Cresnuts at DK’s Donuts

My friends and I did a quick donut run. Not just a donut run to a local donut shop but we drove about 20 minutes to Orange to meet up with DK. DK’s Donut that is.

Why drive that far for some donuts? Why, oh why? Well, we weren’t driving just for some ordinary glazed donuts. We were going for cronuts! I did some in depth research on Yelp for cronuts in Orange County. I almost lost hope in that Orange County didn’t have cronuts until I saw DK’s reviews. With more than 100+ reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, I knew this place was a winner.

L to R: J & J aka Jerry &  Josephine

L to R: J & J aka Jerry & Josephine

So Cindy, Jerry, Josephine, Phil, and I headed over to DK’s Donuts around 10PM.

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

L to R: Phil, Me, Cindy

We made it right on time before all the cronuts were gone! DK’s Donuts actually calls cronuts as cresnuts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get their sugary coated or nutella cresnuts which are two of their popular ones. Instead, we got a regular glazed cresnut, chocolate cresnut, and another chocolate one but stuffed with custard and strawberries.



We also got a red velvet donut and a blueberry one. Graciously, DK’s Donuts gave us some donut holes for free! The five of us demolished everything pretty quickly…

Beautiful disaster

Beautiful disaster

As you can see in the picture above, we all pretty much enjoyed eating every part of the cresnuts and the donuts. Everything was so good that Cindy decided to get some more. Maybe a little too much?

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Cindy gone cray on cresnuts!

Nah…You can’t ever get too many cresnuts…

If you ever plan to go to DK’s Donuts, make sure you bring cash! Each cresnut is about $3. DK’s Donuts treated us really well with their hospitable service and their beautiful cresnuts! Hope they treat you well as they did with us on our cronut adventure!

Thanks Jerry for driving us to DK’s Donuts! Glad guys were able to finally try some cresnuts aka cronuts! Let’s go back for their other popular ones that we missed out on!

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