Twenty Four

In exactly a month, I will be turning a quarter century! I have no idea what I will be doing in exactly a month but last year for my birthday, my friends and I took a mini trip down to San Diego. We spent a night in San Diego near Gas Lamp. We got dressed up for the night and headed out! Big thanks to Linda for doing my hair and make up!  For dinner, we walked over to Spike Africa’s. They’re not known for African food as odd as it may sound because of the name of the restaurant but they’re known for their fresh seafood. With almost 800 reviews, Yelp gives this bar and seafood restaurant 4.5 stars. I ordered the lobster roll and thought it wasn’t going to be enough, but I was totally wrong! There was avocado and a lot more lobster than I expected in that roll! I was quickly stuffed from it! Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel because some of my friends were in pain from walking in high heels. Once we got to the lobby, we took a quick fun group picture that represents the wannabe version of the Real World of San Diego! Then on our way up to our room, we had to take another group selfie in the elevator of course! So when we all had the right shoes on, we walked around Gas Lamp and checked out some stores. We stopped by Chocolat Cremerie for some dessert since Yelp showed some solid ratings for this place. It currently has 4 out of 5 stars with 700+ reviews. Honestly, whatever you get here will fulfill your sweet tooth. Our foodie adventure didn’t just stop at Chocolat Cremerie. We ended up walking over a few shops down for some pizza. We ordered a box of half pesto chicken and half pepperoni pizza at midnight. I’m not sure what made us get pizza but it definitely completed our night! We had a simple night of eating, walking around, and eating some more in good company! The next day, we got brunch at Cody’s in La Jolla, California. We had to go here because Yelp gave this place 4 stars with more than 490 reviews. The high ratings were due to a beautiful scenic view of the beach as you eat outside in their patio and the fact that breakfast is served all day! Can’t go wrong with that! I ordered their french toast which turned out to be an amazing artwork visually and in flavor! They knew how to turn food into a piece of art by topping off the strawberries and candied walnuts in a beautiful mess. The fluffy french toasts and the marscapone honey butter were a perfect combination as it had a perfect amount of sweetness to it. Because we were eating so much throughout this short trip to San Diego, we had to burn off the calories by strolling down the beach! We rented out a bike for an hour and took turns pedaling down the pier! It was definitely a good workout! After eating and working out so much, we headed back home. It was quite an adventure with these girls! I cried from laughing so much with these girls! Thank you Chelsea, Elaine, Josephine, Linda, and Stacy for the generous gifts and for joining me in celebrating my birthday last year!    

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