up. It just did.

It just made sense to point up. It just did.


We could’ve stayed in the area so much longer because we were having so much fun just taking pictures but we had to head back to San Jose for dinner with Stacy. We ate Pluto’s for some salad! Oh man, Kat and I were craving some greens in us! This place did the job. You can make your own customized salad here but you can also order sandwiches. It was so nice to eat something healthy for dinner! Thanks Stacy for joining us for dinner!

(Please ignore the fries by our salad. Don’t judge. Thank you.)

Santana Row is a nice fancy outdoorsy shopping center with more of the high end stores and restaurants. It reminds me a little bit of The Grove or The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles. It was good to just walk around Santana Row after eating those curly garlic fries and them sweet potato fries. (Don’t judge us!)

I’m not sure why but I like this picture that Kat took of me and Stacy talking to each other in front of Madewell. It’s a picture of two tall Asian girls talking to each other.

After a long day of walking around San Francisco and in Santana Row, we were ready to head back to Stacy’s place for some sleep. We had to rest up for a long drive back home the next day!

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