Late Night Dessert

I’ve been hearing about how Magnolia Bakery has the best bread pudding! So Elaine, Derek, and I were all in LA together one late night and went to go check it out. We got there right before they were about to close! Magnolia Bakery has a cottage design to it that gives it a quaint and homey feel. Downside about this cute place is that there aren’t a lot of seating available inside and parking can be a bust.

We ordered a large tub of their popular breading pudding for $6. Because there weren’t a lot of seating available inside, we went outside. Once we sat down and tried a spoon of it, oh man, it was game over. The breading pudding was so much more than what I expected. I knew it was going to be good, but not THAT GOOD!

Everything about the bread pudding made me speechless. We definitely had a moment of silence to enjoy its goodness. The overall flavor of the bread pudding was simple and sweet. Finding pieces of banana and bread within the pudding were pleasant surprises! The only problem I had about it was that there weren’t enough bread and banana. At the end, there was more pudding than bread or banana left. I was still fine with just the pudding though.

I think I could have finished that ‘large’ tub by myself. I’m putting large in quotes because it wasn’t that large.

This bread pudding is perfect for all sorts of occasion. If you’re happy, treat yourself to some bread pudding from Magnolia Bakery. If you just got out of a relationship, then please treat yourself to some bread pudding. It’s a tub of happiness that will put you in a better mood!

After Magnolia Bakery, we went to Saffron and Rose Ice Cream. It’s a Persian ice cream shop which I’ve never tried before. It’s a popular hole in the wall ice cream shop to check out if you’re ever in the Westwood area in LA. Yelp gives them a 4.5 stars out of 5 with almost 600 reviews!

The three of us shared a medium with 3 different flavors. We got the Saffron pistachio, white rose, and green tea. What makes this ice cream shop different compared to others is the texture and its unique flavors. I loved the saffron pistachio because of its light nutty taste and the fact that there were actual pieces of pistachio in there.

The white rose was a unique one in a good way. It definitely had a floral taste which was refreshing. In general, I’m not a fan of dessert or tea that taste flowery because all I think of is potpourri. But! This white rose ice cream gave me hope that not all desserts with a flower name will be like potpourri.

The green tea wasn’t as special as the other two but was still good. It wasn’t as creamy as regular ice cream or gelato.

As we were eating our ice cream, the table next to us who were Persian started talking to us. They were curious about our Korean culture and wanted to learn the language. Luckily, Elaine was there to save me and Derek from saying anything wrong about our culture. So Elaine started teaching one of them the Korean alphabet and I think the guy got it down better than me! Talking to them was a great way to end our late night dessert adventure!

Thanks Elaine and Derek for showing me around some hip dessert places in LA! Next time, let’s start the night early and check out more places. Maybe we’ll have a repeat of Diabes Hang Out.

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