Back to Tap

I took a tap class at Jimmie DeFore Dance Center in Costa Mesa for the first time in 11 years! Eleven years, I tell you! Eleven! I had this planned out at least a week in advance and I was so excited that I dreamt about it the night before! I actually don’t remember my dream but I remember waking up and thinking how ridiculous it was to have dreamt it.

I decided to take a beginning level class because I was afraid that I forgot the terminologies in tap or that I just forgot everything. I got to class early and had the chance to just play around. Tapping for the first time was like tapping my foot in the pool just to see how cold the water was. I was shy and scared of what sound to make but once I started tapping here and there, it just all came to me and I was so ready to tap my life away!

Overall, the class was a lot easier than expected. Sometimes at Jimmie Defore, their beginning classes can actually be hard because there are experienced dancers in the class but not in this case. Luckily, there were a few first time tappers so it wasn’t so intimidating. We did a warm up, went across the floor, and did some improvisation.

After class, I stayed a few minutes longer to tap my heart out. Here’s a brief clip of me doing some random tapping:

Ever since that class, I’ve been wanting to tap dance everywhere I go! I just can’t wait for my next class to tap some more! Because I’m so in love with tapping right now, I started YouTubing tap dances. I found a cute tap routine on Cups sung by Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect. Check this dance out:

I loved how smooth yet crisp they were in their rhythm and movements. You can really hear them hit every beat that possibly exists in that song. I would love to learn this routine one day!

The next time I take another tap class, I’m hoping to learn a routine and record it for you to see! Wish me luck in my next class because I’m definitely going to step up my game!

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