Jean Paul’s Goodies

I heard about Jean Paul’s Goodies from Sammie & Harold who heard about it from Ed. They said that Jean Paul’s Goodies has the best cappuccino ever! When I heard that, I knew I had to check it out prompto!

Prior to going, they told me and Elaine how there was an old grumpy grandpa running the store. The grandpa was so grumpy that you were able to tell by looking at him that he was not in a good mood. Apparently that’s just how he is general. Sounds like a character from some kind of movie, huh?

In general, there’s no menu in the shop so you have to know what you want or else he might just get grumpier. I guess Harold had asked before for the menu but the grandpa responded along the lines of, “You should know what you want.” Crazy, huh? Oddly enough, I think for Harold and Sammie, experiencing bad customer service was worth the cappuccino.

Since Elaine and I love coffee we decided to check out Jean Paul’s Goodies with Sammie & Harold. When the four of us got there, I was slowly starting to get nervous to meet the grumpy grandpa. He was pretty intimidating to look at even from afar. The ambiance at the shop was eery as we walked in. It was dead quiet. I’m sure customers knew not to talk while standing in line. You will know what I’m talking about once you walk in.

Luckily, Harold was able to order for the 4 of us so I wasn’t inside for long. The grandpa made the cappuccino himself using his cappuccino machine and poured milk. It was nothing fancy at all in the way he made it but once I had a sip of it, it tasted fancy! The texture was so smooth and nothing was too bitter. It was perfect. It was one good cappuccino!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show you other than the one in front of the store. I wanted to take more pictures but ended up getting too scared. Check out Yelp if you’re curious about the grumpy grandpa or other people’s reviews about the place. Even though it only has 3.5 stars with only 33 reviews, it’s definitely a hole in the wall place  to check out in Laguna Beach.

I wouldn’t mind going back there again for the cappuccino but I think I would want someone to order for me. By the way, this man closes whenever he wants! We got our drinks around 1PM on a Saturday. Once he made our drinks, he was already out the door! Customers tried to come in but he had to shoo them away! Sammie, Harold, Elaine and I concluded that because this grandpa makes good cappuccino, he probably has people coming back a lot! So his business must be really successful for him to leave whenever he wants though Yelp may not show the right numbers.

If you ever go, please let me know what your experience there is like! Don’t forget to know what you want before going there so you don’t get yelled at!

Thanks Harold and Sammie for treating me and Elaine out for some good cappuccino!

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