Simple Sliders

I love Trader Joe’s and I’m sure you do too! Who doesn’t like Trader Joe’s? No one. I hope not anyone. I was there the other day and found some pulled pork and BBQ beef brisket. I knew it would be perfect to make sliders with them! So I got both the pulled pork and beef brisket for a little bit of variety and I bought some Trader Joe’s rolls.

By the time I wanted to make some sliders which was a few days after I bought the meat, the rolls were all gone! Someone or some people in the house had eaten them all! It worked out that they were gone though because they were actually dry and too bland for my liking. This gave me a reason to get some sweet and fluffy Hawaiian bread!

All I had to do with the meat was pop them in the microwave for a few minutes. Then put them in the Hawaiian bread. A box of beef brisket can make about 6 to 7 sliders. With the pulled pork sliders, I added some American cheese. It’s best if you cut the square cheese into an X which creates four isosceles triangles. These triangles fit perfectly in the sliders! Once the cheese was there, it beautifully melted!

Putting the sliders together took approximately 20 minutes. It was quick and easy to make especially since I was in a time crunch. I had to have some veggies on the side. So I had bell peppers and broccoli with a light olive oil dressing mixed in.

After eating 3 sliders, I was surprised how stuffed I was! It was game over for me after those 2 pulled pork and 1 beef brisket sliders. I had a lot of leftovers so I was able to take some to work the next day. I just microwaved them for 30 seconds and they were fresh again!

I’m all about making simple and quick food! Thanks Trader Joe’s for feeding me well for dinner and lunch!

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