Fun Friday!

Happy 2nd Friday of the year! Stuck at work or somewhere you don’t want to be? Well…Hold on, we’re going home! That’s right, I just sang one of Drake’s latest popular song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. That song has some good beats. Luckily, I found a good dance to these good beats choreographed by one of my favorite dancers, Anthony Lee!

Well, hopefully you’re going home now! Or at least soon!

All I can say about this video is swag! I wish it just didn’t end so quickly! I wanted more but luckily he has more videos of other dances!

Because I love his choreography, I have to show you one more! And it’s Friday so I’m feeling really generous!

Once again, swag. I liked how the visual effects perfectly aligned with the choreography. In general, what I love about his choreography is that all the little movements involved have so much weight and power. He is so in tuned to the music that his choreography interprets the lyrics and the music itself so fluently.

Anthony Lee is a member of The LXD, co-founder/director of The Kinjas and the artistic director Culture Shock LA. He’s basically well-known in the dance community. You will never be disappointed by his choreography because he is one talented dancer and artist!

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