Mick’s Karma Bar

I am in love with Mick’s Karma Bar. Love is quite a strong word to use but I genuinely do mean it in this case. This restaurant is a tiny burger joint hidden in between corporate buildings in Irvine, California. I like that it’s hidden because it’s like my own little secret but it’s actually not that much of a secret. A lot of people know about it because it’s so darn good! You know it’s a worthy place to check out when Yelp shows 1,300+ reviews with 4.5 stars.

If you want to eat inside the restaurant, make sure you get there at an odd hour because they can probably seat about 12 to 15 people. There are plenty of seats outside, but you probably want to sit inside depending on the weather. The Karma Burger is a popular one on the menu. They’re also known for the Habanero Burger which was awarded in 2012 as the Best Burger in Orange County. Because a burger won an award, I knew I had to try that one out with a side of chunky fries and their popular Strawberry Basil Lemonade. The habanero spread gave a little kick which was enough to want more of that burger! I was tempted to get another Habanero burger because the burger itself had that homey taste to it. It was simple until that habanero spread came through and changed my whole taste buds. Even if you don’t like spicy food, I would still suggest trying out the Habanero Burger. There’s only a hint of spiciness to it so it’s bearable. If you get their fries and a side of their special dipping suace, it’ll help your taste buds simmer down. The Strawberry Basil Lemonade will definitely help you cool down too. It’s refreshing with the sourness to it and I love the pieces of strawberries mixed in with the basil. If you don’t want anything sour, then try their Mojito Iced Tea. It has more of a neutral flavor compared to the lemonade one.

If you’re ever near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, please make time and room for Mick’s Karma Burger! I’m so glad that I don’t work near Mick’s Karma Bar or else, I would be eating there everyday for lunch!

Check out my Mick’s Karma Bar appisode on Tastemade featuring my friends Elaine and Eric! Thanks Elaine for craving Mick’s Karma Bar and thank you Eric for driving us around! Thank you both for joining me on Tastemade appisode!

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