When I first heard of Delifornia on Twitter, I started singing the theme song from that show called The O.C. Not familiar with what I’m talking about? Maybe if you listen to it here:

So I would sing the chorus but replaced California with Delifornia.

“Deliforniaaa! Here we comeee!” The song really got me excited about Delifornia!

Delifornia is located in Center Street Anaheim which is in downtown Anaheim. I didn’t even know there was a downtown Anaheim until I went to Delifornia! I would say this place is like The OC Mix but the north Orange County version. It’s got that hipster vibe to it.

The Good Food Hall has a few places to check out such as Cervantes Mexican Kitchen and The Healthy Junk.

Then there is Delifornia.

It’s one darn cute little sammich shop, right? I came here with Diane and she first ordered a hipster drink called Curiosity Cola.

She also ordered one of their popular sandwiches, Roasted Turkey. It had green apple, cranberries, warm brie, avocado, caramelized onions, roasted aioli for 9 bucks.

I ordered the Knuckle Sandwich which had roast beef, horseradish cream, onion and cheddar for 9 bucks also.

The Knuckle Sandwich was simple but I was actually not too fond of it mainly because of the horseradish spread. It was so strong in flavor that my nose felt all tingly. On top of that, the onions were raw and too crunchy for me. With two potent ingredients combined, I almost thought I wasn’t going to survive. Luckily, I had some coleslaw and a pickle on the side as a light pallet cleanser. I was only able to finish one half of the sandwich because I just couldn’t handle the spread and the onions any longer.

Diane was very much pleased with hers and I would have been too since there was avocado! Avocado makes everything better. It just solves all problems.

I wanted to bring some Delifornia home because I knew it was good except for what I ordered. So I got Roasted Turkey to share with my sister. Once I got home, I had a bite of it and fell in love. It was exactly how I imagined Delifornia to taste.

I would definitely want to come back here to have the full experience of sitting in that hipster hall while eating a good sandwich like the Roasted Turkey. Then walk around downtown and stop by a hipster coffee house called Ink & Bean. They have Stumptown Coffee and pastries from Blackmarket Bakery. Two well known coffee and pastry shops under one roof? I’m sure it’s a great place to check out as Yelp confirms it! If you’ve never been to Blackmarket Bakery, check out my post here when I went.

Diane, I’m glad we got to finally hang out after trying to plan for a month or two! Let’s step up our foodie game and go to LA next time!

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