Model: Cindy Lee

Winter doesn’t really exist here in Southern California. The weather lately has been very much summer like but I think the weather is slowly realizing that it’s supposed to be winter. We’re just having a slow start in the cold weather.

With the weather being unusual, I thought it’d be a good time to do a photo shoot of my dear friend, Cindy! It was pretty hilarious doing this with her because she was being her usual self as a diva. I barely had to direct her on how to pose. She knew how to work it!

Cindy is one of a kind. I think some may know what I mean by one of a kind. She’s a ball full of high energy and can easily make anyone laugh. So to do something ‘serious’ like this with her was quite an entertainment. It all worked out because she was able to get into character pretty quickly as a high fashion model.

Thanks Cindy for making me laugh hysterically during all of this. It was a lot of fun hanging out with you like always! Let’s watch America’s Next Top Model for some inspiration and do this again! Actually, you probably don’t need to watch America’s Next Top Model. I’m sure you are an inspiration for yourself!

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