Back to Pasadena

When I’m looking for a new place to eat, I usually look at the reviews and the scenery of the location through Googling and Yelping. Yes, the scenery does matter for those picture moment purposes. The setting of where I eat does make a difference because it just makes me enjoy my food more!

So I wanted to meet up with Sarah in Pasadena. I did some extensive research in the area to look for a place to eat and found Float from Yelp. It’s an old school soda-pop shop that sells root beer floats and sandwiches at a reasonable price. AND! It is in the cutest area EVER. I repeat, EVER.

We all ordered a popular item on the menu which was the Chipotle Bacon Club. It had chipotle bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, turkey, avocado, and cilantro lime mayo. The sandwich was simple but so delicious! I think the bread and the spread just completed the deliciousness of the sandwich.
Chipotle Bacon Club

We also got a cola float. None of us are actually fans of root beer so we decided to get cola instead. The cola definitely did not taste like your everyday Coca-Cola brand. There’s an authentic taste of the sugar from the cola making the float taste naturally sweeter. The float was good, but the presentation made it even better! With the mason jar, red and white striped straw, and the old school glass bottle just came together really well.
Cola Float

After enjoying the food and the location very much, we walked around the area to shop. There’s not a lot of stores to check out but one store you might want to check out is Anthropologie! It’s right next door from Float. Across the street, there’s Beard Papas, Yogurtland, Macy’s and TJ Max.

Of course, we had to check out Old Town Pasadena like last time. We went to Kabuki for Happy Hour and just ordered a bunch of sushi and appetizers! It was madness but well worth it since it was Happy Hour. We spent about $15 per person for 3 or 4 different kinds of sushi, salad, and spicy tuna for appetizer. They definitely have one of the better Happy Hour deals that I’ve seen compared to other restaurants.
Happy Hour at Kabuki

Right after Happy Hour, we headed over to Lette to get some macaroons to go with our coffee for the night. We ended the night at Copa Vida which is a hipster coffee shop.
Copa Vida

What I like about it is that they really care about making quality coffee and tea. There’s great customer service and I love how there’s so much space! A lot of coffee shops are more for on the go so the space is small. It’s nice to just sit down at a coffee shop to do work or just chit chat but that usually doesn’t happen due to lack of space. But Copa Vida has plenty of space, enough space to have live music on a Friday night!
Copa Vida

I got my latte fix and Elaine got a cappuccino.
Latte with pistachio macaroni

Sarah got a mint tea which by the way you should try if you don’t feel like drinking some kind of coffee. The mint is pretty strong but in a good way where you feel cleansed and refreshed by it! Once I had a sip of Sarah’s tea, I honestly didn’t want to drink my latte because the mint easily made me feel so purified!
Mint Tea

It was nice to end our night at Copa Vida where we were able to just sit and hear words of wisdom from Sarah. Thanks Sarah for coming down to Pasadena to meet up with me and Elaine!
Sarah & Elaine

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